Интерактивная трава: следит и реагирует на движение человека

The Barbarian Group was asked to help Goodby, Silverstein Partners with a multimedia installation for Wired Magazines NextFest. The purpose of the installation was to promote the new Saturn hybrid cars. Goodby teamed up with Obscura Digital to create the installation space. Obscura is no stranger to convention installations and their expertise was invaluable throughout the entire process.

Our part in this involved creating an interactive projection wall shown seamlessly by four DLP projectors on a 45x12 rear projection screen. The concept was simple enough: 45 feet of grass swaying in a virtual breeze. Visitors to the installation can make the grass sway just by walking in front of it. Additionally, visitors can input text from either of the two kiosks positioned in front of the screen. This text appears in the projection attached to its own grass blade and sways along with the rest of the scene.