12.05.12 Hardcore Italia at Turbinenhalle Oberhausen (GER) - Official Aftermovie -

Italian Night in the Ruhr area Germany. On 12th of May the Italian hardcore elite takes over the main hall of the Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen / Germany. The theme is Hardcore Italia, this concept has caused a packed dance floor on the last Q-Base Festival. No wonder with DJs like Tommykocker, Noize Suppressor, AniMe, Stunned Guys and the live act Art Of Fighters. And these are not all DJs of the night. The entire line-up is of course packed with Italians. But as a proper hardcore party has to include Dutch artists there is Area 2 named Hardcore Warriors. The Hardcore Warriors concept is known for some sold out events in the past and will occupy the T-Club at this evening. Among others will appear: Neopyhte, Panic, Endymion, Kasparov and The Beat Controller. The T-Club is the second largest area in the Turbinenhalle and well known from many other parties in the past.
Since the party is taking place in Germany there have to be German acts. The successful party series Hardcore Made In Germany is located in th