155mm Field Howitzer 77B: The Bofors Gun

http://yablor.ru/blogs/155mm-krishni/2553098 ссылка на youtube155-мм полевая гаубица 77B. Публичная демонстрация орудий индийской армии. Интересно, чем сможет ответить Украина и Россия? 26.07.2012

Они такие смешные, эти нерусские артиллеристы! )))

155mm Field Howitzer 77B The Bofors Gun

155mm Field Howitzer 77B. Public demonstration of Bofors guns by Indian Army.
This gun is popularly known as Bofors Gun in India due to kickback and its affects on Indian politics.

Soldiers are demonstrating the gun to civilian, hence the synchronous jogging. Just a military parade soldiers march is synchronize. In the war they do not do this.

The bofors scam is still rocking the india democracy. I wished that such a corruption should have been overlooked for a greater goods for the country. There are muc