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1. Time (We Plants are Happy Remix) - Hans Zimmer
2.This Is So Good (Original Mix) - Ehrencrona
3.Fortune Days - The Glitch Mob
4. Levitate (NFS Shift2 Dirty Remix) - Hollywood Undead
5. Never Surrender - Brand X Music

Finally back again, the R3C0NFIGUR3D Edition of "This is what the Internet was made for 2012".
I´m NOT making ANY MONEY with this video, it´s just for fun and to show the best stuff on the internet.
I replaced all videos who didn´t want to be in this video. I contacted everybody in this video by mail if it´s ok to use their footage. Anyway, if you have ANY copyright question, please ask me directly.

Video Links:

“Today's workout was @crossfit "The Other Total" Clean, Bench & Overhead Squat ------- 2012 Clean: 300lb (PR) Bench: 275lb OHS: 265lbs (PR) Total: 840lbs…”

5/13/12: Votto walks off with slam to down Nats

“Ноябрь 2012 года запомниться на долго ))) @dagestan_fighter очень тяжёлый бой с Олегом Борисовым !!! . It was 3 years ago , but I will remember this fight…”

“Took 2 years since my first attempt with this at Redbull Throwdown 2012. It was the best feeling landing it earlier this year. #KickBang #Tricking…”

Eminem part-LukE http://www.youtube.com/user/F1r3sPoRt?feature=mhee
Tupac part-Mr.Fake http://www.youtube.com/user/stalker276

All rights belong to their respective owners. I do not own any of this content.

Music Playlist:
1.: Time (We Plants are Happy Remix) - Hans Zimmer
Download the original version from Itunes:

2.:This Is So Good (Original Mix) - Ehrencrona
Download from Itunes:

3.:Fortune Days - The Glitch Mob
Download from Itunes:

All rights belong to their respective owners. I do not own any of this content.

Music Playlist:
1. Time (We Plants are Happy Remix) - Hans Zimmer
2.This Is So Good (Original Mix) - Ehrencrona
3.Fortune Days - The Glitch Mob
4. Levitate (NFS Shift2 Dirty Remix) - Hollywood Undead
5. Never Surrender - Brand X Music

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Стиль: Black Metal, Pagan Metal
Группа: Varg
Видео: Was Nicht Darf (Клип)
Альбом: Guten Tag (2012)
Год: 2012
Страна: Германия

http://vk.com/vinebieber - группа, где собранны лучшие вайны с Джастином Бибером.

#JustinBieber #Bizzle #ДжастинБибер #Kidrauhl #MyIdol #SirBizzle #Belieber, #vine #JustinBieberEdits #belieber #believetour #justinbieber


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Das neue VARG Album "Guten Tag" out now! Ab jetzt überall im Handel!
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Daniel Bryan doesn't forgive AJ and tells her that he wishes she was never born.

More WWE - http://www.wwe.com/

Hi there!
This was my experience at decibel 2012!

Tracks used in the video
Zatox - Struggle For Pleasure ( Official Cover )
Zatox - D.e.c.i.b.e.l.
Zatox The R3belz - Good Evil
Zatox - Brutal

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Thrillogy, October 27th 2012 at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht. For info and tickets check: http://www.b2s.nl

Je kunt gaan skiën met je vrienden, je familie....of met Q-music! Veertig luisteraars wonnen dé sneeuwtrip van het jaar: de Q-snowcase in Zell am See, Oostenrijk. Dat betekende een lang weekend skiën, snowboarden, lessen, après-skiën en geweldige optredens in de sneeuw van Kate Ryan, DJ "Welcome To St Tropez" Antoine, Racoon en Adam Lambert. Check meer filmpjes en foto's op http://www.q-music.nl/page/qsnowcase

Фильм - интенсивная , напряженная драма, сосредоточенная вокруг хаотичного романа двух взаимосвязанных лесбийских пар в большом городе.

на английском языке


В семье юного Тиллера, после того, как отец потерял работу, нарастает разлад. Когда, казалось бы, не осталось никаких надежд, он узнаёт легенду о рыбе, приносящей удачу. Тиллер отправляется на поиски этой рыбы, чтобы вернуть своей семье былое счастье...

Если бы река была виски / If the River was Whiskey 2012.
В семье юного Тиллера, после того, как отец потерял работу, нарастает разлад. Когда, казалось бы, не осталось никаких надежд, он узнаёт легенду о рыбе, приносящей удачу. Тиллер отправляется на поиски этой рыбы, чтобы вернуть своей семье былое счастье...

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Билл: Том был неплох
... но я победителем был я :-)

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Бигги (Миранда Леонхардт) изменяет возлюбленному.

Возраст: 16+

#знаменитости #голые #актрисы #грудь #топлес #фильмы


Contemporary live performance by Anya Yedynak (Best Contemporary Dancer 2012) at Myway Dance Awards 2012. December 23, Kiev, Ukraine.
Choreography by Anya Yedynak (Аня Единак).
Music: Beyonce - I Was Here.

Martín Cáceres injured vs Milan at Trofeo TIM

Photo, people, places

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Shakira song,songs 2012 new-great live videomix 2011- 2012 for fans (Dj Ruben...videomix... and Dj Yahel...Musicmix...)My special thanks to Dj Yahel for creating this awesome Music!

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Клип на композицию «I Was Here», исполненную Beyoncé.

Видео из самой амбициозной группы о [club24620874|Beyoncé]:

Дань уважения классикам :) Обожаю...

Lee Jong Suk as a student who falls deeply in love with a woman who has cancer. They meet in the hospital and there their story begins and ends. A very touching movie for those who like romance. I picked some scenes I liked the most. For non-romantics, just ignore this post and don't negatively comment on it.

SOOOOO... This may be random, but I'm really getting back into Summer Festival mode and all... so I found this video my homie ADAM HAMER and I worked on together from BESTIVAL 2012.

It's a DAY IN THE LIFE kind of thing with all the homies involved:



Das war mein Jahr 2012 mit der Suzuki GSF Bandit 1200 S !!!
Fahrzeug: Suzuki GSF (Bandit) 1200 S Bj.: 2005
Kamera: GoPro HD Hero 2
Aufnahmeort: 90% Strecken im Harz und am Kyffhäuser
Musik: Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness (Reich und Bleich Remix) von RayZaRecords - LINK SIEHE UNTEN !
Erstellt mit: MAGIX Video deluxe MX Plus

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Musik: https://www.youtube

Music by Tennant/Lowe. Vocals by Neil Tennant. Directed by Alexey Martin. Moscow-Yekaterinburg 2012.

This is our little tribute video to the Pet Shop Boys, darling. Watch and listen more on vk.com/petshopbots

Hello party people ! We are back with a new mix !
Feel free to comment and for all you guy's Happy New Year ! Enjoy the video !

tracklist :
01. K-Traxx - Little Red Noisy Thing (Wildstylez Remix)
02. Coone - Beat On My Drum
03. Frontliner - I'm The Melodyman (Original Mix)
04. Artic - Sleepwalking
05. Digital Punk & MC Jeff - Keep It Bouncing (The R3belz Remix)
06. Toneshifterz & Code Black - About The Music (Original Mix)
07. Re-Volt - Rush (Euphoric Mix)
08. Shockerz - D

City - Stolpen 04.08.2012 - Was Wollen wir trinken

Группа Электронной музыки
Подписка ➠ Электронной музыки
Понравился клип ? Жми ♥ ✔

i crashed at the sixth and final race. a night time race which caused the tires to get too cold. i was the only rider not using the tire warmers! they are essential! you crash and you learn! lol. almost broke my right thumb.... )))

Best Teen Performance at The Dance Awards Nationals 2012 in New York. The Dance Centre Company - Choreography by Melissa Verzino

Old but good remix ;)

1.I Was Born To Love You 'Mega Mix 2012' (by Kacio)
2.Love Kills 'New Era Mix' (by Kacio)
3.Your Kind Of Lover '2012 Mix' (by Kacio)



Bruno Mars When I Was Your Man Live The Voice 2012 Finale 2013 New Years Eve X Factor USA UK Lyrics Bruno, Mars, When, I, Was, Your, Man, Live, The, Voice, 2012, 2013 2014 2015 Finale, 2013, New, Years, Eve, X, Factor, USA, UK, Lyrics, Performance, Moonshine, Gorilla, SNL, UK, Jingle, Ball, When I Was Your Man, Locked, Out, Of, Heaven, NBCTheVoice, Bruno Mars Moonshine Live Performance 1080p HD American Music Awards AMA 2012 Locked Out Of Heaven Bruno Mars Locked Out Of Heaven Live Performance 1080p HD Amaz

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Qu'est-ce qu'un "Cocktail"???
Personnellement, je vois cela, comme un instant, de sophistication, d'élégance.
Le moment où l'on s'invente une vie, un personnage.

Il faut savoir respecter la direction à prendre. On n'est pas là pour en rajouter. LESS IS MORE !
Le tout est d'être juste,... et de mettre en pratique les connaissances acquises tout, en gardant à l'esprit cette ouverture, et le recul nécessaire.


No copyright infringement intended .


Beyoncé introduces I Was Here on Global Citizen Festival 29 sept 2012 @BeyonceTribe

England's Danny Welbeck with a cheeky back heel goal to help England beat Sweden 3-2 at Euro 2012.

Видно плохо так как темно было))))ну суть понятна и слышна)))

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Surfjohn Stevens Christmas Sing-A-Long: Seasonal Affective Disorder Yuletide Disaster Pageant on Ice at Asbury Hall, Buffalo. December 18, 2012.

NOW w. PRINCE 3RDEYEGIRL! http://bit.ly/XAwITH | http://www.youtube.com/user/3rdEyeGirl Read the Concert reviews about DONNA GRANTIS 2012 European tour @ Bluesmagazine: http://bit.ly/QBNv7I "If 6 was 9 " Real Fine Jimi Hendrix Tune by Guitar virtuosity from Canada DONNA GRANTIS http://www.donnagrantis.com with Barend Courbois http://www.myspace.com/barendcourbois on Bass and Jeroen Vrolijk Drums http://www.jeroenvrolijk.nl 11 october 2012 Bluescafe Apeldoorn Netherlands http://www.bluescafe.nl

Camera: Артём Тимошевский
Editing: Артём Тимошевский


Hit Glendale

Hit Rochester

Just ah Good day to be Out

S/O to all the car clubs

S/O to laws for not hating to hard

F.L. Ent / MMG


Big K.R.I.T - My Sub
Big K.R.I.T - Rotation


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Как не надо переходить дорогу .2012, осень How not to cross a road .2012 Fall

Голая Катя (Ноэми Беседес) ищет минералку в холодильнике.

Возраст: 16+

#знаменитости #голые #актрисы #грудь #попки #топлес #фильмы


Катрин (Фридерике Кемптер) в постели с любовником, который хочет сбежать.

Возраст: 16+

НАША ГРУППА: https://vk.com/kino_hd720
НАШ паблик: https://vk.com/public46593199
Перевод: Многоголосый

UEFA EURO 2012 best moments.
The tournament started in Warsaw, Poland 8 June 2012. In the opening match at the National Stadium in Warsaw, Poland drew with Greece 2-2.
1 July 2012 in the final match at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev, Ukraine, Spain defended their title with a 4--0 win over Italy. Spain became the first team to win two consecutive European Championships, and the first international team to win three straight major tournament titles (Euro 2008, 2010 World Cup and Euro 2012).


Shot in 2012 in Japan, New Zealand, Tahiti, Brittany, Mauritius, Paris, New York, la Rosière, la Grave.... By http://Wanaiiprod.com Gaetan "Zanzan" Botrel and Jérémie Eloy Music: "Give me a kiss, no more patient" Shot with Canon C100, 7D, 5D, Go Pro. To Watch all Make My Day episodes, it's here http://makemydayepisodes.com/ http://jeremieeloykiteboarding.com To get update Follow me on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/jeremie.eloy.5 Thanks to North Kiteboarding, Picture, Julbo, Yourmood, Surfride

Мы лепшыя ў краіне і так будзе заўжды! Ла-ла-лайла-ла-ла-ла...

Coachella 2012 - 2nd weekend
Sahara tent
Video and editing done by Jared Paul

DJ's (in order): Madeon, Alesso, Afrojack, Dada Life, Sebastian Ingrosso, AVICII


65daysofstatic, Maybeshewill, Powder! Go Away, Toe, Leech, Alcest, The Best Pessimist, Aesthesys, I am waiting for you last summer

Yoon Jung Hyuk es un estudiante universitario inteligente y guapo, con especialización en ingeniería. Él es amado por muchas de las chicas de la universidad. Cuando Yoon Jung Hyuk cuida su novia enferma conoce a Lee Shin Ye. A través de su relación con Lee Shin Ye, Yoon Jung Hyuk crece como hombre y aprende lo que es el verdadero amor.

Corea, Drama, Romance

Пол знает толк в женщинах и всегда даст правильный совет, он классный парень. Но вот самому Полу не повезло: понравившаяся ему женщина оказалась не свободна. Неужели лучшие друзья, включая ротвейлера, не смогут ему помочь? Если немецкие мужчины захотят, они такое творят!

Program: Sv13
Song: Mmm Yeah- Austin Mahone
Clips: Belong to nick tmnt 2012

Symphonic/Gothic Metal, Колумбия


Back to the days when I was young
I brought peace to everyone.
Pillar of faith and symbol of light
the only hope in a lost world.

Women arrived from somewhere unknown
hoping to find a place they could call home
they started to teach
new concepts of life

Фрагмент документального фильма об иллюстраторе Хантера С. Томпсона, Ральфе Стэдмане


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Live Concert of The Killers on 27th October 2012 (27/10/12) at the AECC, Aberdeen.

In support of new album, Battle Born.

Support by Tegan Sara.

Shot in High Definition with Panasonic TZ10.

3-й Международный трайбл-фестиваль в Беларуси. 2012 год. Видео обзор "Я помню чудные мгновения..."
Как это было. В ролике собраны кадры встречи и проводов гостей 3-го фестиваля трайбл-культуры в Беларуси, который проводился в Минске с 14 по 17 июня 2012 года. Приглашенные педагоги на Фестив

It was Brutal Assault 2012
Music: Ador Dorath

3 first months of 2012 (except solar events:)

we never say goodbye

like a ghost in my head



Niva-Lost Patience
Niva - Ghost In My Head

Відео створене із чорнового матеріалу яке було відзняте протягом 2012 року.
Матеріал чорновий, та не пройшов цензури.
Tenacious D - To be the best
The White Stripes - Dead leaves and the dirty Groung
Florence and the machine - dog days are over


Soko's album called "I though I was an alien" (2012)
All rights reserved to Soko (Stephanie Sokolinsky) & [Merlin] Redeye Distribution
[Merlin] BecauseMusic
Official Chanel: https://www.youtube.com/user/SoKoMusic

1- I just want to make it new with you
2- I thought I was an alien
3- People always look better in the sun
4- We might be dead by tomorrow
5- No more home, no more love
6- For Marlon
7- First love never die
8- Treat your woman right
9- How are you?
10- Don't you touch me
11- Destruction of the dis

In honor of Harrison Smith signing an extension with the Minnesota Vikings, we take a look back at his 2012 NFL Draft profile coming out of Notre Dame.

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