30 Seconds To Mars - A Call To Arms

vox populi / a call to arms
gran cancion y un buen video

30 Seconds To Mars live at San Jose Event Center.(04/8/11)

14 марта, концерт 30 Seconds To Mars в СКК


- Sabaton - The Art Of War
- 30 Seconds To Mars - A Call To Arms (Vox Populi)

I'm just writing this in case...
I've used mostly trailers to this video, but also a cinematic scene
from the game, soo... Yeah, you get the thing.
But I haven't "REVEALED" anything.

Song is made by 30 Seconds to Mars.
I wanted to make this like somekind of trailer, but still music video, like
the official video with Dragon Age and the song "This is war".
In case you haven't played Dragon Age, please do!
It's a cool game(but not super awesome like most people say),
and th

30 Seconds to Mars presented A Call to Arms at VOLT festival (Sopron, Hungary 07.02.2011).

30 Seconds to Mars, Into the Wild Tour, at the Fillmore in Denver. Tried to focus on Shannon cuz Jared gets enough damn attention.