30 Seconds to Mars - L490

L490 by 30 Seconds to Mards in Moscow 22.03.2015

pictures here:

Lanxess Arena, Köln
Shannon's L490

Hey everyone! So this is my new cover :) this time I got help from Bether95, a guy I met on the Echelon Mexico. Since we can't really play together even when we live in the same city, we decided to do a virtual cover. I tried my best to sync the tracks. If you are interested on doing a virtual cover with Bether95, myself or both of us, feel free to click the links on the video to contact us or leave a comment here :)

Produced, edited and mixed by TheGateKeeper26.
Guitar 1 recorded by Bether95.
Guitar 2 recorded by TheGateKeeper26.
Original song belongs to 30 Seconds To Mars.

30 Seconds To Mars - L490 HD
This is the twelweth song of 30 Seconds To Mars' album "This Is War".

Estonia 21.06.2011 tallinn
30 Seconds to Mars - L490
Shannon Leto

Шеннон Лето ты великолепен!
Бог! Бог! Бог!

13/08/10 – Hungary, Budapest, Obuda Island


14 de Octubre 2014
Movistar Arena- Santiago Chile

Shannon Leto (Moscow 22.03.15)

amazing quality! amazing evening!

Киев , МВЦ

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla http://vk.com/picrolla


Tuborg Greenfest, St. Petersburg, 13.07.2011...

Songs: L490 Escape by 30 Seconds To Mars

концерт 30 seconds to mars в москве 10.12.2010.Шеннон Лето играет на гитаре L490<br/><br/>

30 Seconds To Mars - L490 Perm 26.03.2015 Пермь

30 second to mars -Acoustic- L490 Челябинск 24.03.15 by IgorK #30stmche

Снимала я, поэтому качество не очень ...


23.08.2011 live

100 Suns
L 490

I love you, Tomo!!!

Peace Love festival in Borlänge, Sweden 2011


30 Seconds to Mars - L490 - Челябинск - 24.03.2015
#30StM #30SecondsToMars #MarsInRussia #MarsInChe #MarsInChelyabinsk

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRT4uhqiuzk — видео на ютубе (опубликовано 21 сентября 2011г.)

АККОРДЫ (CHORDS) - http://www.goodchords.ru/chords/30-seconds-to-mars/l490/

Подписываемся на видео!!
Группа ВКонтакте: http://vk.com/stixatvorez.guitar
Знаю, гитары разошлись в конце, мне вторую гитару не было слышно. вот в чем пичалька( Я в Instagram - http://instagram.com/stixatvorez

Моё первое видео в подобном формате.
Табы скачать можно тут: https://vk.com/docs?oid=-74293759
Использованные программы: Movavi Video Suite 12 и EZkeys-64

22 марта. Москва. Олимпийский

30 seconds to mars @ ARENA Nürnberger Versicherung, 12th August 2011, performing "L490".

Live in Kiev, International Exhibition Center

30 Seconds to Mars
Konzert Nürnberg
Arena Nürnberger Versicherungen
am 12.08.2011

30 seconds to Mars

Cover von L490, meinem Lieblingslied. Hoffe es gefällt euch!

Cover of L490, my favourite song. Hope you like it!

Thumbs up and comment, please :)

Hello Youtube!

Here is my new cover to the song,composed by my favorite band Thirty Seconds To Mars!

The last live show I've been on was so incredibly amazing that it became a reason for my inspiration.

There can be some mistakes,cause I played it by ear.

Thanks for watching!

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Follow your dreams and believe in yourself.

Lisbon, Portugal 16.12.2010...

This is the twelweth song of 30 Seconds To Mars' newest album "This Is War".

There are no lyrics.

To listen to all of the songs in the album, check my account.

As for copyright-claimers, I bought the CD, and am now uploading the files from the CD onto youtube.
The image of the album cover, was found searching on Google.
If it is needed I can show you a picture of the album I bought, which would then be a picture of it, nowhere else found on the internet.
In other words, please do not disclaim th

30 Seconds To Mars

Томо и Шеннон (Акустика)

Live at Tuborg GreenFest, St.Petersburg, 13.07.2011

Без чаши в начале и монахов в конце, к сожалению.. Они отдельно вышли.

Извините за плохое качество(((

Beautiful instrumental by Shannon Leto from 'This Is War' by 30 Seconds To Mars.

30 Seconds To Mars L490 with parts of Do or Die video

даже тут звук ужасный. эта песня была практически в тему.

Live at the MEN Arena, Manchester
20th February 2010

смотреть лучше тут http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaZ71EPVgwk

It seems to me that Shannon stole my heart at such moment as this.... But it's still with me...

12.12.10 - КИЕВ, УКРАИНА

Что-то стряслось с камерой, поэтому самого Шеннона не видно! Зато отлично слышно. Особенно то, как в зале все притихли и наслаждаются мелодией :))

St. Petersburg, March 18, 2015

Контакт убивает качество

30 Seconds To Mars - L490, 29.03.2015, Новосибирск, ЛДС Сибирь.

This clip for people can't see this beautiful lie named life

It was wonderful. One of the best days of my life. It's awesome. Very beautiful music. This fanzone. Cry, tears, joy, madness, family and a dream. It's all...I love you, 30 Seconds to Mars! I love you, Echelon!

Shannon Leto plays on guitar.... Ohh.. I LOVE this!

The video taken from - www.musgen.com.

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даже тут звук ужасный. эта песня была практически в тему.



July 29, 2011
Trinoma Mindanao Parking

Челябинск (Че). 24 марта 2015 г.
Выступление группы 30 Seconds To Mars во Дворце Спорта "Юность".

30STM - Shannon Leto - L490 - Live in Berlin, 17.03.2010

30 Seconds to Mars Performing L490 at Manchester MEN Arena<br/><br/>

#30secondstomars #30stm #tomomilicevic #jaredleto #shannonleto #thirtysecondstomars #marsinrussia #lovelust #lovelusttour

30 seconds to mars- L490+Alibi+Hurricane (Kiev 06 05 2015) part 7 of 11

Shannon Leto playin his acoustic solo at the Gibson Amphitheatre.

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