30 languages

Numbers 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100
in English Language
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Express what you really feel to a special someone by saying, "I love you!" in different languages!

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It's time to put down your arms and tell your enemies, "Sorry!" in different languages!

You may now greet every people around the world saying, "Hello!" to them in different languages!

Are your foreign friends alright? Ask them, "How are you?" in different languages!


This is a very educational video about different languages and cultures. from my ass.


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tags: i found a baby turtle in my closet and proceeded to shove it up my ass because it felt so good i kept going until the turtle choked and died and PETA was like yo wtf dont do that how would you like it if you choked in someone elses shit and i was like "are you kidding me, i would love that" so the lesson t

This is a very educational video about different languages and cultures. from my ass.


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A:Lǐ lǜshī,zhè ge ànzi jiù bàituō nín le。 A:李律师,这个案子就拜托您了。 A: Mr. Li, thank you for your help. I will leave this case to you. B:Qǐng búyào kèqi,wǒ yídìng jìnlìérwéi。 B:请不要客气,我一定尽力而为。 B: You are welcome. I will try my best. http://www.e-Putonghua.com/

A:Zhè tiáo shì dānxíngdào,bù néng diàotóu。 A:这条是单行道,不能掉头。 A: This is one-way street and there is no way back. B:Yìzhí wǎng qián kāi,qiánmian de shízìlùkǒu kěyǐ diàotóu。 B:一直往前开,前面的十字路口可以掉头。 B: Go straight until you reach a crossroad. You can turn back there. http://www.e-Putonghua.com/

The web is abuzz over what two twin boys could possibly be talking about. For more, go here: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/Wellness/twin-talk-video-babies-babble-adults/story?id=13246486

This is a very educational video about different languages and cultures. from my ass.


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A multilanguages version of the sond "We are One" in "The Lion King2 " by Disney.
Sorry, when I did mistakes...
Its in 30 different languages:

1. Russian
2. Croatian
3. Hungarian
4. Brazilian Portuguese
5. European French
6. Polish
7. Finnish
8. Danish
9. Italian
10 English
11. Mexican Spanish
12. Korean
13. European Spanish
14. Swedish
15. Bulgarian
16. Greek
17 Arabic
18. Norwegian
19. Czech
20. Dutch
21. Turkish
22. European Portuguese
23. Icelandic
24. Cantonese
25. Canadian French
26. German
27. Hebrew
28. Thai
29. Japanese
30. Mandarin

My favorite version are russian, croatian, hungarian, danish, italian, m. spanish, swedish, bulgarian, norwegian, czech, dutch and german...

Please note: This is an educational video of Russian sign language singing, the song is by 30 Seconds to Mars, all copyrights belong to their respective owners, no infrigement intended.

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Learn your ASL numbers 30-100
Here is the video 1-10- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LIV0miyxR8
and 11-20- ht...

I think many of you have a goal to become fluent in the language you are learning. However, if you are looking goal that you can achieve in a shorter period of time, you might consider setting a goal to have an entire conversation in English for 30 minutes.

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Learn how to sign numbers 1-30 in American Sign Language (ASL). Three simultaneous views are shown for better clarification.

English language "Follow me" course lesson about

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г. Новосибирск Проспект Димитрова 4/1, офис 11В.

30 of june is not a military coup It pure Egyptian revoultion with all languages Sorry that russian was with that bad accent! :(<br/><br/>

How's it Going Down by DMX off the It's Dark & Hell Is Hot album, classic.

All copyrights belong to Earl Simmons

IG: @DeafinitelyDope

A:Nǐ jǐ diǎn de fēijī? A:你几点的飞机? A: When is your flight? B:Zhōngwǔ shíèr diǎn。 B:中午十二点。 B: 12 o'clock in the noon. http://www.e-Putonghua.com/

Chinese Comedy,Drama,Love Story in Tibetan Language 30/31

Credits in the video :)

1.Brazilian Portuguese
2.Bulgarian - Super7
3.Castilian Spanish
5.Czech - Barrandov
8.English - 4kids ep.16
9.English - 4kids ep.17
10.English - Nick
11.English - Rai
13.European Portuguese
20.Hungarian - RTL
21.Hungarian - Nick
23.Latin Spanish
25.Polish - Nick
26.Polish - Zig Zap

Sign language psalm in Russian
Псалом на жестовом языке



-All copyrights goes to Disney-
What's your favorite one out of all 30 different versions? There could be some languages I forgot to put, If I did comment down below! If there are too many missing languages I'll create a new video.
My ratings:
English - ...it's the original one so I'm not rating it
Brazilian Portuguese - 6/10
Bulgarian - 10/10
Cantonese - 7/10
Castilian - 8 /10
Czech - 6/10
Danish - 7/10 (I expected better cause usually Danish versions are awesome!)
Dutch -

Sochi 2014 Volunteers Welcoming Guests in 30 Languages

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The Sochi 2014 volunteer team has been at the heart of the Games, drawing praise from athletes and fans for providing a warm welcome and spreading the Olympic spirit as they completed a total of 76,000 shifts by the half way stage of the Games. Volunteers are involved in 17 areas of activity, from meeting delegations at the airport to

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Learn your ASL numbers 20-30
Here is the video 1-10- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LIV0miyxR8
and 11-20- htt...

I've been learning many languages online for a while now. In this video I'd like to show you the results of my learning with Italki and also (to some extend Glovico). I'll be speaking in about 30 languages and of course, Ill be making many mistakes so please be tolerant.
Im really grateful to Italki because it gave me wonderful opportunities to meet teachers from all over the world.
I went to visit some of them last summer.
And I want to thank all of them for teaching me during these two years.
So thank you

Here it is!
With 0 effort and in rush to complete this before the end of the year, its HERE.

Hope you enjoy it. :)

Держи любимые переводы под прицелом вместе с [club98048991|FSG S.W.A.T]

Imagine you grow up with three, four or even five languages? :D - Well that’s easy if you grow up in Namibia :) This is another Easy English spec...

Hey!! This is my 2nd one line multilanguage with Frozen!
Hope you enjoy it!!

Everything belongs to Disney.

In my opinion
Favourites: Fr

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30 seconds to mars speaking other languages...well trying to at least

I own nothing!

An international team of Greenpeace volunteers and staff is supporting the "Arctic 30" in Murmansk. They provide legal support, put together personalised care and deliver communications work to help those behind bars. The Arctic 30 were arrested by Russian authorities following a peaceful protest at the Prirazlomnaya oil rig in the Pechora Sea.


Ti eu pensei
Correndo com o rio
Voando no ar
Águia nos guia
Ao nosso lugar!

Tom znaia nakade
Blestish kato slantse
Siai na nebe
Letish kato ptitsa
Prepuskash napred!


Amb tu tindrà llum
Com un riu feréstec
Brillant com el sol
Com l'àguila voles
Tu ets el meu món!

Tvá zář za ní jdu
Ty ve vlnách mně chráníš
jsi v dálkách můj cíl
Jsi pár krás

A playlist of the featured clips can be found here:

American: Missy Elliott
British: Lady Sovereign
Cantonese: LMF
Chinese (actually Mandarin): 王力宏 (Wang Lee-hom)
Croatian: Tram 11
Danish: Malk de Koijn
Filipino (Tagalog): Gloc-9
Finnish: Pikku G
French: Booba
German: Samy Deluxe
Greek: Stereo Mike
Hebrew: 360 שי (Shi 360)
Hungarian: Ganxsta Zolee
Icelandic: Forgotten Lores
Italian: Frankie Hi-NRG MC

Official website for the film series with further details about the documentary: http://thechoiceisoursmovie.com

Part I of this three-part documentary series explores the determinants of behavior to dispel the myth of “human nature” demonstrating that environment shapes behavior. Part II illustrates how our social structures impose our values and behaviors demonstrating that our global monetary system is obsolete and increasingly insufficient to meet the needs of most people. Part III, to be released this

30 dialects, variations and accents of the English language in the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland) and the Isle of Man.

Including Received Pronunciation, Cockney, Brummie, Geordie, Scots, Ulster Scots, Highland English, Welsh English, Manx English, Ulster English, Anglo-Cornish, dialects from Kent, East Anglia (Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire), Sussex, West Midlands, East Midlands, West Country, South East, Bristol, Devon, the Potteries, Lancashire and Yorkshire, and the Scouse

Fantastic Person Henry Lau • Main Group VK


Written and produced by: Jake Wardle (Truseneye92)
Voiced by: Jake Wardle
Edited by: Jake Wardle
Animations by: Chris Mendoza (CmOrigins)

Видео сделано в 2012 году пользователем Truseneye92 на «YouTube». Расширенная и улучшенная версия предыдущего.

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