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thanks again to everybody for 300 subs and ur support in whole 2013 :) hope u'll like this video and i hope i can upload one more untill 2014. see ya all with great new edits into next year

La Fouine - Bafana Bafana

**NOTE: This AMV Naruto are made with non-profit or does not represent another company. This is purely made for Naruto Fan, Bleach and other Anime. Credited to TV Tokyo and Association.**

I'm sorry it's so short Pain, You already know what happened to the last birthday amv. How you like it? xD After Effects for my nigga hahahaha Happy Birthday Pain. We've had some really good times my man, I can teach After Effects now if you want Pain hahaha You're my 3rd nigga in command (After War and Rep). Just know we got you bro. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

P.S. I'll extend it just for you if you want xD or if enough people want me to.

P.P.S A nigga bummed off this amv to use in his col

This video is unfortunartely blocked in some countries, but you can watch it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3VL5eX7npW4VWRIN1lidGNGNVE/view?usp=sharing

THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR 300+ SUBS, this video is for, why not celebrate with Doctor/Clara fanvideo ;D
HD + Headphones for best quality!
tv-show: Doctor Who BBC
clips: 7-8 seasons
characters: The Doctor (Twelve, Eleven) & Clara Oswald
song: Raleigh Ritchie – Bloodsport





YAY! 316 subs! thanks so much guys!

Warning: Yaoi (Male x Male Relationships) Don´t Like? Leave Now!

Disclaimer: The animation in the video was made by MysteryBen27

Music: Ghost

Group: Mystery Skulls

Pairing: Lewis x Arthur

Program: Sony Vegas Pro 11


YAY! 316 subs! Muchas gracias chicos!

Advertencia: Yaoi (Relaciones Hombre x Hombre) ¿No te gusta? ¡No lo veas!

Aclaración: La animacion en el video fue hecha por MysteryBen27

Musica: Ghost

Grupo: Mystery Skulls

Pareja: Lewis x Arthur


Дни рождения аниме героев
подписывайтесь ^^

Dedicated for Patrycja, Bartek(Komarioza), Bartek Górny, Dominik(MastiDone), Gabi(Talar) and Grzegorz(99gregor99)

Song: Trading Yesterday - Shattered

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Видео с релиза 0.7
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You guys don't know how thankful I am right now, gosh thank you thank you thank you thank you, i love you all so much! ♥

This video is dedicated to all of you, obviously, I have reached 200 last monday and now I have reached 300 this monday, you guys really want me to post a new video everyday now don't you? But I always have fun making videos, if I'm not stressed out with

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So basically, this is a collab part with PositivityGal. Keep in mind that this isn't complete. Plus, it's the first draft.. So, I might make some changes.


Thanks to all of you who always support my videos ^~^

This amv.... I have no wrods XDD ultraboredom over 9000 sliding and spinning all the time fck yea :3 The end sux bc I there was 10 more seconds to do but I cut to this moment XDD Don't hate me pls. I'm doing new serious project for collab with my friend :D Stay tuned
Btw thx for 300+ subs XDD
Yeaa that mask from Ao no Exorcist all the time ;33

Please watch in HD.
Coloring by lovely QueenOfDevils ♥

HI GUYS! First of all I have over 300 subs! OMG. It's just mindblowing! I'm so grateful for all the support, it really motivates me to work further. I LOVE YOU!
Second of all, I dedicate this vid to QueenOfDevils aka Judi, I hope you're gonna like it. Please don't laugh at manips haha. I tried!
I don't know why I made this vid, I just thought they would make an interesting couple. Making crossover video is so much fun.
Hope you

Hello everybody! Hope you enjoy! ^^

OMG! I can not believe I have over 300 Subs! Every time I get on Youtube the numbers are higher! I'm very happy! THANK YOU PEOPLE! THANK YOU!

Ugh how I love this couple!

Oh xMissCandyx because Hans appears with fire powers? YES! HANS HAVE POWERS! Do not worry! Soon I will make a lighter story about Hans have fire powers ... Seriously, I was just playing with my program, give BANG! heheh

Well ... the story talks about a complicated romance but with a happy ending!

I w

Please read description
YouTube ruins the quality, Please watch in Hd
( I exported in 1080p but 720p is still really good)

Please don't mention the show or characters in the comments :)

Hiiii everyone here's my new multi fandom video to celebrate 300+ subs!! Thank you so much to all 344 of my subs , thank you to everyone who has liked,shared, commented and even watched my videos, it means so much to me. Thank you !! I have so many amazing friend

Смотрите в HD - full HD , пожалуйста. - намного лучше.

Канал: http://www.youtube.com/user/2013kesidiii
AMV: ht...


[HD please]

Wow, thank you all for the 300+ subs! I'm amazed and honoured, thank you so much!!! I never thought I'd get here to be honest :3

So this is something I found floating around whilst I was waiting for another video to render. I started this a while ago... actually I think I was going to use it for a 200+ subs video haha how very suiting. Anyway, I quickly finished it up last night (there was only like 20 seconds left to do) and coloured and rendered it today. I hope

Original by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6GWwQfXg_k
Inspired by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XwCxR9azf0
OMG thanks for letting me reach my goal I'm so happy right now :'D
Well I hope you guys like it ( I try my very best to make it)

Underswap Sans

Programs that i used:
MS Paint
Windows Movie Maker

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VK - https://vk.com/brunotube
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Snow Tha Product – Cookie Cutter Bitches

This video is a dedication to my bro Njegos :D happy birthday wish you all the best
I hope you like my little gift.. ^^ this video is also for my subscribers thank you guys for 300subs :D please watchi in HD 720p or 1080p Peter PEACE...


Watch in HD Puhhhlease!

»want you to stay, want you to be my prize«

Hello, my lovelies!
I am celebrating 300 subscribers!
My most popular video of all time, just so happens to be a Charlie and India vid. I thought I would make a new one, because I'm nostalgic annnnnnd don't judge me. I wanted to make a Stoker vid. :P

Charlie & India || Requiem for Blue Jeans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7VWwFy0Akg

Thank you for all the support and love!

Film: Stoker
Coloring: Mine
Song: PM me


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Музыка Pretty Lights - Finally Moving
Анимации by [Animaster]:
2- http://www.mediafire.com/?az3g949cb162bb6<br/><br/>

My twitter is: @MyCupcakeStreet
Yay yay yay 300 subs, it's growing up so fast it's amazing thank you! So I said I would make one video of each real life ship that I have, and this one is probably the one that drives me crazy more often lol Elavan is just so perfect ♥


Entry for qubzr editing contest..
also entry for Revolution Contest
i know its 2 long for Revolution contest but i dont care :)
Hope you like it
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I never thought I'd Get this Far... 300 subs?! HOLY CRAP!!! x3 Thank You!
Please sub my back up channel for more of my Newest OTP Couple~!

Song ~ I'm I'n Love With A Zombie
By ~ ???
Footage ~ Rise of the Guardians and Hotel Transilvania

Original meme https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=TMj_0QAKzdU THANKS FOR 300 SUBS I LOVE YOU ALL

#FinalFantasyXIII #FinalFantasyXIII2 #LightningReturns

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→ "...I found love where it wasn't supposed to be..."
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Just a video of my little/cutie Will ♥ (love him so much, pls.)
I loved the final scene (so Hannigram) ~
thank you so much for +300 subs! I can't believe it c': THANK YOU

I also dedicate this to:
-The beauty MinimalistVideos; because she make masterpieces with this amazing series, I found inspiration in her work ~ she's a really kind person c:
-My dear xAdria10x; I'm very happy to meet he


Credit :

Model :

ToyChica,Mangle by Yui(me)

Bonnie,BalloonGirl by fireemblem4eva

Marionette,BonBon by Prince per...

Hello, friends. Video prepared specifically for LEGEND's Editing Contest "CONTEST 300 SUBS".

Frags by Dexty:

Music: "Britney Spears - Work Bitch (Virtual Riot Remix)".


Подробное описание здесь:

This is a nice closet! :)
Anyways thank you so much for 300 subs,I'm sorry I've been gone for about 2 weeks,but I've been waiting for these models to release on GMOD,even though I actually waited for the Smokethebear models,I decided to screw and use these ones,which I should've thought of using in the first place,but again,thanks guys for 300 subs I love you all!

srsly tho, thanks a TON for helpin me reach 300 subs. it m...



Song: Man Down
Original Artist: Rhianna
Cover Artist: Alice Kristansen
Anime: 91 Days

Yeah, it's an Impossible Game YTPMV. Deal with it.
Thanks so much for 300 subs! It's only been about a month since I hit 200 subscribers. You guys are the best.

The song is called Fire Aura, it's from The Impossible Game (which, for the record, is the most freaking annoying thing ever...). This didn't take too long to create, especially since all my exams are over and done with now.

Now, I'm gonna get back to working on other stuff ;)

Who said bollywood can't dance, huh? ;P

Hey everyone ♥

Few days ago i noticed that i reached 300subs! *YAY* i was sooo excited & this time i definitely had to make a special 300subs video! I can never thank you enough for your comments; likes ; favs and above all your support that always makes me want to keep making videos! it means the entire world to me so THANK YOU MILLION TIMES TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU! ♥ if i could i'd give 304 hugs haha lol!

It's just my favorite man - Tom Hiddlston, Ian Somerhalder, Michael Fassbender, Jared Leto, Chris Hemsworth, Liam Hemsworth, Ben Barnes, Gaspard Ulliel, Godfrey Gao, Alexander Skarsgard, Henry Cavill, Jamie Campbell Bower, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Matt Bomer
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Ура! 300 Подписонов!!! Спасибо вам ребята, вы лучшие!! :3

Знаю, идея видео баян баянис...

Enjoy my 13th SFM video "300 Subscribers Special", please thumbs up, share and abonnent if you like it and wanna more ;)

Thank you Guys :)

So yea i wanted to say thanks for 300 subs so i stayed up the whole night editing xP (Totally not cuz i have no life and wanted something to blame on for staying up all night)

But thanks for everything xD
This amv isn't anything special since its a 1 night edit but i hope u enjoy it anyway

Also Happy birthday Sky i really hope u had a great one, much love -Max

Motion by:Me
Camera by:Me
Model by:Era and Lola

Please watch this mep part in 720HD~

Hey guys! Well this is my newest mep part and I gotta say, I think I did pretty awesome on it haha. I know its too cocky to say but I feel proud of this mep part for some reason. Call me crazy but I do xD; We had to show the outcast, villian, or someone other than the main characters getting disrespected, abused or any of that bad stuff. I mainly used Robin and Slade towards the end. And the reason I used Robin in this is because I think he really kicked her butt majorl

Песня - Дима Карташов, С. Брысенков – Просто

Link weapons : http://www.mediafire.com/download/m4gac9w1is8s3qq/Awesome+weapons+collection.rar
Link Fist : https://www.mediafire.com/?crpck9l4z4ybngw

credists Link: xhLrr

Watch in 1080HD please^^
Hello my beautiful subscribers, thank you very much for 300+ Subs !! This is incredible * _ * Thank you to everyone who has subscribed to my channel, it's a lot to me: * Soon I will prepare for you little gifts :)
About video.AAAAAA guys! I fell in love with this character, he is incredibly charming and has a wonderful smile * _ * {That's why I was always drawn to the bad characters? Ahah}
I was inspired

Автор видео: я
Песня: Hello (Adel)
В главных ролях: Морро и Сенсей Ву

Watch in HD!
Spoiler up ep 1 - 20
Song: Neverest - Everything
Korean Drama: The Heirs

После 10 вышедших серий Наследников, загорелась желанием сделать видео под эту песню, по окончании дорамы) Но Стася меня опередила)) Тем не менее, решила не забрасывать свою идею)) Быть честной, результатом я не очень довольна... Но это все на что я была способна в 2 часа ночи, так как именно в это время доделывала видео... Признаюсь, начало и первый припев мне понравились, а потом я все испортила...

Всем привет) меня давно тут не было, поэтому всех с Новым Годом, с Рождеством, со С...

►"There you go again, making me love you"•

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I got 300 Subs last night so I had to



300! О МОЙ БОГ. Видео посвященное этому событию, будет чуть позже, и оно будет мультифандом как и всегда. И я безумно счастлива этому событию, надеюсь дальше будет не хуже *0* В скорее на канале будет и сотня, и еще один новый фандом, я надеюсь вам нравится внесенное разнообразие, я понимаю что многие пришли на канал из-за дневников вампира, но их к сожалению больше не будет

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Аниме: Death Parade / Death Billiards
Песня: Get Scared – Don't You Dare Forget The Sun

"ᴛʜᴇ ᴄʜᴀsᴇ ʜᴀs ᴊᴜsᴛ ʙᴇɢᴜɴ..."
[open for more information]


LaurenMichelle - https://www.youtube.com/user/LaurenMi...
Sim Mallec - https://www.youtube.com/user/SimMallec
Artemis - https://www.youtube.com/user/Paralyze...
BelievingEmotions - https://www.youtube.com/user/believin...
Wolfsbane - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_Ol...
heartxout - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX55...
(the links are messed up, so they are

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Аниме - Хьёука: тебе не уйти
Музыка: My Lucky Strike
Спасибо Вам ребята за маленький юбилей, я рада что Вы смотрите мои видео и они Вам нравятся :3
Это маленькая радость для меня, вот Вам в честь юбилейка коротенькое видео :)

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Please turn up the volume (=

Thank you all so much for 300+ subs I'm so happy!
My first vid of Malachy&Nicki I wanted to make a vid with the two of them for so long
But now finally I downloaded The Bling Ring and I was able to make this one (=
This vid is not really good actually
But I hope you all like it though
Thank you all so so much!

And don't forget to subscribe ^^

Ship; Malachy & Nicki
Movies; The Bling Ring &

Twenty for Katishgo
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo for Настя Лашина -
Cruel City for xWONDERFULDREAMx(W/D)
The Heirs (Hyo-Shin/Rachel) for Katishgo
Marriage Not Dating for X InkName
Flower Boy Next Door for Кристина Метолиди
Shitsuren Chocolatier for MaruK
Noble, My Love for Кристина Метолиди
High Society for xWONDERFULDREAMx(W/D)
The Heirs (Won/Hyun-Joo) for Настя Лашина
Sophie's Revenge for TheVolterra13
You Taught Me All the Precious Things for MaruK
Catch Me for Katishgo
Come Back Mister for MissYura

Thank you for your support, for the conversations, for being my inspiration, for watching my videos, for making videos yourself, for LP'ing crazy games, for composing beautiful pieces, for making awesome arrangements, for writing to me. I will do my best to make it worth your while. THIS IS WHERE I PLAY PIANO! THIS IS WHERE THEY SUBSCRIBE!

The first in Dream Team history! A joint production with Shenzhen TV. It's the Korea-China Dream Team. Part 1 is the 5-stage obstacle course, 'Save the Beauty'. An 80m by 3m huge LED screen and fireworks. It's a national competition the develops friendship.

Thanks to all my subscribers. You are AWESOME!
Love you all ♥

Tadaa! Happy Wishfulshipping Day everyone! To celebrate this special day of my OTP and my 300+ subs here's a full vid just for you 8D

An upbeat song without flashy effects - because effects are too mainstream. Alright fine, I just prefer raw editing. And yay I didn't use fanart except for the opening! The ending pic was not fan-art! It's official art 8D (If you knew that then you, my friend are a good Wishfulshipper).

I'd like to thank everyone who's supported me :'D I really appreciate all of you! And l

sorry for my shitposting! thank you fro 300+!

link to download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/zpm7z1

Oh ma gawd finally after so many days of editing and masking iv'e done it!!
i decided to use these programs called After Effects and Photoshop
and i did good don't ya think?
there are a few things i wod like to say first the picture where Nala is laying near Sarafina is not MINE some one drawed that picture not me and the clip with Scar and Adult Nala is from another person so not mine all of the movies, clips belong to they're owners so nothing much to say but enjoy!!

"But I'm sick listening to everyone
I just want you"

HD+small screen are the way.
wanna ask? http://ask.fm/valyrias
notes ; I can't believe that you're 300 now, really I can't. You're so important for me and thank you so so so much guys ♥
(one day I'll staph to vid these two, but is not that day)
coloring ; SunnyVids
fandom; the avengers
song ; google the lyrics!

Please, Watch in HD 720p
Warnings: Violence, Spoilers S01-03, Disturbing Images.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?...
Show used: The 100
Song: Lorde Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Software: Sony Vegas Pro 13.
Editor: DeepShadow
"Copyright Disclaimer Un

Leeme/Readme✿◕‿◕✿ VIDEO RANDOM


Motion- By Muza Darkness
-(Por favor, dame creditos :,v y me gustaria que dejaras el link donde lo usaste , quisiera ver tu trabajo :)....
si tienes dudas preguntame en los comentarios de youtube,facebook o deviantart :)
-Please give me credit and I would like to leave the link where you used, I would like to see your work :)...)
if in doubt ask me in the comments on youtube, fa

If you like any of my work, sub/ comment/ like/ enjoy!
i wanna be titan class~
any recommendation? new motions models give me a shout
i like to listen!
models by mary

READ THE DISCLAIMER, its a donation thing, its just there
its not for more mmd videos its just there! dont QQ!

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OMG thank you soo much for being 300+ now!! I'm so happy about this, thank you a billion times!!! I hope you like this short video, I really tried my best cause I was so happy!!! HD is better, and btw I love these three amazing girls **-** xx

Thank You for 300 subscribers .3
MOTION DL - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpvFEwJGfas
Model :
Shinoa - http://randomanimeartist.deviantart.com/art/MMD-TDA-Shinoa-Model-Download-v2-Update-559743638
Sorry that the video is a bit rarely. :с
I got the flu so,while the video probably will not. :с
Once healed, I will surely upload 5 or more for you с:

Seriously , you guys are amazing ^3^
You guys bring a smile to my face everything i wake up ^-^
So I give you this :D
Yes , I know it's not much and the motion dl isn't up yet :'(
I hope you still like it :3


~Motion : Me

Drama: Oh my Venus
Couple: Joo Eun & Young Ho
Song: Amy Diamond- Bittersweet

It's short because i lost inspiration e-e, I will make it longer if i get enough requests i guess o-o, I actually pushed my laziness aside for this, and *draws liwwle hearts* for all those who've subscribed to me, Yer All Cute.
This is also Dedicated to HLS:

Woo,first to make this meme.a.freddys version. Took less then an hour. Not hard. I was testing timing,lipsync,animation etc. So I did another freddys animation. Hehe.
God,never let me draw guitars,or chicas..,I still suck at em quq.
Erherher. So I hope ya like it. Thanks for 300+ QuQ
Avril lavigne-girlfriend
Character's belong to Scott cawthon.
Animation and art ME..
Thanks for watching.

this is my video entry for the collecticon's 300 sub team up contest. team ANTIAVENGERS: Dr. Doom, Deadpool, Ghost rider, Jouggernaut, Archangel, Warmachine, the Thing, Blade, Punisher, Colossus. team AVENGERS: Captain america, Spiderman, Ironman, Wolverine, Hulk, Luke Cage, Ronin Audio IS NOT MINE! i used: spiderman intro soundtrack Last stand-Tom Salta. tom clancy's hawksx2 Ira Deorum- Position Music Final Flight- Position Music LOTR the 2 towers soundtrack- the Riders of Rohan and some audio clips from MARVEL movie trailers: xmen wolverine origins, ghost rider, xmen last stand... and audio clips i downloaded from internet. CHARACTERS AND SOME MATERIAL USED HERE BELONGS TO MARVEL

Sorry I haven't been making milestone videos, but I really appreciate you guys taking the time to watch my stuff. Thank you! Leave a comment down below and give me some feedback.

- Anime: Fate/Zero
- Song: Centuries
- Artist: Fall Out Boy
- Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X

This video is purely fan made.
This song was used under terms of fair use, non-for profit purposes, and is not intended to abuse the copyright terms.

"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of t


I reached 300 subscribe, i am planning on uploading an NCIS Team video soon, i miss vidding them and i'm going to upload it today part of my celebration for 300 subers

"Say something, I'm giving up on you.
I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you.
Anywhere, I would've followed you.
Say something, I'm giving up on you."

The Originals are awesome, and after 1x08 and 1x09 who can blame me, the feelings, the crying, the shouting and the forgiveness all of it was just epic


thank you;
Thank you guys so much! I never thought I'd get this many subs ever again let alone this fast XD So thank you *hugs* :D I'm not going to go all soppy on you guys so this is all I shall write in way of a thank you XDDDD

Agatha - http://www.youtube.com/user/agataw95
This is to cheer you up, I know your not really an anime editor so you probably have no idea what this video is about but I hope you enjoy it anyway :)
Brad - http://www.youtube.com/user/xFerroRex
As a than

So this video I made for several reasons:

1. Today is my birthday, so I decided to make myself something and this is it.

2. I wanted to make a v...

Короб труба Настройка ФИ 45 Гц. Объем около 20 литров. Пустота забита ватой в марле. Корпус бумажная труба. передняя и задняя стенки 20мм фанера. порт сантехтруба 105мм. Усилок не твиканый. Авто: Мондео 3 сарай

thx guys

Fox Stevenson - All This Time (Original Mix)

Всё по Dragon Ball (серии, манга, картинки, инфа, музыка)

subido por : https://www.facebook.com/maicol.parraga?ref=tn_tnmn

para :http://www.one-piece.eshost.es/

¡Zoro el dios feroz! La encarnación de Ashura revelada por su alma

Zoro libera su nueva técnica Kyutoryu asura y logra acabar con Kaku, mientras que robin se niega rotundamente a ser llevada a la "justicia"Spandam la golpea para que pueda avanzar.Después de que Lucci deja fuera de combate a Franky, que apareció en la habitación, Luffy activa el Gear Second por segunda vez para luchar más parejo con Lucc


Now everyone knows that Tsunari are a Akastuki Member qq
Of course I know I forgot the clouds but yeah it's fine..

I'm stupid mööp

Leave a like if you did and bye ma Catponys c;


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Аниме: Наруто SD: Rock Lee
Песня: Turn Down для того, что
Исполнитель: DJ Snake & Lil Jon

ПРИМЕЧАНИЕ: Это AMV сделано с некоммерческой или не представляет другую компанию. Я не обладает авторскими правами на "видео

s03e00 The Runaway Bride (Сбежавшая невеста)

Перевод: Little_Squirrel для TrueTransLate

➡Please watch in 720p [HD]

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We came as Romans - Roads That Don't End And Views That Never Cease

Decided to watch the progress from 2015 to the present day. Work I'm happy.

Hollywood Undead – Dead Bite
Three Days Grace – I Am Machine

Paint tool sai

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Решила посмотреть прогресс с 2015 по сегодняшний день. Работой я

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motion, camera - Mikusaki
model - Satariia

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Hey guys version 0.7 of Skywind has just been released on the 15th, and with great convenience I gained 300 subscribers! It's so awesome to know that all you guys have my back and I'm really grateful for all your support! By the way, the scenes in the video aren't necessarily about what happened in the update, but if you compare my landscape update you can see that textures have been added and new objects have been put it.
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Fandom: The Walking Dead
Couple: Tara Chambler and Rosita Espinosa
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Song: Raleigh Ritchie – Bloodsport

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coloring: Vahan Bio
editor(s): kissthedevil
program: sony vegas pro 10
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Made entirely in Hammer, edited in Sony Vegas Pro.

Thank you guys so much for 300 subscribers! This video took forever to make, since Hammer has a lot more animation limits than SFM, but I hope you like it.

This video is supposed to be what could have happened if GLaDOS and Wheatley's run-in in Portal 2 had gone a different direction.

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Custom map, sound filers textures by CamBen (me)

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song: sledgehammer - fifth harmony (Cover by Travis Atreo)

Fandom: Teen wolf/Волчонок
Pair: lidia & Stiles/Лидия и Стайлз
Song: Strange Birds

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Yow guys! This is my crack video! Some of the parts are fail and this may not be the funniest crack you'll ever saw.. Sorry.. I'm new to making this.. But I hope you enjoyed!! Thank you so much for 300+ subs tho! EXO FIGHTING!

Intro: Martin Garrix - Animals (Remix)
0:15 - 0:19 & 0:22 - 0:25 : George Michael - Careless Whisper
0:32 - 0:38 : O.T. Genasis - Touchdown
0:40 - 0:46 : Nicki Minaj - Anaconda (Karaoke Version)
0:56 - 1:00 : GTA San Andreas Theme Song
1:12 - 1:15 : Ludacris - Get Out The Way


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My emotion is shame.
Stefan loves Belle.
But Stefan's a vampire.
He kills her when he wanted blood.
Stefan has shame.
He is present at the funeral of Belle.
He remembers her.
Belle believed that Stefan would reform.
►Song:John Murphy - In The House - In A Heartbeat
►Program:Sony Vegas 11.0

Песня: Linkin Park-New Divide
Программа:Adobe premiere Elements 7

here it is my 300sub movie!
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I´ve only read the first book of TMI but mostly because I had zero time. I always like this two and Matt and Harry make me fall in love with their story even more. I really enjoy their interaction in the show and that episode was everything I never knew I need it haha. That kiss!!! I think I rewatch it 1433249328942308 times. Matt was so badass in that scene. It was pure perfection.

So, I reached my 300 subs which is totally crazy! Thanks guys for the support, the comments and the likes. I re

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➳Song: Out Of The Woods, Blank Space Parody and Blank Space
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➳Fandom: The Hunger Games
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