A Day With Nike+ FuelBand

Move Your Ass

One goal. Many ways to reach it. Life is a Sport !
See Hope, P-Rod & Suh #makeitcount
more info about the Nike FuelBand on http://www.nike.com/fuelband/

The Nike+ FuelBand now integrates with Path so the people who care about you can help you meet your NikeFuel goal everyday.

Spend a day in the life of Detroit Lions Defensive Tackle, Ndamukong Suh as he shares it with his family and close friends on Path. Hit the gym with him. Own Nike Pro Camp with him. And try to crack 6,000 NikeFuel with him.

Life is a Sport. Make it Count. http://nike.com/fuelband

Path is available in the App Store and Android Play. http://path.com<br/><br/>