A Day in California

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Video by Ryan Killackey

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Flying tortillas....
A day of practice at Huntington Beach- capoeira, breakdancing, acrobatics, working out.

Jerm meets up with Mac Miller, Tree J and the rest of the Most Dope fam in Santa Cruz, CA for a live show at the Catalyst... behind the scenes footage from the hotel to backstage... and Mac Miller grows dreadlocks!!!

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Hey guys!
This video is basically a wrap up video of what i got up to in California!
Photo shoot's, nice cars, training.... Lots of Vlogs edited together by my friend Matthew Laraway!
I hope you enjoy!

Madars heads to California for two days to bomb the San diego hills with Wes Kremer before heading to the Berrics for a Run & Gun session. Subscribe to Line9: http://bit.ly/LineNine

Check out the Berrics Run & Gun video here:

Berrics Run & Gun behind the scenes:

Music licensed by www.cuesongs.com:

Steve Byrd - Finger Poppin'
John Metcalfe - Copper

“A Turkish Happy New Year wish from the first day of 2016 in California.. Yeni yil icin aldigimiz tum kararlari uygulayabilmemiz, hayallerimizi…”

More information about raising kids Vegan - down bellow !

This is what Gabriela ate in a day!
We are now in Los Angeles, CA. This day we didn't go out to eat anywhere, but usually if we go out somewhere, Gabriela prefers simple foods and then later at home or before she loads up on raw veggies and fruit.

If you are thinking of going vegan and wondering about your kids going vegan too - here is a link to a playlist with videos that can help you find out about vegan parenting and nutrition.

Joel Piper / Avery Pkwy Studio Update - #2
New Avery Pkwy album release date not announced yet; album release date will be made and album will release 2016.
Music: Instrumental "If You Knew Me Yesterday" from upcoming Avery Pkwy album.
Joel Piper album release date unannounced; album release date will be made and will release 2016.

#CalumVonMoger #maddesire #CVM #modernarnold #bodybuildingcom #oldschool #aesthetic #motivation #hardcore #goldsgym #mrunivers #mrolimpia #musculebeach #musculedevelopment #cellucore