A Holiday Miracle

Коллекция группы "Все будет хорошо" http://vk.com/vse_bh

Common triggers included: soft speaking / spoken, whispering, personal attention, follow the light, various tapping sounds, crinkling, ear to ear, scratching, rubber glove sounds, gift wrapping

Well hello, punkins! This is truly an exciting day, the final step of your curse liftin' process awaits! I bet you're feelin' a whole lot lighter now that we've extracted all that nasty bad energy, huh? But, to ensure that you don't get another bout of that bad stuff any time soon, there's one last thing you should do. You ready? Alright then! Sit back, relax, and enjoy your final day at Ms. Miracle's Hex & Curse Removal Service. :)

One of the Captain Morgan "A Holiday Miracle" commercials.

Just in case you were wondering how we got them to sing. Happy Holidays.

“A holiday miracle would be still fitting into my clothes after the holidays 😱😅 #noshame #foodlover #itsokillworkouttomorrow #holidaycruves…”