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“@zebruh_love didn't believe I could carry her 280 lb strongman competitor bf @zgalls but I was a mule in another life and this was 🍰. My next goal is…”

“Another day in the life of Ava problems ;) lol ok so the Red Sox are losing to the Angels currently... Which of course I am good with seeing as I am a…”

“Another great day of my life
#real #AnyaStar #LikeAKid
#goofy #smile #happy”

“One of the realist people in my life. Will never find another loyal and true friend like you, gonna suck your blood now #ThatsMyBestFriend @alysha_y”

“you don't give a what Gregg? haha @greggsulkin @keithpowers I think Gregg was a dancer in another life..”

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by Did you see what GOD just did to us

19 декабря, суббота

this is trash
I am trash
just don't

movie: victor frankenstein

So for a past few days i was like :"Why can't Sam and Mercedes have ANY kind of interaction? i'm not talking about romantic stuff, but literally anything that would make them interact" and guess what?? in last episode it happened! Of course it was like.... a 5 second moment but still.... i'm happy!
And when i saw it I HAD to make such video!

H2O: just add water | Просто добавь воды



Автор музыки/слов - Dmitri Northman, Jussi-Pekka Nikula/Dmitri Northman, Polina Butorina
Режиссер - Peejay De Castro Vicuna
© 2015 ИП Охл

Faintest Hope "An End, Another Life"

20/08/2014 IN STORES!

01. Before Night Falls
02. The Noose Of My Days
03. In The Life Beyond

Faintest Hope - The melodic deathmetal band - Tokyo, Japan.

Straight Up & Lokka Vox - Another Life (Andrew Riqueza Chillout Mix)

Label boss Dennis Sheperd is always on the lookout for fresh new music, something with an edge and great atmosphere and this next one certainly fits the bill. Mexican Trance project Straight Up joins forces with the gorgeous vocal stylings of Lokka Vox a.k.a ANKI. This is deep, progressive Vocal Trance at its finest with a world class production to boot. We couldn't pass up the remix opportunities either: I

This was greatly inspired by

Short Klaus & Caroline video. I thought their scenes were sweet yesterday. Watch in HD.

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Entertainment only, no copyright intended.


На обратном пути из магазина Субару Нацуки неожиданно призывают в другой мир. Стоит чёрт знает где, самого призывающего ни следа, а на него ещё и нападают! Дело было бы совсем дрянь, если бы не прекрасная сереброволосая дева с пушистым котиком наперевес, которая спасает Субару, после чего тот в благодарность присоединяется к ней. Стоит им найти подсказку — и обоих тут же убивают. Субару приходит в себя в том же месте, что в первый раз, и обнаруживает у себя неплохую способность — «Возврат в прошлое после смерти». Сможет ли беспомощный парень, умеющий только отматывать время, спасти девушку от смертельной участи?

►Please watch in 720p [HD] + headphones

○ Song: Raffi Sahak - yesterday

✖ Once Upon a Time { Emma Swan, Mr. Gold / Rumplestiltskin, Prince Charming/David Nolan, Rumbelle }
✖ American Horror Story: Coven { Zoe Benson, Fiona Goode, Cordelia Foxx, Misty Day }
✖ The Walking Dead { Carol Peletier, Michonne, Carol and Daryl, Caryl }
✖ Doctor Who { River Song, Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, Clara Oswald, Jenny Flint }
✖ La Belle et la Bête - Beauty and the Beast { La Bête / Le P

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♫ Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - White Privilege II (feat. Jamila Woods)

'Full of soul check it out'VS'Most beauty Uhwudong'1round! - Even In Another Life
▶ Playlist for THIS episodes →
▶ More ‘Mask King’ clips are available↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

【Mask King】.

‘Mask King’ is a competition between 8 celebrities compeletely hidden from mask while they sing. The program focuses on the stars singing abilities and guesses whose faces are hidden behind a mask.

Reported by 'Mask King' team, the line up or singer casting

1st and only take of "In Another Life" with Chali 2na @ Rubix Warehouse in Melbourne. Add Chali 2na up here

Big love & thank you to Rubix, Chris Pope and crew

Shot & edited by CAde

1st and only take of "In Another Life" with Chali 2na @ Rubix Warehouse in Melbourne. Add Chali 2na up here

Big love & thank you to Rubix, Chris Pope and crew

Shot & edited by CAde

& make sure you come to see me at a show!!!


Fandom: The vampire diaries
Coloring: My
Watermark: My

The single is available on iTunes:

A dozen of the world's most beautiful women are more than just a dream for EMIN in his new music video for the single "In Another Life"... but he is brought back to reality by the always tough-talking words of Donald Trump!

Месячное путешествие автостопом по России из Челябинска в Крым и обратно с пешим походом 1 к.с. 120 км.

Видео предоставлено группой:
здесь собраны лучшие AMV. Присоединяйтесь к нам, соберем коллекцию вместе^^
Приятного просмотра)

Аниме: Истории монстров
Музыка: Maybeshewill – In Another Life, When We Are Bot

Balaton Sound 2016 / 6-10 July
Buy your ticket online:
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Stadiumx, Baha & Markquis feat. Delaney Jane - Another Life / Official Balaton Sound Anthem 2016
Director: Benjámin Timar
DOP: Gábor Dorcsák
Screenwriter: Péter Pallag

Straight Up & Lokka Vox - Another Life (Andrew Riqueza Chillout Mix)
Listen to, download or stream 'Another Life' here:

Label boss Dennis Sheperd is always on the lookout for fresh new music, something with an edge and great atmosphere and this next one certainly fits the bill. Mexican Trance project Straight Up joins forces with the gorgeous vocal stylings of Lokka Vox a.k.a ANKI. This is deep, progressive Vocal Trance at its finest with a world class productio

#tesonline, #eso, #teso
Трейлер Древних Свитков: Онлайн - «Живи другой жизнью»
| Nirn.Net |

by 4x h8

#music_amazing_like #coubers_life #fun #movie_moments #coubers
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Львица охотилась за козлёнком, и вот, что из этого вышло...


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Here's a video from "Another Life " the fourth track to my new album Reincarnation available for digital download on iTunes (, Music ) and in retail outlets.
all music by B.Maillard 2014

Thanks for Watching Guys:)


#tesonline, #eso, #teso
Трейлер Древних Свитков: Онлайн - «Живи другой жизнью»
| Nirn.Net |

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Много интересного и не только!
На сервере RussianLand - Life [RU]

Just another day in the life of oneway corey.
Original Music: Zeidmanbeats

#DBSS - Dirt Bike Style Stuff



Щенка, которому дали кличку "Chance" (Шанс), обнаружили лежащим рядом с дорогой... Его сбила машина. Щенка парализовало. К счастью, обнаружили его добрые люди, которые отвезли его в питомник в Сант-Антонио (Техас).

Там его и нашёл другой бедолага - инвалид. Мужик решил, что ему предначертано собой, дать счастливую жизнь этой собаке. Чем он и занялся :3

Featuring the Pinkie Pie screensaver by The-Paper-Pony (on deviantArt)!

Music is "Remaining" and "Still Remaining" by Vexare.

There are about three frames (one which you see in the thumbnail) which were keyed by LittleshyFIM. Here is his channel:
He's better than I at making videos, that's for sure.

This is where I got the headphones, because everyone keeps asking:

100 часов съемки, год работы - 26 минут видео.
Возникновению идеи фильма послужили личные воспоминания детских лет о «живой» Припяти и то, что происходит с городом сегодня.
Снято и смонтировано IrogFilm.

Загружено группой "LOST (Остаться в живых)" (

Katie McGrath║Кэти МакГрат

Performance of Polina Butorina with her single Another Life on the stage of The Grand Kremlin Palace at Kinder MUZ Awards 2015.

Выступление Полины Буториной на Премии Kinder МУЗ Awards 2015 с песней "Another life" на сцене Государственного Кремлёвского Дворца.

This just had to be done.

"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

Music video by Rise Against performing Another Station: Another Mile: Swing Life Away. (C) 2010 DGC Records

I don't own the video clips or pics in the video. Thanks go to our glamberts in Singapore and China for sharing their great videos.I decided to just keep the title as Another Day in the life of a Glambert and I'll number the episodes :o) Enjoy! - created at

http://KEXP.ORG presents Hey Marseilles performing "Another Life" live during KEXP's New Home Grand Opening. Recorded April 16, 2016.

Audio Engineer: Kevin Suggs
Audio Mastering: Matt Ogaz
Cameras: Scott Holpainen, Luke Knecht, Chris Somerville & Justin Wilmore
Editor: Scott Holpainen

01 - Queen of England's Treasure
02 - Europa
03 - Гори, гори ясно<br/><br/>


Sry guys for low instance and skills, my character just 8 lvl))) (translation below)
so, 6 ours i made this video, at first i havn't any ideas about this movie...but then....
Извиняйте ребят за лоу инстанс и скилы, чар всего лишь 8го лвл. Как в последнее время бывает, ролики я делаю внезапно, не имея четких идей и планов. 6 часов потратила на сие, если бы не фиговы выпендросы редактора, было бы куда проще -_-

English T E X T
I was born in a noble family. Everything changed when our village w

Lucky Piano Bar - Meditative Improvisations
(Eugene Alexeev, piano /// Евгений Алексеев, фортепиано)

Мой канал на Ютубе / My YouTube Channel:
Блог музыканта:
Группа Вконтакте:

экс-вокалист People Eat People

Many, many thanks to everyone involved in this project! This was my very first music video, and I can’t say how much I appreciate all the support I received from the extremely kind and talented cast and crew. This video was finished in early 2013, but because of creative differences with the band, it never saw the light of day. But now I’m releasing it independently as an unofficial music video and dedicating it to the late Nick Terry who played an integral role in this project and unfortunately passed away

ride on E.D.O deck at fullerton sk8 park K
(South Woods Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92832, Соединенные Штаты)

І знову ми зібрались нашим файним кладом і трохи порадуємо вас відомими піснями українського простору)

Playstation plus профиль: dikobo.
Видео на конкурс от Playstation Россия и Okko.

I own nothing but the editing.

Другая версия клипа.
1989 год.
Sebastian Bach and Rachel Bolan (of Skid Row)

Аниме: Nekomonogatari, Bakemonogatari
Музыка: Maybeshewill - In Another Life, When We Are Both Cats

[Trance] - Andruboy - Another Life (Royality Free Music)

Fandoms: Teen Wolf; The Maze Runner; Open Gate; The Internship, The First Time

Characters: Derek Hale and Stiles Stilinski

Song: Katy Perry | The One That Got Away

Summary: In this life, back when Scott and his pack went to rescue Kira, Derek gets attacked but doesn’t survive. Stiles wishes he had another life, where he could make him stay.

- Another Life | Henry+Anne (AU) by Thornlessrose12 ( ;
- Merlin+morgana (AU) | another li

1.Открой Глаза
Барабаны - Александр Лавринов
Соло-гитара - Александр Петренко
Вокал - Галина Гороховатская
Ритм-гитара+Вокал - Марк Зуган
Бас - гитара - Руслан Шалашенко

▷▷▷ ◁◁◁

This is the first time (in all my channels eight years history) when I'm so impressed that I've made 3 videos for one EP.
Do I need to say more? No.

Watch my another music videos for CAIRN's new, fantastic EP:
♫♪ Breeze:
♫♪ Casting Shadows:

Stay awesome! ♥

Located in the small town of Knutsford in England, Ste Miller aka CAIRN shows his skill in composing dreamy, serene music with his latest release 'Casting Shadows EP'.

'Breeze' features a warm,


Исцеление. Жизнь другой / Cure: The Life of Another (2014)
на хорватском с русскими субтитрами

1993, Дубровник, год после осады. Город все еще потрясен и изранен ужасами войны и следы этого мучительного прошлого до сих пор видны на стенах домов, но прежде всего в умах и в сердцах его жителей. Линда приехала в Хорватию из Швейцарии. Она случайно убивает свою подругу, скинув её со скалы. Им по 14 лет. Её, Линду, начинает преследовать эта мёртвая подружка. Её так и зовут в фильме - Эта. К Линде попадает личный дневник Эты. Она читает его и проживает жизнь Эты.

➩ Фансаб-группа | Bangtan Movement

[ADMIN] Пожалуйста, сохраняйте кредиты на нашу группу при добавлении видео к себе. Спасибо!

【Editor: 番外篇】
The new one from 番外篇, the one that made the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure MAD (see bellow). Love the flow and it's really nicely edited what do you think ? :D As always, support her bellow on bilibili !

Editor: 番外篇
Original Title : 【2016拜年祭单品】这份血的记忆
bilibili account:
Song: ninelie (TV size) - Aimer with chelly (EGOIST)
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure MAD :

Guitar solo. Instrumental Rock (2016)

In Another Life - Acoustic - MissLane Rewriting video :) - My E.P "The Forest". You’ll never be aloneYou’ll never feel alone againFeels like coming homeI won’t let you down my friend
There is something about the two of usIt’s unexplainable I just lose myself when you are close to meI know you, I know you wellBut I don’t recognise myselfDon’t know why I hate to watch you leave
In another lifeWe cou

Starset – It Has Begun.

Artist: Andruboy
Track: Another Life
Style: Trance
Catalog: NM 089
Release Date: 2016.03.18
Official Site:

DL 1:
DL 2:


Nemagia Music


"Среда определяет человека, но человек сам вправе выбирать эту среду. "

Настало время представить отрывки творчества своей жизни в период апрель - октябрь 2013 года. Я очень долго работал над данным материалом и пытался донести продолжение идеи "LIVING ANOTHER LIFE. EPISODE#1".
Идею гибрида многих жанров воедино и сделать всё это довольно качественно в домашних условиях. Второй эпизод на самом деле "Проживает другую жизнь" проекта ID_ZERO, а точнее свою новую.
Путь эксперементала со звучанием начался ещё в 2007 году. Начиная с trance/d`n`b/rock в фанерном, я смело готов

Tamriel is yours to explore in The Elder Scrolls Online. Choose your alliance, bring your friends, and adventure through a huge world that is already growing. Find out more about what's coming soon on!


PEGI16 - Visit for more information.

Лучшие танцевальные клипы ежедневно в официальной группе Радио Рекорд ◄ LIKE The our GREEK page for turkish superstar Çağatay Ulusoy || Latest NEWS ✚ PICTURES ✚ VIDEOS & more . . Welcome ღ ▐▬▌ o ş g e L d i n i z . ◄ Follow us! ◄<br/><br/>


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(I'm french, sorry for my bad english)

Plz Read and comment :)
I haven't added anything in a while so thought I'd better show I'm still alive ;)
I luv the song so i thought what the heck and this is what turned up. Anime: Uraboku, Plz comment and Sub if you like :)
THIS IS A FANDOM AMV! Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwi

From the DVD "Speaking of now".
Recorded during the Pat Metheny Group Speaking of Now World Tour in Japan at the sold-out concerts of September 19-20 in 2003 at Tokyo’s NHK Hall.

another Klaroline video.
I suffered a lot with this one, and worked hard on it, because I couldn't find my "voice" in it...when I first heard this song I actually cried...this song is so deep, so emotional and pure beauty...this deep meaning, just killed me. this woman makes so BEAUTYFUL music, it's just too unearthly...her music is pure art and magic.
...and this lyrics...that's why I chose this, it's like a song which Klaus would write.
it was so hard to do this, because of this song, it's so sp

This Monkey Fell Down After being Caught By High voltage Current monkey loss his senses he fainted.after that another monkey copmes and save his life. This incident happens in Kanpur india on 20 December 2014. Many people consider this life saver monkey as Dr. Monkey ang God Hanuman.
Monkey Saves Another Monkey's life video,Monkey Saves Another Monkey's life video Of year 2014,Monkey save life,Life saver monkey,Dr. Monkey,watch how monkey save anothers life,Watch: Monkey saves 'dying' friend at train statio

Album soon!!!
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Learn French with Easy French: Tony and Kevin ask people in Nice about life outside earth!


Hosts: Anthony Lesbros and Kevin!
Co-producer: Anthony Lesbros

Живи свободно! Верь в мечту!
Группа для свободных путешественников, дауншифтеров и просто независимых людей!

Життя завмирає. Час зупиняється. Темп життя, який ми бачимо, у якому ми звикли жити ніщо у порівнянні з хвилею мовчання, тишини, спокою. Самотність. Люди з кожним днем стають все більше чужими один до одного, чужими до себе. Вулиці переповнені самотніх лиць. Перебуваючи на одинці з собою, примарна іллюзія життя зникає, зникає, коли людина насправді розуміє, що все, що у неї є це вона ж сама, це її безцінне життя.

© Богдан Зелез

song: katy perry - the one that got away;
pairing: sif and loki laufeyson {sifki} || сиф и локи лафейсон;
fandom: thor;
used movie: thor, thor: the dark world, savannah, сranford || тор, тор 2: царство тьмы, саванна, крэнфорд.
coloring: xMysticFlame;
program: sony vegas pro 13

"Мёртвый Анархист" КиШа в исполнении меня и Миши на ДР Рустама.