American Tribal Style by FCBD ( Fat Chance Belly Dance)

Fat Chance Belly Dance at the Cues Tattoos Festival in Seattle, March 25, 2011.

Fat Chance Belly Dance at Cues Tattoos Festival, part II.

FatChanceBellyDance represented by Wendy Allen and Sandi Ball dancing in Rome, Italy.<br>Music: Kali Sara

American Tribal Style by FCBD ( Fat Chance Belly Dance)

This is a small clip of their performance. I got The Art of Belly Dance
A fun and fabulous way to get fit
by Carolena Nericcio , its a book and it came with a music cd and dvd with tribal basics. The dvd has easy to learn tribal basics, followed by a zill combo and lots of performance clips. The music cd is the best and the book has alot of important information on belly dance. You can find more on the website.

Complex spins are part of this improvisation. These dancers don't regularly dance with each other, yet they know the same moves. That's American Tribal Style, a concept created by Carolena Nericcio! Think globally, act locally!

Потрясающее обучение под названием "Трайбл импровизация", просмотрев который вы научитесь создавать свой неповторимый стиль танца Трайбл. Урок начнется с разминки и растяжки, осанки и медитации. После вы будете изучать пошаговые движения, связки и комбинации. Трайбл — это групповая импровизация, с упрощенными движениями и хореографией. Все участники группы выполняют движения одновременно и согласовано. Ведущая данной программы разработала целый набор движений, который повторить и выучить сможет каждый.

Sandi and Wendy duet at the Olive Meditterrean Bar and Hookah Lounge in Las Vegas, December 8, 2012.

Laurie Miller of LATribal hosted an open ATS dance event with Sandi from Fat Chance Belly Dance while she was in town. It was loads of fun!

Fat chance belly dance American Tribal Style (ATS) is a vocabulary dance format developed in America, San Francisco by Carolena Nericcio.

Plaza de Anaya ~World Fusion Music Dance Studio was proud to have Tribal Pura Evening Show!
Check out Carolena's amazing "Bellywork"!

Taken on my phone and filled with lots of zahgahreets!

9 sister studios come together to dance and have fun. The nature of ATS lets them come together with little to no rehearsal.

Kaman Song - Dikanda
Ismaaouni - Upper Egypt Ensemble
SHort Belly Dance Drum Solo - Raquy and the Caveman

Gala instructoras del ATS® Homecoming 2015
Marriot Hotel - Burlingame - California

Reverse Turn, Propeller Turn and Medusa (ATS® version)
Clarification on Endings - FatChanceBellyDance® performed to demonstrate the endings of 3 slow steps. 4th Jan 2016

Music: "Weeping Tree" by Solace from the album Opium Head

14 октября 2012.
ATS-флешмоб в честь 25-летней годовщины Группы основателей трайбла

unda, featuring Melanie and Anna, perform ATS veil at Sofia Tribal's Tribal Renaissance in Eau Clair, Wisconsin, 2012

FCBD at Cues_Tattoos_Festival_Seattle )))

Sirin Tribe (FCBD Sister Studio), Tribal Dance Center in Saint Petersburg, Russia
Performing American Tribal Style at the 4th Festival "Ring of friendship", Sestroretsk, St Petersburg, Russia, 2013

Kae Montgomery of FCBD® & Barbara Giannantoni ATS® Duet at "From Rome With Love"
ATS®, ITS & Tribal Fusion Show with Kae Montgomery of FCBD®
By Barbara Oshun Giannantoni

Video by Antonino Iamundo