AU - Solid Gold

Directed by Hannah Gregg Edited by Steve Wyshywaniuk Audio by Jeff Hylton Simmons Additional Camera by Steve Wyshywaniuk, Rodrigo Melgarejo, Jaclyn Campanaro Words by WG 8pm. Inadvertent home intrusion. Nobody wanted to miss this one, so our crew is overbooked – we show up in triplicate. Brief salutations in the doorway, and Loki the pitbull is in a full-body wag, patiently anticipating all the new friends he’s about to make. Next, to the inevitable case of brews – that delicious fermented stuff w

Directed by Roberto Ortu. 'Both Lights" is out now on Leaf/Hometapes.

AU = Luke Wyland (vocals/multi-instrumentalist) + Dana Valatka (drums/percussion). They're working through an updated arrangement of "Solid Gold." ...