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Phrasal Verbs- dating

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In this lesson, you are going to learn about the common phrasal verbs used, to talk about dating. A phrasal verb is a 'verb' followed by a preposition. It is a mini phrase, where the verb and preposition lose their original meaning once they are used as a phrasal verb.

1. Check out (someone)
Meaning : admire someone
Example : At the party, Sam couldn't stop checking Jess out.

2. F

In this video, Anna provides useful tips on learning phrasal verbs and how you can use English Vocabulary in Use: Advanced to help you in this challenging area.

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Using phrasal verb ‘Break up’ in different ways – Advanced spoken English lesson

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Согласование глаголов и существительных в английском языке.



But from the edges of night the exhausted and yet indefatigable voices of the dogs of the oasis were all that reached her ears. A slight wind had risen and she heard its light waters flow in the palm grove. It came from the south, where desert and night mingled now under the again unchanging sky, where life stopped, where no one would ever age or die any more. Then the waters of the wind dried up and she was not

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Phrasal verbs are verbs made of two or more words, usually a verb and a preposition, and are often used to make a more advanced verb easier to understand:

formal and more advanced -- He dismounted the horse.
more conversational phrasal verb -- He got off the horse.

To keep phrasal verb

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Unit 1 State verbs (non-continuous verbs). Present Simple и Present Continuous | Advanced Grammar

В этом уроке поговори о глаголах состояния в английском, которые называются State vebs (stative verbs, non-continuous verbs) и о ситуациях, когда можно их поставить в форму continuous.

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