Aladdin - A Whole New World

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Here is our Karaoke style childrens song created for the TeamLiquid HoTS Launch Party. Enjoy!

"HEART OF THE SWARM" is a Starcraft 2 parody of "A Whole New World" - from the soundtrack to the 1992 Disney film Aladdin.

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Такой волнующий момент, да и на иальянском, мммм

Ora vieni con me
Verso un mondo d'incanto
Principessa è tanto che il tuo cuore aspetta un si
Quello che scoprirai
E' davvero importante
Il tappeto volante ci accompagna proprio lì
Il mondo è tuo
Con quelle stelle puoi giocar
Nessuno ti dirà, che non si fa
E' un mondo tuo per sempre
Il mondo è mio
E' sorprendente accanto a te
Se salgo fin lassù
Poi guardo in giù
Che dolce sensazione nasce in me

A Whole New World duet in Sing! Smule 26 февраля 2016

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Alan Menken. Заглавная тема первого муви в Full HD. Не забываем выставить в настройках должное качество.

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Очень приятные моменты!

Aladdin - A Whole New World (Spanish From Spain)

Yo te quiero enseñar
un fantástico mundo,
ven Princesa y deja
a tu corazón soñar.

Yo te puedo mostrar
cosas maravillosas,
ven Princesa y déjate
llevar a un mundo ideal.

Kyle Landry performing Aladdin's "A Whole New World" in Singapore.

Kyle Landry's Youtube :

Lara de Wit's Youtube :

P.S Sorry for the kid sitting in front.

Aladdin, a street urchin, accidentally meets Princess Jasmine, who is in the city undercover. They love each other, but she can only marry a prince.

In the movie Aladdin, this song was the love song of the movie. So, of course i had to use it for the love for Jasmine and Aladdin! They have TRUE LOVE, and thats just it! I hope that ya like it!!!

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Всемирно известная песня Алладина и Жасмин на разных языках..

This is a direct upload of the video file used in the game Disney Sing It: Family Hits.

Taken from the PS3 version for 720p video, enjoy.


I can show you the world
Shining shimmering splendid

Säg, om du ska va' ärlig,
Har du drömt om den ibland?

Je vais ouvrir tes yeux
Aux délices et aux merveilles

skjønt du tror det vel neppe
vil no' helt utrolig skje

Vlieg met me mee.
Van nu af zijn we beiden vrij.

Hier hörst du niemals "nein",
hier kann dir keiner
deine Träume nehmen.

Ozora me ga kuramu keredo
Tokimeku mune

Дальше автор не расшифровал...))

Aladdin - A Whole New World Sing-along Lyrics on-screen

Lea Salonga & Brad Kane - A Whole New World

Песня Алладина и Жасмин на английском языке...

Песни из мультфильмов студии Уолт Диснея в исполнении Тихоокеанского симфонического оркестра под управлением Дмитрия Бутенко, вокал Тай Стивенс (США) и Екатерина Шубина (РФ)

A Whole New World (from Disney's Aladdin), cover by Roxy Darr.

Vocals: Roxy Darr
Piano: Larry Evans

I can show you the world
Shining, shimmering, splendid
Tell me, princess, now when did
You last let your heart decide?

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A Whole New World cover about the new gen GTA 5 brought to you by 8-Bit Bastard and /r/GTAA!

Thanks to Proemolution and Carats24 for their amazing vocals and Wennypies for mastering the track. Credit to OrionDriver and Rich29r for helping us film!

Hope you guys like our GTA 5 music video! Lyrics below:

I can show you the world
Way more detailed textures
Hopefully some new gestures
And a plane that barely flies

I can open your eyes
Take you wonder by wonder
Over, sideways and under
On a magic sultan ride

Hi there:) Here is my vocal cover of Disney's Aladdin theme song "A Whole New Word" by Alan Menken and Tim Rice, originally sang by Robert Peabo Bryson, Regina Belle, Brad Kane and Lea Salonga. This song is really incredible!

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Hey you guys, this is my new multilanguage version to the song A whole new world from Disney's Aladdin. I used just CD versions for making this multi so if your language is missing it's because I didn't find it on CD versions. Quality is amazing, you better watch it in HD!
Languages include: Korean, Hungarian, Dutch, Finnish, German, French Canadian, Japanese, Italian, Swedish, Spanish, French, Danish, Castilian, Brazilian Portuguese, Hebrew and original English version!


Видео из группы:
Бруталити - агрегатор брутальности в интернете:
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This is probably the most recognizable Disney Masterpiece moment, outside Once upone a star. A Whole New World not only takes it's place in animation history, but film history as well. Enjoy this Grammy Award winning hit.

Voici la célèbre chanson d'Aladdin : Ce rêve bleu.

This is the famous song from Aladdin : A whole new world.

Singing by/Chanté par: Paolo Domingo Karine Costa

The song "A Whole New World" from Disney's "Aladdin" (1992) - Multilanguage. This version includes languages:

- Ukrainian (His voice is so adorable!);
- Icelandic (For me it's one of best verions, I can listen to it for hours!);
- Hebrew (I really like this Aladdin, he's so characteristic);
- Bulgarian (His voice is a bit bitter and a little sad... so beautiful... );
- Japanese (Her beggining is very powerful);
- Polish (She's so romantic...);
- Norwegian (I generally like Jasmines from Scandinavia. They'v

je vais t'offrir un monde
aux mille et une splendeurs
dis-moi princesse ,n'a tu jamais laisser parler ton coeur?
je vais ouvrir tes yeux
aux delices et aux merveilles
de ce voyage en plein ciel
au pays du reve bleu
ce reve bleu ,c'est un nouveau monde en couleur
ou personne ne nous dis ,c'est interdit de croire encore au bonheur

Ce reve bleu ,
je n'y crois pas c'est merveilleux
pour moi c'est fabuleux
quand dans les cieux , nous partageons ce rêve bleu à deux

nous faisons ce rêve bleu à deux

sous le ciel de cristal, je me sens si légère
je vire dévire et chavire dans un océan d'étoiles ce rêve bleu

ALADDIN: Ne ferme pas les yeux
JASMINE: C'est un voyage fabuleux
ALADDIN: Ecoute un peu ces merveilles
JASMINE: Je suis montée trop haut , allée trop loin , je ne peu plus retourner d'où je viens
ALADDIN: Un rêve bleu / JASMINE: Sur les chemins du monde
ALADDIN: Vers les horizons du bonheur
JASMINE: Dans la poussière d'étoile
ALADDIN ET JASMINE: Navigons dans le temps , infinimment , et vivons ce rêve merveilleux

ALADDIN: Ce rêve bleu
JASMINE: Ce rêve bleu
ALADDIN: Aux mille nuits
JASMINE: Aux mille nuits
ALADDIN: Qui durera
JASMINE: Pour toi et moi

ALADDIN & JASMINE: Toute la vie.

This footage is taken from the Australian bluray release of Aladdin.

The sole reason I upload these videos is for other people to enjoy them, so please spread around!

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A Whole New World song from Aladdin.

A Whole New World (Aladdin)

I translated the french version of A Whole New World, called Ce rêve bleu (This blue dream). Enjoy!

I love this version so much! Enjoy

Aladdin 1992 OST - A Whole New World
Gerçek Dünya / Sung by Otilia Radulescu Ipek
Copyright © 1992 Walt Disney Pictures

A Whole New World

♫ Alan Menken feat. Robin Williams — Prince Ali ♫

#Саундтрек #Soundtrack #Аладдин #Aladdin #AlanMenken #BradKane #LeaSalonga

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Ah, I had to literally TRAIN myself to get the page turning right on this one. Man was it difficult. The second turn is right after the climax starts too! Seriously, it was just complete luck that I managed to turn it and hit the next chord without a mistake O.O

I bent the corners of the pages for smoother turns, try it if you don't mind slightly damaging your sheets :P.

So anyway, I remember I always had the hardest time trying to fix up a juicy

A Whole New World from Disney's Aladdin HD

© Disney

Aladdin - Peter Jöback
Prinsessan Jasmin - Myrra Malmberg

Эдакий "The Nick Pitera`s Challenge" Кто еще рискнет?
Для тех, кто ничего не понял, вам сюда

Саундтрек из всеми любимой детской сказки)
Исполняет: Валерий Климович (Беларусь)

группа полного позитива ★█★█★█★ ★█★█★█★

группа полного позитива ★█★█★█★ ★█★█★█★

в начале помарочка)) не судите строго))


"..imta kan albik leki yom la gher?"
Must be
"..imta kan albik leki yom daleel?"
which means "..when was your heart your guider?"

It was requested by 10000s of people O.O'.
So here it is with Subs& people who want to hear them in their native language as they said XDDDDD

Jasmine is by the famous Egyptian actress Muna Zaki.

Enjoy ^__^

Aladdin is (c)Disney.
No copyright infringement is intended

The Polish version of "A Whole New World" from the Aladdin movie.

Lyrics and translation:


Zaprowadzić cię chcę (I want to take you)
W piękne, czarowne miejsca (To beautiful, enchanting places)
Słuchaj dziś głosu serca (Today, listen to the voice of your heart)
Bo, księżniczko, nadszedł czas (Because, princess, time has come)

Dziwy pokażę ci (I will show you wonders)
Otwórz oczy szeroko (Open wide your eyes)
I rozejrz

I found this lying around, and might as well upload XD

I just remembered why I usually don't do translations in the videos. My computer starts to slow down and so it takes a frikin' long time to get it done XP lol!

(I do NOT own this clip or this song! Respectfully borrowed with no intention of making profit out of it!)

Flugelhorn played by TheLelleFix ►

Check his channel out, he has some nice variety of songs with amazing tone. Video was also edited by him.

Sorry for my video quality, but my camera broke down, and had to use my mobile. Hope you enjoy!

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It's nice to play something besides Video game music for once. This took quite some time with video editing, and I thankfully Taylor isn't as dumb as I am and pulled this off, so you can thank her editing skills for that. hahahah. XD

You know the song obviously. I guess I'm Aladdin and she's Jasmine because that's the parts we are playing, derpppppppp.

Go check out Taylor's channel because she's all that and a bag of fries basically:

Let me know what you think

Real Karaoke. Because it disappeared from Youtube I uploaded this version back to YouTube (i do not own the rights / I'm not responsible for this content).

A whole new world in french (with french subtitles)

The wonderful song from disney's Aladdin, "A Whole New World" in Japanese.


Here is a wonderful song from "Aladdin: The Musical Spectacular". Enjoy!

Duet Georgia A Whole New World Aladdin (Soundtrack) gadacema tavdayira 2011 tari durglishvili maka zambaxidze basti bubu. Animation Disney Soundtrack Theme Song Aladdin Music

A Whole New World -- starring Jasmine and Aladdin
Sprint Center - Kansas City - 3/29/2014

Hi~My name is Lee Soo Jung. Crystal's mean
I can't treat English well
Please understand me although I make a lots of mistake. T.T
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песню исполняют Peabo Bryson & Regina Belle

группа полного позитива ★█★█★█★ ★█★█★█★

Looking for my Jasmine =))))))))

(с) Андрей Денисов NN

Title: A Whole New World
Composer: Alan Menken
OST: Disney's Aladdin
Arrangement: Jarrod Radnich

I do not own anything. The music and the piano arrangement belong to respective owners.

Sheet music is available at:

I'll be happy to see you @

100% acapella. No sampled voices were used in this video. :)

The votes were really close between two songs, so I decided that this week I will upload two videos for Flashback Friday. Watch the second video here:

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Love, Ryan.

Track 13 of Disney's Aladdin The Broadway Musical

няящ *_* играет супер а какие у него щекищекищеки *_*

the song A Whole New World from the movie Aladdin. this is absolute favorite Disney song. this clip is from a Sing Along Songs video so when the song begins the lyrics will appear on screen. Enjoy - just watching it can make your day better

This is the song A whole new world (En Helt Ny Jord) from Aladdin in Norwegian!

*© Disney Studios


La oss dele en drøm
jeg vil vise deg verden
Som du skjønner så er den mer
enn det man lot deg se
Mens vi er underveis
på mitt magiske teppe,
skjønt du tror det vel neppe,
vil no' helt utrolig skje
En helt ny jord,
det er fantastisk det du ser.
Ingen forteller nå hvor du får gå
og tror du fanaserer.
En annen c
som imponerer mer og mer
her hvor vi glir av sted
i ro og

Another addition to my piano arrangements for Aladdin movie soundtracks.
This cover is for "A Whole New World" version performed in the movie.


Watch in HD!

"A Whole New World" from Disney's "Aladdin" ("Аладдін") into Ukrainian

The Genie - Павло Костіцин
Aladdin - Арсентій Примак
Princess Jasmine - Дарина Сумська
Jafar - Андрій Мостренко
Iago - Володимир Ніколаєнко
The Sultan - Валерій Шептекіта
The Peddler - Сергій Юрченко

Жасмін: Що?
Алладін: Ви вірете мені?
Жасмін: Так.

Тож назустріч зіркам,
Чарівний, фантастичний,
Світ до себе нас кличе,
Відкриває барви нам.

Aladdin - Un Mundo Completamente Nuevo (From Aladín film Soundtrack BSO). High Quality. HQ QD Traducido del inglés al español (castellano). By Subtitled Songs. Canciones Subtituladas. Subscribe music video news. Un Mundo Ideal.

this is one of my favourit Disney-lovesongs. I hope you enjoy it. And don´t forgett to vote or comment ^o^



I can show you the world
Shining, shimmering, splendid.
Tell me princess, now when did you last
Let your heart decide?
I can open your eyes
Take you wonder by wonder
Over, sideways, and under
On a magic carpet ride
A whole new world!
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us no
Or where to go
Or say we're only dreaming

editing by Aya Ala'a El Dine tell me your opinion

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A.Petrov (Guitar cover #2 - OST Aladdin - A whole new world, John Newman – Love me again)

This video was created by MissHobbity.

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An arrangement of Aladdin - A Whole New World for the Piano
Originally composed by Alan Menken

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Video/sound edition by me

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Scenes from Aladdin set to the beautiful main theme of the movie. Performed by Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle.
(C) Walt Disney Records

Laura Workman McMurtrey and her brother Dan Workman singing "A Whole New World" from Walt Disney's Aladdin.
This song was recorded as part of a demo requested by the Walt Disney Studios.
All rights reserved © Walt Disney Company

A Whole New World :
Peabo Bryson And Regina Belle
Music Video

Copyright Wat Disney.

Hey, my new one-line multilanguage (actually it's a two-line multilanguage ;) I hope you like it, I wanted to make a new multi for this song since I deleted the other one from my first channel! Anyway, why "two-line multilanguage"????? because there are two parts of the song, one sung by Aladdin and the other one by Jasmine. Both, are my favorite parts of the song! :D
I think A whole new world is the most romantic disney song (along with Bella Notte, Tale as old a time, Something there and Can you feel

очень красиво)))

Давно записала, только сейчас выложила... я слоупок .-.

P.S. - Волшебный мыррррр
P.P.S. - Помню, как за Жасмин пыталась петь "Он только МОЙ!" Хотела даже сохранить... но потом оставила эту затею хДДДД<br/><br/>

Click to see the lyrics and Description :) -
This is a hindi fandub for the song Sapno ka Jahan/A Whole New World from the disney movie - Aladdin

Original Singers - Sonu Nigam for Aladdin - Suchitra Krishnamurthy for Jasmine.
This fandub - luckyankraj for Aladdin - TheNion95 for Jasmine.

First of all a big big "THANK YOU" to Nion for doing this with me.
Yeah go and check her channel , she is an amazing singer -
I am really sorry abou

Полина Каленникова

концерт состоялся в Театре Эстрады им. Райкина 16 сентября 2012
400 человек во время концерта на "музыкальной машине времени" вернулись в своё детство.

The Question & Answering segment in Neu-Isenburg (Hugenottenhalle) with a little spontaneous singing :-)<br/><br/>

Джонатан заново подарил детство)

The Aladdin Musical @ California Adventure July 2010 Aladdin and Jasmine singing A Whole New World

Lea Salonga Brad Kane - Whole New World ( Aladdin ) On Oscar

My second opportunity to collab with my dear big bro & awesome friend Ray Lee from New York on my favorite Disney song! This time we tried something different adding our own voice dubbing parts to the original Alad

ну,что сказать..первое выступление..надеюсь на вашу поддержку..)

Фониатр меня за это видео по головке не погладит XD

♫ Jessica Simpson ft. Nick Lachey - A Whole New World ♫

#саундтрек #soundtrack #JessicaSimpson #NickLachey #Аладдин #Aladdin

Walt Disney: Aladdin - A Whole New World | Piano

Дисней, Аладдин - Целый новый мир

Thanks to and for the video

Aladdin - 周华健 | Zhōu Huá-Jiàn | Emil Chau
Jasmine - 陈淑桦 | Chén Shū-Huà | Sarah Chen


Disney's Aladdin theme song by Alan Menken played on classical guitar; Donwload aladdin main theme guitar sheet music or guitar tab

Visit my channel with many beautiful songs and movie themes arranged for guitar like the beauty and the beast theme or many of the masterpieces of Ennio Morricone.

Моя попытка спеть маленькую часть из мультфильма Аладдин =)

A Whole New World - Disney's Aladdin - (AHMIR R&B group cover) AVAILABLE NOW on iTunes!


Who doesn't love Disney ballads?! If you liked this, make sure you check out our "Let It Go" cover from Frozen here!

Here's the Hindi version of the song "A Whole New World" with Hindi Subtitles & Translations!

The Hindi Title Is "सपनों का जहाँ!" [Sapno Ka Jahaan!]

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Song produced by Rob Hawkins
Video directed by Carl Diebold - (@carldiebold)


Composer - Alan Menken
Solo - Marta Hovdysh, Yuri Hoyanjuk
Performed by Cantabile Orchestra
Arranger - Diana Koval,

- Join us -


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By Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson

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