Alessandro Bavari - Metachaos


Duration: min. 8:27
Original format: Pal Widescreen 1050x576 - Progressive

Alessandro Bavari: Camera Tremula 1, Noise Melange, XYZ Ocula Depth
Fulvio Sturniolo: Camera Tremula 2
Jeff Ensign aka Evolution Noise Slave: Sonic Harmonium

Metachaos, from Greek Meta (beyond) and Chaos (the abyss where the eternally-formless state of the universe hides), indicates a primordial shape of ameba, which lacks in precise morphology, and it is characterized by mutation and mitosis.
In fact the bodies represented in MET

Ain't you're mind fucked up enough yet?^_^

Сюрреалістично-кошмарне творіння хворого розуму Alessandro Bavari. Вразливим людям перед сном краще не дивитись.
Soundtrack by Evolution Noise Slave

Soundtrack by Einsturzende Neubauten