Alex Gaudino Feat. Taboo - I Don't Wanna Dance (Official Video)

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Hey Eurofans! We have a new video for you to check out, featuring an up and coming DJ from Italy, Alex Gaudino. This electronica, dance, hip hop mix blends a sound that is reminiscent of Madonna (yes, we heard "Sorry" in this, too -- though it's not enough of a copy to get our knickers in a twist). Gaudino has found success in Europe and is turning to the U.S. for his upcoming, full length LP. For "I Don't Wanna Dan

Участник и один из основателей легендарной группы «Black Eyed Peas» Taboo выпустил свой новый сингл под названием "I Don't Wanna Dance", записанный совместно с итальянским диджеем Alex Gaudino.