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This is an analog percussion synthesizer released by Boss/Roland in the early 80s.

In this demo I am triggering the PC-2 using my fingers and adjusting various parameters to give you an idea of the broadness of the sound capabilities this unit has to offer. This is by no means a complete demo of the sonic plethora available with this unit.

In this demo I am running the mono out of this unit into Ableton Live 8 via an AudioFire Pre8 interface. On the Master track I am using the Waves L3-L

Сравнение AHD и аналоговой технологий

inspired to lucastorm.
do not tell me that all the copied!
lucastorm's clip only motivated and pushed me to default edit to the songs of Tyler, The Creator.
if you still see in my video copyright infringement, please report it to the agency YouTube, the police of the city and file a lawsuit on me in the world court.
would be better.

Tyler, The Creator - Analog 2 (Feat. Frank Ocean Syd Tha Kid)
Tyler, The Creator - You Better Run, Bitch

The Elektron Analog Drive distortion pedal. Here we have it paired with the Elektron RYTM drum machine and the Avalon bassline synthesizer, from Ab...

849 грн.
Стиль - милитари, спорт, активный отдых
Тип-кварцевые, японский цифровой высокоточный кварцевый
Корпус изготовлен из нержавеющей стали
Стекло - Hardlex
Диаметр корпуса - около 4,3 см
Толщина корпуса - около 1,7 см
Двойной циферблат 3Д дизайна, аналоговый+цифровой с Hi-tech LED подсветкой
Водонепроницаемые - 30 м (не для купания в водоемах и под душем)
Браслет из нержавеющей стали с логотипом Shark, ширина 2,0 см, длина с часами около 23 см в закрытом состоянии.

Группа ✔
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067 750 18 01
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Данное изделие выполнено из подручного хлама на основе Arduino совместимой китайской платы "pro micro" с микроконтроллером ATmega32u4, тактированным с частотой аж 16МГц. Два ШИМ (PWM) выхода управляют сервоприводами, получая информацию с аналогового датчика - фоторезистора, одна нога которого запитана пятью вольтами, а другая стянута к нулю через резистор 10кОм. Прошивка, написанная в Arduino IDE заставляет датчик смотреть на самую яркую точку, которую он сможет найти. Освещенность на каждой итерации выводится в serial порт. вот.

►Please support my NAMM 2017 Coverage and win 1 of 3 KV331 Audio Synthmaster licenses:
Thanks to Audio Evolution Mobile and...

Joyo Time Magic Analog Delay Pedal

A huge thanks Cranbourne Music and Joyo for letting me demo this pedal. Please check them out using the links below:

Hypoxia Analog Chorus FTelettronica

Carlo Romano Grillandini

Here on this channel is where all my synth noise will go. Thanks for watching.

Using: Elektron Analog Heat, Analog 4, and Machine Drum.

Go behind the scenes and learn how Roland's newly developed Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) faithfully captures the sound and feel of some our most revered classics. ACB is the technology behind the authentic sound and responsive behavior of the AIRA products. It utilizes original design specs, consultation with original engineers, and a detailed, part-by-part analysis of each analog circuit in Roland's own pristine units.

I wrote this awhile ago but just found time to film it. I was visiting with my nieces a bit ago and one of them had a toy piano that played lullabies. Except she dropped it (about 3 dozen times) but she insisted on playing for me despite the completely whacked sound. I wanted to recreate that feeling with my gear. The only sound source is the A4. I recorded a few notes and transferred that sample to Sector. I then set 3 delays desperately out of time from each other and then tried to play along. I also took

Группа Deadmau5:
Подписка на Mau5trap:

Analog synths are a big part of the deadmau5 sound and a great way to add creative elements to your productions. Hear the difference for yourself when Joel plays some of the same patches on digital and analog equipment.

Горный велосипед Cube Analog 27.5 2016 подробнее Какие особенности данной модели, какое количество скоростей, характеристики и отзывы, кому подойдет и где эксплуатировать, как блокируется вилка этого хардтейла, стоит ли купить велосипед cube analog disc 29 и какова цена? Все Ответы смотрите в нашем видео обзоре! Понравилось!? Ставьте лайки!

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(c) 2016 vintage synthesizer demo track by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

all pad and string sounds: Oberheim OB-Xa analog synthesizer (1981)
the melancholic and moody side of the OB

RetroSound home:
Facebook page:
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Представляю вашему внимаю педаль задержки Hitch Shader. Данный дилей представляет собой отличную копию не менее клевой педали Faux Analog Echo от Wampler. Благодаря сбалансированной схеме и возможности регулировать тональную окраску "хвостов" задержки, вы сможете получить как прозрачные повторы, так и теплые и насыщенные и грузные с металлическим отзвуком.
Запись пока что через встроенную звуковуху, плюс ампсим из гитаррига без дополнительных приблуд.

Sunday jam with the Elektron Analog Rytm, Analog Keys, and Op1. Op1's String synth is sequenced by Beatstep Pro. Allen & Heath mixer gives a delay and reverb to the OP1. All sounds go into the Allen and Heath and recorded by Ableton Live 9. Recorded on GoPro Hero3.

For more details:
To the fans of analog delay pedals: Your prays are answered. With the introduction of the ES2, Ibanez combines true analog sound quality with digital-like flexibility; features like a tap-tempo footswitch, allowing on-the-fly tempo adjustment (a rarity among analog stompboxes). The ES2 also offers an infinite variety of sonic possibilities, with features like an oscillation switch, feedback control, modulation, and a depth control that promises miles of creative inspi

SNOWBOARDS - сноуборд видео новости фото

Winter 2015 Analog Clothing edit, by Justin Hostynek Featuring: Mikkel Bang, Zake Hale, Nic Sauve & Austen Sweetin

Another making of video "CBS Idents" from the talented team at Analog Studios! For more information please visit

If you want to see the finished commercial we made together with Studio Hansa:

We used 3d Max Nuke to make it all.
Any question drop us a line

Song is Garden by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.

We were asked by the lovely guys at Studio Hansa to

Член команды проекта Marspolar с места начала строительства станции Mars Analog Research Station в Польше

Elektron Analog Heat и Octatrack в действии!

Audio enhancer. Audio destroyer
For more info visit:

5 лет MLM records

All sounds created on the REV2. Introducing the all new 16-voice analog REV2 poly synth! Sound demos:

Reproducción is an analog delay on mn3205 chip with tap tempo, send/return and feedback that can be controlled with expression pedal.

MusicMagTV совместно с интернет-магазином представляют абсолютно безбашенный в ...

Short test chip Overdrive pedal JOYO jf01 (about 30$) and free VST plugin TSE 808
In this video i make two part, it's a mix and mono guitar.
Jackson San Dimas cs
Joyo jf01 or TSE 808
TH2 with my custom preset which I did in the wake of Randall SATAN
Logic X Reverb is THE buying and selling source for all things new/used/vintage guitar and bass gear related...there's also drum and keyboard and other stuff! A large percentage of listings are in the 'make an offer' form, so you can really score some great deals. Much lower seller fees than eBay, and it's focused on music gear exclusively, so you don't have to wade through vintage Ford Mustang fenders and headlights, when you're really looking for a '69 r

Check it =)
Группа ВК, our community site:

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Taking the warmth of analog and the cool that is underground influence, Promo presents: Analog Mind in a Digital World! Coming loud as thunder, Promo set forth and multiplied his determination by a legion. Get those drums banging!

Featuring all new work, Promo's will to reinvent shines through. Delivering an expedition from red hot transistors to computer rendered extremities, these tracks are on another level! More than distorted beats, there's a lot to discover between the shapes of sound. Aside Promo's

My favourite analog delay trick with memory boy from EHX
Also i work as a mixing/mastering engineer, check out my samples at

Analog and digital worlds collide in the Fusion Guitar

my latest bass review:
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Исследуя границы возможного в музыке и выхватывая ранее не сочетаемые элементы, коллектив продолжает свои алхимические эксперименты по достижению бескомпромиссного звучания, толкая аудиторию, как к созиданию через акустическое погружение, так и растворению в танце. Точкой отсчета была меланхоличная смесь из Tech House, UK и Future Garage, а продолжением пути является звуковая субстанция из индустриального техно и Free Jazz. Роль философского камня, по традиции, выполняет комбинация из аналогового звучания,

Лучшие цены на гитарные эффекты:

Эффект задержки - один из наиболее часто используемых обработок при производств...

Hope it helps.

Full match gameplay:

Meet DrumBrute: a 100% analog drum machine & sequencer created with performance and in-depth sound editing at its heart.

Providing 17 distinct, fully analog drum and percussion instruments with an intuitive sequencer, massive connectivity, a two-mode Steiner-Parker filter, and dynamic performance controls, DrumBrute will take your beat production to the next level.

More info:

Here's a first acquaintance with the Elektron Analog Heat. The analog stereo sound processing device from Elektron. There's 8 different drive/ overdrive circuits to choose from, as well as an EQ and a multi purpose filter, and an envelope follower.
In this video I'm going through some basic functionality, and then running a lot of machines through it.
Pocket Operators, Novation Circuit, OP-1, Volca FM, Monomachine, Analog Rytm, Analog Four, Continuum FIngerboard. Just to give you an impression of the differ

In this webinar we’ll show you how to determine which design parameters have the most effect on system performance and examine how component tolerances influence design quality and manufacturing yields.

Details --

Analog and digital worlds collide in the Fusion Guitar

Brian Wampler, founder of Wampler Pedals, shows off the sweet sound of his Faux Analog Echo Delay pedal. Learn about it in the video, then check it out in more detail here: / новости и советы

(c) 2015 by AnalogAudio1

The Roland CR-78 is a programmable analog rhythm box. Two rhythms can run on the same time. There are 34 preset rhythms and 4 memories for own patterns.

It has a very characteristic, outstanding analog sound. It was used by many artists: Phil Collins (In The Air Tonight), Brian Ferry (Jealous Guy), Visage (Fade To Grey), Blondie (Heart Of Glas), Gary Numan, OMD, Ultravox, and others.

I played the Roland CR-78 with a small amout of ambience from a Lexicon MPX-500. In the intro I

The Analog Affair – Wild
Contemporary choreo by A.Kiba



Обзор на минифигурки по сериалу Зеленая Стрела с Алиекспресс Analog Lego Minifigures Green Arrow Cw

Various electric pianos (Clavia Nord Stage, Fender Rhodes Mark I etc.), another keyboards synths demos performed by Philipp Koltsov.
Студия Филиппа Кольцова. Раритетные (и не очень) аналоговые и цифровые синтезаторы, все, что нужно современному композитору для работы. Демонстрационные примеры на различных электропиано и синтезаторах и

A bucket-brigade chip-based analog delay inspired by the sought after originals, but with the added flexibility of two delay lines so you can foot-switch between a long and a short time. Great sounds great functionality, really affordable.

Drum Season On-line Store -

Aggressive Analog Vol. 1 - Drums is a specialty kit from Drum Season with 100+ royalty-free drum samples for use in your music production. These drums were created by Humble Beast's mixing-engineer Bryan “Braille” Winchester using a Korg Volca Beats and a selection of analog outboard gear.

Rather than capturing sounds that are clean and dry, this specialty kit takes advantage of the sonic benefits of tubes, transformers, & convertors, driven aggress

review on discogs:
A seriously underrated piece of totally wicked crap. I mean.. This record is worth everything in terms of music and nothing in t...

Live performance by Simone Ciacci a.k.a. "Storm 3003"
Select HD for a better experience!

Equipment for this video:

- Elektron Analog RYTM
- Elektron Analog FOUR
- Access Virus TI
- Novation MiniNova

Check Out = "CROSSFIRE":

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Если вы хотите помочь жителям Новороссии, вы можете перечислить деньги на эти реквизиты, все деньги будут переведены жителям/военным.

Сбербанк: 4244 9000 0631 9734
WMU - U300136957381
WMR - R340803789960
WMB - B121120642783
WMZ - Z174247427366
WME - E860315341417
WMK - K289022241974
WMX - X331663773354

#NoWarTV #НетВойнеТВ

Mixing a song on an SSL J9080 is awesome... See my point of view of the session!

Artist: Phoenix
Producer: Kenny Dubb
Appearances: Jose Luis, Amit
Studio: 17 Hertz - Los Angeles, CA
Song link:


(c) 2016 vintage synthesizer demo by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

DSI OB-6 (2016) vs. Oberheim OB-Xa (1981) Analog Synthesizer

I have programmed a few of my favorite OB-Xa sounds on the OB-6 for a comparision video. I used only settings that you can find on both synths.
The OB-6 fx routing is on bypass.
no external fx or compression. You can hear only the raw sound from both synths.

I wrote a review about the DSI OB-6 for the german music magazine Amazona. (unfortunately presents this video tour and review of the newly updated AAS Ultra Analog VA-2 analog synth module (, presented here by veteran producer Dom Kane.

About Ultra Analog VA-2?

In Oct 2013 Applied Acoustics Systems today released an all-new version of its award-wining Ultra Analog VA-2 ( analog synthesizer plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows.

Ultra Analog VA-2 ( ships with a new streamlined interface, a new equalizer and compres

MusicMagTV представляет сравнительный обзор аналоговый драм-машин Elektron Analog Rytm и DSI Tempest от Дмитрия Колтовича (

Спасибо магазину !

Извиняюсь за качество, из-за тряски сбился фокус.

"Ascension" is the first of 4 video-clips resulting from a session held at Alexander Robotnick's studio in April 2012.
A couple of cuts were made to bring the original 20 minute session down to a 10 minute video. No adjustment to the music was made in post-production. The parts played by Alexander Robotnick and Ludus Pinsky are totally improvised, with the exception of the central break and the theme of ascending notes that gives the title to the track. These two were previously agreed upon by the two mu

Ну вот и пятница! Желаем всем отличных выходных!

В этот раз видео от пользователя Erik Snijder c использованием Analog Rytm и Analog Four.

#Elektron #AnalogRytm #AnalogFour #IDM #Analog

In this video, we watch analog synthesis gurus INHALT explore the fat sound and sequencing features of our newest analog instruments, the Timbre Wolf and the Tom Cat. Foundation rattling sub bass lines, squiggly synth leads, ethereal poly chords and more are featured here.

For more on the Timbre Wolf:
For more on the Tom Cat:

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Dave Hunter test drives the Ibanez Analog Delay Mini.

Live techno session made with analog rytm, monomachine, ESX
get release of some Tracks played in this set:

more stuff:

Peter Stelzig dokumentiert fotografisch seit dem Jahr 1998 die Berliner Graffiti-Szene, seit 2002 mit dem Fokus auf bemalte Züge.

Mit seinem Buchprojekt „Analog vs. Digital – Trainwriting Artphotography, Berlin 2002-2016“ soll nicht nur seine eigene Entwicklung als Fotograf dargestellt werden, sondern auch ein Einblick in das Spannungsfeld der analogen und digitalen Fotografie-Techniken gewährt werden.

Im Mittelpunkt steht die bildhafte Darstellung von Unterschieden und dem Möglichkeitsspektrum von vor a | The situation for the protagonist Hector is critical, but something buried deep in the ground might give him the strength needed to continue his struggle. But will he get there before his demons consume him? This movie celebrates the imminent arrival of the next major product from Elektron Music Machines. Keep yourself informed through

(c) 2012 by AnalogAudio1

The YAMAHA CS-10 came out 1977. It is a monophonic synthesizer equipped with 1 VCO, 1 multimode resonant filter (highpass...

Elektron Analog Heat, плагин Overbridge и барабанный луп. ;-)

#Elektron #AnalogHeat #Ovebridge

(c) 2015 vintage synthesizer demo track by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

Roland SH-101 Analog Synthesizer (1983)


Analog and digital worlds collide in the Fusion Guitar

New Episodes each Monday!

You can download the parts list, code, and schematics from this episode on my website:

Watch my TechBits Episode on Analog and Digital Signals:

Submit your arduino project to element14's arduino contest for a chance to win a soldering station:

This tutorial series is sponsored by element14. Check out their arduino grou

Finally I had the chance to play with one of my absolute favourite drummers, Hans Hulbækmo! I booked a day in Propeller Music Division here in Oslo, and Hans agreed to come jam with me. Here's a snippet of inspiration for you guys. I absolutely loved playing with Hans, and I hope we can do more stuff like this in the future, where I'd like to explore acoustic elements and synthesizers and take it to new places.

If you'd like to support me for doing more of these things in the future, please consider droppi

This is a set I recorded while on vacation in Provence in Sept. 2014. Using Elektron Rytm and Elektron Analog 4. No samples. No laptop. Inspired by red wine and dogs.
I made a track of a part of the set wich you can download here for free:

Живая игра,честный аналоговый звук =)
Качество видео пока что лучшее,какого добиться удалось.Не все в этом вопросе ясно и просто оказалось...

(c) 2011 by AnalogAudio1

I played the Minikorg with Lexicon MPX 500 reverb and Roland DEP-5 delay.

The monophonic Mini-Korg 700S was an expanded version of Korg's first synthesizer, the Mini-Korg 700. It has that awesome "traveler" filter (12 dB highpass and lowpass), 2 VCOs (wavevorm of the VCO 2 is always sawtooth), 1 envelope generator and 1 LFO (sine wave only). It also has noise generator, ring modulator and the LFO can be switched to the filters.

The Korg 700s is a serious analog synthesizer with

(c) 2015 by AnalogAudio1

The DRUMMER ONE is a very rare, professional analog rhythm box from Elka, Italy. High quality hardware. All rhythms are mixable. All drum sounds have volume knobs to set the volume individually. It was primarily used by krautrock artists as Cluster (Zuckerzeit) and Kraftwerk.

I played the Drummer One with a small amout of ambience from a Lexicon MPX-500 and delay from a Korg SDD-3000. At the end of the video you hear SDD-3000 echo madness ;-)


OB-6 Analog sweeps is the first pack in a series that...

Buran - Anodyne (Live)

Live version of an un-released Buran track. Primarily analog the live set features Analog RYTM, 606, Mother 32, MS20, Volca Keys and a Moog Minitaur.

Effects from a Kaoss Pad KP3, Kaoss Pad Quad and Line-6 Delay.

Ableton providing clock, MIDI sequencing and some limited sample playback. Soon to be replaced by an Octatrack to go full hardware.

More to come...


SNOWBOARDS - сноуборд видео новости фото

Nic Sauve has spent the past few seasons filming a litany of banner segments for the Forum Team movies, producing parts that have always included proper tricks and highlighted this French Canadian's ability to look at spots in unique ways. When Forum closed its doors and unfortunately withdrew their presence from the fall film line up, it worked out that the timing was right for Nic to rejoin with the Bandwagon crew to put together a part in on

Самый лучший,удобный,безопасный сервис по продаже и покупке оборудования: https://vk...

ToBy Screamer "Analog Trip" from the new EP "Guess Who's Back".
Download EP:

From the film IN BED WITH INVADER:

Performed by Invader:

Directed by Raphael Haddad
Extermitent Production

Oficjalny sklep zespołu:
Informacje o zespole The Analogs:

The Roland Saturn 09 (SA-09) has a built-in stereo chorus and stereo chorus + vibrato. While it doesn't sound much like an Hammond organ (more like a Farfisa), it produces interesting synthesizer sounds. The switches and knobs look the same as a Jupiter 8 or TR-808.

Episode 3 : Video by Alex Weir The Analog crew end their journey in Quebec, Canada. This is the last episode of the series and also the last trip the crew took of the season. Enjoy!

Tobias Himmelstrup filmed a few hot laps in Kaunertal in the beginning of the season.

Invader Ace performing 'Hen Is out There' Live in Oslo.

Order Invader Ace - DDIY-EP 12' vinyl at

Живое исполнение.Никакой пост-обработки - ни нативной,ни хардовой.

...trallie-wallie gose on and on,and on... =D

#izotope, #studio, #izotopestudio, #live, #play, #synth, #analog, #sound, #true, #chel, #chelyabinsk, #mix

АН.ОХ.СИС АНАЛоговая охладительная система

Free DL:

продолжение к предыдущему обзору

Following the adventures of the Euro Analog Team in Poland Filming / Editing / Rémy Barreyat Additional filming / Adrian Smardz Music Thierry Costa / The Red Bridge Avril 23 / La plus sexy de mes copines

Watch how producer and mixing engineer Greg Wells (Adele, OneRepublic, Twenty One Pilots) adds analog tone to vocals, bass, drums and a full mix using his signature harmonic enhancer plugin. Learn more:

Greg Wells ToneCentric is a quick solution for enriching your source material and adding harmonic distortion and depth. It is based on some of Greg’s favorite vintage hardware gear, from a 1950s mono tube compressor to a custom-made vacuum tube console that Greg uses in hi

From the new youANDme & The Analog Roland Orchestra EP out now on Poker Flat:
Make sure not to miss an uncensored version of the video here:

Video by Blaenk Minds:
Blaenk Minds is a DJ Duo from Berlin, producing a video for every track they play. Every video is a collaboration of various Artists. Dancers, Painters, Fashion Labels and of course Musicians and Directors. These videos are to be projected in the club therefore they have to be dark and flas

Another ground-breaking pedal from Chase Bliss. JFET and IC-based boost/fuzz/drive channels that can be mixed in series or parallel; incredible ton...

Recorded on Podnebesnaya Records

Follow at: C'est quelques heures seulement avant mon vol pour l'Indonésie que j'ai finalement pris ma décision: je vais amener avec moi mes seuls objets de valeurs que je possède: Mon Laptop et ma caméra. Je me suis dit: Hey, se faire voler ou briser de l'équipement, ça arrive juste aux autres... Quel imbécile j'étais. Trois semaines après mon arrivée j'ai dû regarder un jeune thaï (non-anglophone) démonter ma caméra en petites pièces pour régler mon problème. Une des rares fois dans ma

by D'ya Like Scratchin?

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a six-frame animation that looks like magic! Cooler than a flip book!

Good old brotherhood. A ride through central California with new and old friends

#psaikozet #newalbum #analoglife #beats #neoclassic

Клиент: Production Value Продюссер: Алексей Сурков Операторы: Дмитрий Цуканов, Алексей Сурков Графика: Дмитрий Цуканов Монтаж: Алексей Сурков Цветокоррекция: Алексей Сурков

Animous LIVE @ Analog Room Dubai
The tiny moment of our live at wicked Analog Room.
No rehearsal, no plan, no presets - just the flow without mastering

Video produced and edited by Ola Englund

Tech info from Fredrik Thordendal:

Ibanez M8M - Lehle 1at3 SGoS. Output A to the input of the Fractal Audio
Axe-Fx II - output B to the Pigtronix Mothership that went into the loop of
the Axe-Fx II.


SNOWBOARDS - сноуборд видео новости фото

SNOWBOARDS - сноуборд видео новости фото

安永楓(ヤスナガ カエデ)と安永颯(ヤスナガ ハヤテ)が、Analog Japan Teamに加入しました。スタイリッシュでクリエイティブなライディングでコンペやイベントを賑わせ、シューティングもこなす2人は、”NAPtime twins”として活動する双子の兄弟です。8月中旬に”NAPtime twins”からムービーが公開予定です。ご期待ください&

In this in-depth demo, producer and synth player Jason Miles (Sting, Miles Davis, Michael Jackson) explores the wide sound possibilities provided by the factory presets of the Element 2.0 Virtual Analog Synth plugin. Learn more:

0:54 – Sequences
3:00 – Keys
6:20 – Pads
8:06 – Bass
10:41 – Percussion
13:25 – Polysynths
14:25 – Jason’s presets

Element 2.0 is an analog-style polyphonic instrument designed to deliver the fat, warm sounds of classic analog synths, with all the pr

Mother-32 is a distinctively vintage-voiced semi-modular analog performance and production synthesizer. It is meticulously handcrafted to inspire unique sound creation, new music and endless sonic exploration.

During the prototype phase, Moog worked with 3 unique synthesists: Erika (Interdimensional Transmissions), Max Ravitz (Ghostly International), and Bana Haffar to produce a video that explores Mother-32’s vast capabilities. Through performance and sound design, each artist displays the extensive voca

Hemos procesado la señal de audio de varios equipos a través de Analog Heat, el nuevo procesador analógico estéreo de Elektron.

We've processe...

Mount Seymour X Analog X Pacific Boarder Competition, Go Huck Yourself!


The Way Huge® Supa-Puss™ Analog Delay was designed by delay master Jeorge Tripps for exploring the farthestreaches of true analog delay potential, featuring an eternity of delay time and fine control over numerous parameters of your delay signal.

Tripps equipped the Supa-Puss with a total of six bucket-brigade chips, delivering up to 900 milliseconds of delay time. With the Tap Tempo switch, you can program in real time up to thre

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In the beginning of the video I added a little reverb from a Dynacord DRP20 on the drums, all other sounds came directly dry from the CX1.

Wersi WERSI MATIC CX1 is a programmable rhythm machine / accompaniment from Germany.

The CX1 has preset rhythms and is also programmable. It's micro processor controlled, but it has analog sound generation for the drums and the accompaniment. A kind of "solina string ensemble" is also on board. Tape interface for storing own patterns onto tap

Analog is a series of stories that explores the current state of film photography. In this story, we follow artist and photographer Brooks Sterling as he prepares and heads out on a surf shoot with his Nikonos underwater film camera. Check out more of his work at: For future stories, go to:

40 Australian riders battle it out on 'The Fuller Karl' - Adam Moretti's winning design for the inaugural Analog Design Unlikely Features Australia. Winner: Nic Harvey, Runner Up: Jye Kearney

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Ахрененная басоваяпримочка.
Звучит реально как старый аналоговый синтезатор moog!!!

Владея таким легендарным аппаратом было бы непростительно с моей стороны не сделать на него полноценный обзор! Welcome!
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Demo of vintage Analog Soviet (Russian) Synth Polivoks and Review
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Polivoks analog synth demo and review (Обзор синтезатора "Поливокс")

Фансаб-группа | Korean Hip-Hop | 16+

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Tobi Neumann shares a tutorial on making fun analog kick bass drum with a simple set of modular synthesizer gear; recorded at Riverside Studios in Berlin. Read more here: - Watch more videos from this series:

MXR M234 Analog Chorus

This all-analog pedal uses bucket-brigade circuitry to create classically lush, liquid textures that you just can't get with digital circuitry. Rate, Level, and Depth controls, as well as knobs for cutting High and Low frequencies allow ultimate tone control. Like all MXR pedals, the M234 comes in a heavy-duty housing with durable jacks and switches for a lifetime on the road.

Signal chain: Michael+Gibson 335+MXR Analog Chorus+Mesa Boogie Lone Star Special

Produced & Directed

Adders, integrators, differentiators, buffers, and a basic introduction to op amp circuits.
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Here's a little Techhouse jam I recorded... Filmed in Canyamel, Mallorca.
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Elektron Analog Heat и Sequential Circuits Drumtraks в действии!

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Go from crisp "Sun Records-Rockabilly-esque" slap echoes to epic, Pink Floyd Gilmouresque delays with the MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay. Featuring 600ms of delay time with optional modulation, and a three-knob layout that controls Delay, Mix, and Regen. In addition, there are two internal trim pots that offer user-adjustable width and rate control
The Providence Anadime Chorus is a true BBD analog pedal armed with multiple controls for adding extra dimension and movement to your guitar tone. With the Depth and Speed controls, you can easily find those warm, analog chorus tones and even rotary speaker or subtle flanger sounds. Providence has also given this compact pedal a Deep mode switch that selects between 3 unique voices.Plus, the added Mix control on the ADC-4 lets you adjust the wet/dry

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I love analog delay unabashedly. Along with a good fuzz, it’s probably the only effect I couldn’t live without. Over the years I’ve put up with the hassles of maintaining a Maestro Echoplex and a less-than-optimally-space-efficient Deluxe Memory Man to indulge my analog echo fixations. So when cool compact analog delays like the Carbon Copy, MF Delay, and DM-2w hit the market at reasonable prices, I rejoiced. Ibane

First out of our mini b-sides series is from Sweden. Niels Schack, Max Zebe and Sparrow Knox visited Ludwig Lejkner and Jonte Lindhe in Sweden when filming for our full length movie Bees Knees. Sincerely Yours - Professor P & DJ Akilles feat Daniel Adams-Ray Film and edit by Dennis Ylikangas

Crybaby 535 против квакушки из Waves VST. Любопытно было сравнить.

Andrew Jasinski - Overtone Handpan

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I feed the MFB Tanzmaus analog/digital hybrid drum machine into the Elektron Analog Drive distortion pedal and just keep tweaking. "Will They Pair?...