Anamorphic Lens Tests

This is the second test recorded with a vintage anamorphic lens Rectimascop 48/2x and a russian lens Helios 44mm-2. Landscapes with this set up are really amazing and very, very soft. Rectimascop 48/2x is a projector lens. It was made in old DDR by Rathenower Optische Werke ( If you want to get a cinematic look, this is the cheapest way to get it without spend thousands of € renting an

canon 600d
canon 85/1.8
isco anamorphic lens

This lens was used to shoot Solaris!!! Well - the front anamorphic bit was anyway. I have adapted it to work with a Canon FD 35mm F2 SSC on the Panasonic GH1. Very silly, quick test - using iPhone 4's flash light to generate flare. Read more at Want to make a similar video? The video was shot using an anamorphic lens, find out how to with the EOSHD Anamorphic Shooter's Guide

actually it was not an anamorphic lens it was an imitation of it. made a psd document in photoshop covering with black two sides of a video file.

Anamorphic Lens - Flare test
ARRI ALEXA (16:9 Sensor)
I-Vision-Lomo anamorphic lenses in PL mount.
35mm, 50mm, 75mm & 100mm.
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Снято на Canon 5D3 + Canon 85 1.8 + 35НАП 2-2

Линзу разобрал,поделил на 2 части. Если все настроить ювелирно,будет резка на открытой дырке. Снимать сложно, только постановки без экшена, если только дыру не прикрывать. Фокус настраивается на самом объективе и при этом по трубкам рига нужно сдвигать переднюю часть насадки. Но для тех кто в "курсе" что такое анаморфот и нет средств для всяких "объективов" , не насадок, естественно найдут применение этому девайсу.

I was studying about anamorphics lens and how to emulate them the cheapest way, i will show the method later but i will need some opinion from guys who worked with anamorphic before, what do you think? Camera: Sony A6000 with Metabones Speed Booster adapter Lens: 50mm F1.4 with some DIY stuff to make it look anamorphic

Custom Lomo anamorphic 50mm lens made to work specifically with Canon DSLR.

This is first shoot done with Elmo Scope anamorphic lens put in front of Canon + Takumar 105mm lens once I had all the gear ready to use. It's actually larget bit of a job done for Inter Cars S. A. that I decided to test the Elmo. There should be a different music, however for YouTube purpose I decided to change it not to get in trouble with right-chasers.

Please have also a look on The Silence - a real shoot with the Elmo in front of Jupiter 85mm.

Streets car shots in movement are done with C

Shot with 'Mysteron' hacked GH2, Sankor 16C 2x anamorphic lens attached to a Nikkor AF 50/1.8D. The original ProRes file looks fantastic in 4K x 1K. This was shot and rendered as 3.55:1 widescreen in FCPX. A gentle color correction was added to each clip individually. It was dull weather so I was able to shoot without ND-filters. A Vid-Atlantic filter holder is on its way. I used +1 and +10 diopters for some of the tighter shots. This is my first encounter with an anamorphic lens, loving it already to bits

Test of the Cooke Anamorphic / i lenses. Shot at Keslow Camera with an Alexa XT Plus (4:3 sensor). Camera was set to 1600 ISO with a 180º shutter and 4300K WB throughout. Each lens was shot wide open and at a T2.3 as well as at a T2.8 & T4.0. The Arri Log ProRes 422HQ files were taken into DaVinci Resolve where a Rec709 LUT was applied.

This is a short film test with Vantage Film's Hawk anamorphics that I shot before shooting the short film "Poste Rest" ( First I had an idea to shoot with Aaton LTR S16 without anamorphic viewfinder but as one can see, the image is distorted because of the alignment of lens mount. Then I swapped to Arri 416 with Vantage's anamorphic viewfinder and everything worked as it should. In the end of the test video there is some raw material from the short film. I have also a cli

Canon 1100D
Auto Cosmogon 1:2 F=58 mm
Переделенная насадка 35-НАП2-3М

Быстрый тест переделанной анаморфотной насадки

A bell and howell 2x anamorphic lens (see other video)
On a 55mm 1.8 mm m42 lens
Canon 550D
I do not own the rights on the music

CANON 5DMKii + EIKI 16F + ED LEE CLAMP + SUPER TAKUMAR 105mm/2.8 I also shot using the cine-style technicolor picture setting edited and colored with FCP7.. The big difference between the SINGER and EIKI is that the EIKI is a smaller lens, lighter, and has a shorter minimum focus distance so you can get closer to your subject. Music by: Explosions in the Sky - So Long, Lonesome Shot on location in Innisfil Ontario, May 2011

I was lucky enough to get to borrow a prototype for the new RH-1 Lens. I went out and did some tests around the city. Here's a quick one!

Тест на скорую руку анаморфной насадки для проекторов Нап2-4
(Качество немного убогое так как 1бит/сек)Но геометрия хорошая в связке с кропом и легендарным гелиусом 44-2.
Видео выложено для ознакомления с данным стеклом

Anamorphic Super CineLux
Schneider 70mm F2 Prime
Canon 60D

Get the lens:

This is a non-artistic test of a customised 58mm prime lens. Footage is uncorrected. The lens has been modified with a custom aperture ring making it anamorphic. Letterbox added in post-production.

Music by Novo Ignotus
All Rights Reserved.

Testing out the foton in daylight conditions. Footage of the rig is at the very end of the video. Apologies for the low res file. Lens has a very soft look but the compression takes away some of the sharpness, footage was edited at 1280x540 and took a big resolution-hit. Footage is straight out of camera, no correction except for de-squeeze. Mostly shot from f3.5 to 5.6. White balance gets switched to daylight in the beginning. Lens: Foton Anamorphic zoom 37-140mm f3.5 in PL mount Camera: 5d Mark II, 24p

For more info:

I crashed my friend's photoshoot session to put my ISCO anamorphic lens adapter to test. I'm not a fan of shooting trees, plans, landscapes, archit...

This is a lens test featuring beautiful and talented actress Melissa Clements. Before the Sci-Fi London 48 Hour film challenge 2014 I wanted to see how the Kowa Anamorphic lens would operate so we performed this test with a 550D with its stock 50mm lens and the Kowa. I wanted to stay as low-profile as possible so I didn't use a rig, diopters (would need a matt box for diopters) nor a monitor. I wanted to shoot sci-fi styled short with no effects. Once we found the puple/white box at Canary Wharf (London)

Anamorphic Projecting lens LOMO 35NAP2 M3 80mm
with Helios 44-2 f/2.0 58mm
filmed on Canon EOS 650D
Cropped and color corrected in AE

Quick test using the B&H Projection Lens (not the Kowa version) on a Zeiss 80mm f/2.8 taking lens and Panasonic AF100. Straight from the camera.

Естетика кадру і щільна композиція

One day in Rome,un giorno di pioggia a Roma,un test di riprese con Canon 5d Mark III+ lente anamorfica Sankor 16d su Super Takumar 105 2.8.
Direi buon test,bello il look e il fascino dell'anamorfico.
Non ho effettuato nessuna color grading proprio per vedere i limiti della lente a determinate luminosità.
I diaframmi quasi sempre intermedi tranne in qualche caso aperti o chiusi appositamente per vedere la presenza dell' eventuale vignettatura anamorfica.
Importantissimo assicurarsi del corretto allineamento

Anamorphic lens - LOMO NAS 4-1 (75mm, 85mm, 200mm)
Cameras: Canon 5DII and 5DIII
Music: Sons Of Maria - Solero (Radio Mix)

canon 550d t2i
lens canon fd 50mm 1.8
anamorphic lens adapter sankor 16 d

Canon 1100D
Helios 44-2
Переделенная насадка 35-НАП2-3М

Music: Anex -- Drowsy
Camera - panasonic hc-x800 with anamorphic leins LOMO

Lens test for the SLR Magic Anamorphic Adaptor
Shot on Canon 5D, no grading.
Featuring Amberly Cull and Tyler Jacob Jones

canon 550d t2i
lens fd 50mm 1.8
sankor 16
gogidze evgeniy
flare test
moscow night
anamorphic adapter

Тестовое видео самодельной анаморфной насадки снято на Сanon 6D с объективом Гелиос 50/58mm 2.0.
Test video of a homemade anamorphic nozzles shot on a Canon 6D with lens Helios 50/58mm 2.0

I shot this footage mainly to figure out what lenses with what settings I can/should shoot with the anamorphic lens, and also to see how the c-mount lenses could be used. There are shakey spots when some kids rode their big wheels on the walkway I was shooting on.

24H Cinema = 1080p/24fps
SH = 720p/60fps
VGA MJPEG = 1920x720 MJPEG @ 30fps

Custom anamorphic lens test (30mm,50mm,85mm).

Here's the first test using a Sankor 16c Anamorphic lens bought on ebay
It was shot using a Canon 7d, with a Helios 44m 58mm lens
I also used 2 close up Diopters on most of the shots.

I have 2 other Anamorphic lenes to test next, The Kowa 16d & the Hypergonar hi fi 2

Music track "Airlift"

Quick and dirty anamorphic isco lens test... Isco 36 on a Nikon 50mm f2.0 shot with a 5dmkii.


This is my first test with Anamorphic Shop's Focus Module Lens for my Cinelux MC 2x anamorphic projection lens. I've very satisfied with the results. Shot on Sony A7S in Slog 2 Cinelux 2x coupled with the Pentax 75mm f/2.8 Edited in Premiere Pro CC Graded with Vision Color ImpulZ LUTs Shot in 14:9 and squeezed to 3.11:1 aspect ratio

Ülgase phosphorus cave is an old mine that used to function in 1920s-30s.

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Settings used: 1/50 f4 -f5.6 ISO5000 Cinelike D -5 Contrast not graded

Gear used for this video
Panasonic G7
35mm f1.6 C...

KOWA ANAMORPHIC LENS TEST - 40mm 2x squeeze anamorphic lens on the Red Epic at 5k - Vintage Japanese lenses from the 1970s with pretty flaring and veiling This is an available light lens test to see how the lenses and camera would handle extreme lighting conditions in a vacant warehouse near downtown Los Angeles. Shot by: Shawn Bannon Song by: Raymond Scott

Meopta anagon 2x 82.5
anamorphic lens flare and anamorphic bokeh

Our man Jake Dyke whipped up this little iPhone edit from the footage he shot at The Battle of Gillies Creek while testing out the new Moondog Labs Anamorphic Lens Adaptor. Richie Sakai was kind enough sing a few bars for the intro, and of course we had to throw in a star wipe for good measure because, "why eat hamburger when you can have steak?"



VM lens anamorphic 1.5x night test. Nikon V1 camera + Pentax 28mm 2.8 lens Thanks for looking!

comparison of: Cooke Anamorphic primes, Hawk V primes, Hawk V Lite primes, Todd AO primes and Kowa Prominar primes it is then followed with similar shots on normal spherical Cooke S4 primes shot 16:9 and then masked to 2:40 Shot at Clairmont Camera. North Hollywood, CA

Testing my new setup for anamorphic shooting.
Kharkiv, Ukraine.
Music: Lonely The Brave - Backroads.

CANON 5DMKii + EIKI 16F + ED LEE CLAMP + SUPER TAKUMAR 105mm/2.8 I also shot using the cine-style technicolor picture setting edited and color corrected with FCPX. Shot on location at the Humber River in Toronto, Ontario March 2012.

Canon 7D + ISCO anamorphic lens test #1. Because of the Day being very bright i had to use an F-stop of F-16 and F-22 on my 58mm Prime lens. you are seing the FULL Anamorphic wide scope within a 1920x1080 HD frame. There is NO cropping or Masking. most shots are hand held, other static shots are with the camera mounted on the floor, bench, wall or jacket. No Grading. Shot at 1080-25p, final output file is
Mpeg2HD@ 12mbps CBR (i-frame). EOS Landscape picture Style.