Anchorage By Winter

You've Got The Love - Florence The Machine - Classical Cover by Aston

I uploaded this to vimeo a few weeks ago, and it got some many views that I thought I would resurrect my youtube account and post it here too. :)

I spent this past winter in Anchorage, Alaska working as a Barista and photographing time lapse on the side. This is the resulting video from the time lapse shooting.

The music is a classical cover of Florence The Machine's song You've Got The Love being performed by the inspiring band Aston.

All ima

So this is what I did over this past winter when I was not making people coffee. It's all time-lapse footage shot in and around Anchorage, Alaska, with the emphasis on the nature around the city rather then on the people and buildings. This is a collection of the nicer stuff I shot of the northern lights, stars, sunset, and the tide. All of this was shot between October 2011 and April 2012. The music is Aston's Classical Cover of the song You've Got The Love by Florence The Machine.