And One - So klingt Liebe

О любовь, любовь!!!

10 сентября в «Космонавте» пройдет концерт группы And One с программой Bodepop Fulltimeshow 2

synthpop, ebm, electronic, industrial, futurepop

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stfry, And One - So Klingt Liebe,

The video clip for the hit single from Berlin's finest Synth Pop band And One. Directed by Peter Dommaschk

And One-So klingt Liebe (Piano Version) Enjoy the Silence ( DeMo-Cover) bei der And One Fulltimeshow 8.10.2011 live in Dresden. Ankündigung zur neuen Tour "The Cover for the Masses Show 2012" 50% And One und 50% Depeche Mode Covers...:)

Live Dresden 08.10.2011