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Angus & Julia Stone - The Devil's Tears

This song has been a favourite of mine for a while now, it is a privilege to cover. enjoy :)


originally by angus and julia stone, no copyright intended

He said, "I am the devil, boy, come with me
And we'll make many storms"
He offered me the universe
But inside my heart there's a picture of a girl

Some call love a curse, some call love a thief
She's my home
And she's as much apart for this broken heart
But see broken bones always seem to mend

I'll taste the devil's tears
Drink from his soul but I'll never give up you
I'll taste the devil's tears
Drink from his soul but I'll never give up you

Changed a lot of the arrangement to my personal liking.<br>I hope you all enjoy :)<br>X

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Enjoy! I figured it was about time to post an angus and julia song! share this to your Facebook wall to show your support!

Thanks! :)

The Devil's Tears by Angus and Julia Stone.

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Angus & Julia Stone performing The Devils Tears live at Metro Theatre in Sydney on 10 October 2007

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Another beautiful song... Some plucking challenge