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A long time ago, in a courtroom far, far away...

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The commercial for the new Apple phone. Starring Sam Macaroni, Carly Reeves and Eva Card.

Epic music by Tim Monijo:

Sandy, Google, Microsoft. Sandy, Google, Microsoft, Sandy, Microsoft... Apple. If we had to take a "10,000-foot" view of the news today, that's a pretty thorough timeline of events. Relevant: if we also took a 10,000-foot view of the Northeast US, it'd probably look like this. Thanks to the San Francisco crew for a Special West Coast Edition of 90 Seconds on The Verge. For the extended cut, check out our impromptu Vergecast hangout. And everyone caught up in nasty weather, please be careful.

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На видео: комплектация, запуск, экран, основные функции.

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Все самое интересное о мире мобильных технологий только у нас

#1 I need a BIG CASE for this monster.

#2 It doesn't fit into just about anything.


This is terrific display of technology and next generation mobile phones. Samsung & Oled are turning the heat on Apple, Nokia and other cell manufacturers.

"Please understant designed by Apple not mean made for/by Apple, Apple just design this watch phone concept and sell the design only, at my opinion this are the best design/features/affordable price watch phone in the market today, So let's test for you what this WATCH PHONE 50% less cost than IPOD NANO 7 can offer you for 100$ !!

K1 Watch Phone Bluetooth A2DP Stereo wireless music transmission to all bluetooth ready devices : headphones, speakers , car radio System etc) FUCK ALL WIRED DEVICES ! we a

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Now that Windows Phone 8 is finally here, we guess some users (not many, but some) will think about purchasing a WP8 handset. So, here we are, bringing you in-depth comparisons between the leading WP8 handsets and the iPhone, as well as the major Android handsets. In this article, we'll take a look at how the HTC Windows Phone 8X stacks up against the iPhone 5. Both devices are pretty
They contribute massively even to the national economy. But the nations have become very separated from each other and there is a difference of production systems from one place to another. The third world countries mostly employ the small scale industry patterns, which is why the number of iPod Repair Houston centers will be many. The people working there are often immigrants in case of the first world countries.

Don't fight. See why now's the time to switch to the Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 920: Engadget Reader's Choice Smartphone of the Year.

В общем - отличная реклама)

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"Apple Worm" is currently the most portable multifunction USB data cable mobile phone shell in the world for iPhone5/5s/5c. It can meet your needs to charge the phone and data synchronization just do as the same as the standard USB cable. The date cable can also be used as a phone holder and an earphone winder.

Скачать шаблон
Красивый чехол своими руками можно сшить без сложной выкройки. Этот простой мастер-класс о том, как сделать удобный чехол на телефон или смартфон из небольшого отрезка ткани и молнии. Процесс изготовления этого чехла я подробно показала в данном видео.

Вырезаем из ткани прямоугольную заготовку 22х16 см с закругленными краями. Вырезаем нужной формы фигуру с одной стороны заготовки и закрываем вырез красивой яркой ткань. Затем делаем разрез посередине заготовки

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Source: Apple iphone 4s unboxing hands on review:

Nokia Lumia 800 unboxing hands on review:

Apple Picker — очень простая и веселая игра. Передвигая ящик пальцем, вам нужно будет собирать яблоки.

Samsung GALAXY S II and Apple İphone 4S Drop Test - to buy this effect, follow this link:

The most amazing & original trick using your iPhone!  


Apple + gimmick + online video
Bonus trick : Apple from nowhere

You can use any objet for the final load. In fact, the most orignal is to use a Apple product like the iPhone or iPod... you can also make the apple vanish. ...

Apple Safari Technical Support 1-888-676-4496 Customer Care Number

About Safari Web Browser in Apple

Safari is a name of a web browser developed by an Apple Inc. including OS X and iOS. Safari browser was established in January, 7, 2003 in Apple operating system. Have you noticed when you are working on safari browser, other browsers will promptly stops working or get instant freeze. Safari browser can be used in windows platforms and in mobiles PC too.


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Former CEO of Apple, John Sculley, starts his own p...

Trying to play Bad Apple!! on the keyboard of Samsung gt-c3011 mobile phone. Sorry me for clumsy rhythm.

Spec commercial for a new cell phone from Apple by award winning filmmaker Christopher DeSantis with design by Gregory DeSantis.

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Apple Inc unveiled a new TV set top box that responds to voice commands and fresh iPhones that sense the pressure of a finger tap, changes which underwhelmed many social media commenters, investors and analysts.

Speaking before thousands of analysts, journalists and frequently cheering Apple employees, Chief Executive Tim Cook rolled out the "iPad Pro" with a 12.9 inch screen and said it had performance similar to a desktop computer. Apple showed off a "smart" keyboard as well as the "Pencil".

"Well first

Смартфон Apple iBeats Phone является результатом сотрудничества двух мощных брендов Apple и Beats, наименования которых использованы в названии телефона. Новинка удивляет уже своим внешним дизайном, и здесь можно забыть классические представления концептов телефонов. Отдаленно смартфон по форме напоминает компьютерную мышь, что, по словам производителей, сделано не случайно и, благодаря этому гаджет удобно лежит в ладони пользователя. Условная диагональ сенсорного экрана устройства составляет 7,5 сантиметров – нестандартный показатель для устройства своего класса.

Не зря в создании смартфона участвовали Beats: динамики телефона имеют потрясающий звук, а сам Apple iBeats Phone может стоять на одном уровне с крупногабаритными аудиосистемами. Кроме наличия нескольких динамиков и камеры на тыльной стороне, в телефоне присутствует ряд самых современных функций и возможность устанавливать разнообразные приложения пакета Apple.

The new Apple phone is revealed in this commercial. It seems really cutting edge.

With Carly Reeves and Eva Card plus eye popping graphics by Jason Kummerfeldt.

This is a short video that highlights the key difference between Apple's iPhone and Windows Phone 8 smartphones. We recently switched from the iPhone 4G to the Nokia Lumia 920 and couldn't be happier with our decision. The Windows Phone 8 operating system was clearly designed for maximum productivity, which many business users and owners will appreciate. We strongly encourage you to consider one of the many Windows Phone 8 devices that have recently hit the market. We went with the Nokia Lumia 920 because o

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На Ваших смартфонах, MP3-плеерах, наушниках и других портативных устройствах больше микробов и бактерий, чем на подошвах Вашей обуви! В течении дня Вы переносите их с рук на лицо, уши, нос. Обеззараживатель уничтожает бактерии в течение нескольких минут по передовой технологии. За 5 минут устройство продезинфицирует без абразивных чистящих средств или жидких спреев, которые могли бы повредить Ваши вещи.

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The ultimate showdown. Windows phone 7 vs Apple Iphone 4. Test check on Zune vd IPOD
Calender apps
picture apps
Internet browser. Will bring more video with individual tests. This is an Overall video.

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He calls it the iBeats Phone, a concept smartphone with an unique teardrop design and music features. This is not just a regular iPhone with Beats acoustics, but much more. It’s simply a music phone for people who love to enjoy quality acoustics and adore music. It should be a very loud handset, also small and comfy to use. To me it resembles a computer mouse combined with a guitar pick, if you allow me that comparison.

It has radio fea

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The world's first virtual reality phone can only be sold in China to support 360-degree 3D camera, smart encryption, has already surpassed Apple and Samsung, currently only on the Chinese market, you want to have no chance to buy
Первая в мире виртуальная реальность может только начать продажи мобильных телефонов в Китае, чтобы поддержать 360 градусов 3D камера, интеллектуальное шифрование, уже за пределами компании Apple и Samsung, в настоящее время только на китайский рынок, чтобы продать, вы не хотите

Смотри, выбирай и сравнивай Айфон 5 s в крупных, проверенных временем, интернет магазинах http://

Вот, видно, как работают строители) Скоро открытие.

Самые свежие новости из мира Apple -

The easy way to drow the things on your tablet

Видео дня!
Apple Vs Android - Phone War Music Video by Meri Amber

With the recent release of Google's Nexus 4, the BlackBerry 10, announcements about the Microsoft Surface Pro and Apple's latest announcement on future well endowed iPads, mobile phones and mobile technology in general is on everyone's mind. Australian acoustic pop singer songwriter Meri Amber decided to tackle the topic head on by writing her song Apple Vs Android - Phone War. The official site for all things Meri Am

Apple is expected to hold a special event on Sept. 10 according to reports and likewise the Apple rumor mill has picked up into overdrive. The next product release is thought by many analysts to be the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, which both should be running on iOS7.

Apple has recently seen its global market share shrink due to growing numbers of lower-cost Android devices out on the market. Apple and archrival Samsung are also still going at it strong too.

Analysts are curious to see what str

Thinking about getting the new iPhone 5? Think again. This new high-tech phone comes directly from the war-torn republic of Katzenstok and threatens to upset the launch of the newest Apple iPhone. This phone features a new type of battery, "luxurious" low-grade plastic finish and even supports voice! Tragically, immediately after this unboxing was filmed the camera operator succumbed to radiation poisoning. A government-funded investigation found nothing to relate the phone's internal reactor to the tragedy




This is a video about apple battery activation circuit board, you can learn how to use it.

If you need to learn more information, welcome to contact us in the comment section.

If you need to buy spare parts for iPhone, iPod, iPad or Samsung feel free to visit our website ( or e-mail us at

SUN-RISE company has over 10 years experience in this field. With the effort of our professional QC team and Purc

Всім привіт! В ефірі 4-тий випуск Ґаджет News, від сайту і сьогодні ми розповімо вам про.

- Xperia Z4 отримав камеру навіть кращу ніж у iPhone
- Turing Phone має рамку з рідкого металу
- Xiaomi та Honor мають намір продати по 100 млн. девайсів до кінця року, кожен
- Google Photo обізвав афроамериканців горилами
- Та свіжі чутки про Apple Watch 2

Про це та не тільки. Далі!

The totally original Sherlock story builds across ten cases and one central mystery. Assisted by video, voicemail, text and email messages from the main characters, the player helps out Sherlock as a part of his ‘Homeless Network’ of trusted associates.

Both a story and a game, Sherlock: The Network uses a unique interactive narrative in which you unravel the plot through games of deduction, skill and attention. Throughout, Sherlock is there to help you solve the puzzles if you get stuck. Played out

Apple mobile phone mirror link

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В этом видео я расскажу вам о параметрах и характеристиках мобильного телефона Apple Iphone 5s модель не свежая но до сих пор достаточно актуальная для многих!!! Поэтому и решил снять обзор именно о нем!

In this video, I'll tell you about the options and features of a mobile phone Apple Iphone 5s model is not fresh but still quite relevant for many !!! Therefore, it was decided to remove the review of it!

устройство позволяющее превратить,ipod
в iphone

Say hello to the iPhone 5c. For those who don't just love color, but love being colorful.

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Please to enjoy:

The pinnacle of luxury phones has arrived. Why wait for the new iPhone 5S, when you can impress the filthy ladies with this elegant statement of sophistication and power right now? We've uncovered this leaked footage directly from the factory in the disputed green zone of Voltenstad.


Funny or Die:

Дешёвые авиабилеты с помощью
Для iOS, Для Android
Microsoft провела конференцию BUILD и при этом показала Nokia Lumia 930. Apple объявила дату проведения WWDC 2014, а Vine сделали возможность передачи коротких видео приватно. Смотрим "Бородатые Новости" 12.1.
Microsoft Build и обновления Windows - 0:31
Nokia Lumia 930 и Windows Phone 8,1 - 1:14
WWDC 2014 - 2:10
Vine получил обновление - 2:39

Наш сайт: http://rev

Basic Information
Model zophone i5
2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
3G: WCDMA 850/2100MHz
Sim Card single Sim Micro Sim card
Service Provide Unlocked
Style Bar
Color White/Black
Shell Material metal
OS Android 4.0
CPU MTK6577, Cortex A9 dual core, 1.0GHz