Archie - Spitfire

I did NOT make the music in the video, Archie did:

Hey guys, here's a filler visual while I work on the Typography animation hehueheuhueeuheuh.

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Read Description Please ! ! !

(Link on mp3 HQ below)

Damn!Awesome pegasus
One of the best background ponies
Big room sound - prepare your ears

Link on a mp3 (From video)

Art by Flowride

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MLP characters - Lauren Faust and Hasbro
All music - Mine


Genere - Electronic Music
Style - House
Second Style - Progressive House
BPM - 128
Length - 06.23 min
Title - Spitfire (by Archie.V)

Archie re-release of Spitfire! With new Artwork

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Archie - Spitfire [HD]