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By Anne-Laure - September, 28th 2012 - Live @ Fnac Montparnasse (Accoustic Set), Paris
- ARCHIVE - Violently (With Us Until You're Dead, 2012)
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Archive live gig at Fnac Montparnasse Paris
Friday Sept. 28th 2012

Archive 'With Us Until You're Dead' tour at France, Lyon...20/11/2012
amazing Holly Martin !!!!!!!!!.


who the fuck

who the fuck is anything
you wore me down
gonna wear you down
amputate your soul
there's a picture in my mouth

quietly fucked
quietly gone
quietly fucked
quietly gone
reality of this
shy away fro

C'était le 16 Novembre 2012 au Zénith de Paris.
extrait de l'album "With Us Until You're Dead"
plus d'infos :

First track to be released from Archive's forthcoming album 'With Us Until You're Dead'. Released on the band's own Dangervisit Records on August 27th 2012. Featuring new vocalist Holly Martin and video directed by legendary graphic designer Brian Cannon.

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