Arctic Motion

Tor Even Mathisen-Arctic Motion

Music: "As We Float" by 'The American Dollar'


Красивейшее покадровое видео “Arctic Motion” от Tor Even Mathisen

Красивейшее покадровое видео “Arctic Motion” от Tor Even Mathisen/

Замедленная киносъёмка — киносъёмка с пониженной по сравнению с частотой проекции частотой кадров.
Покадровая съёмка, Цейтраферная киносъёмка (от нем. Zeitraffer, Zeit — время, raffen — буквально собирать, подбирать, выхватывать; переносно — группировать, уплотнять) — разновидность замедленной киносъёмки, при которой значительную часть времени механизм съёмочного оборудования выключен, а экспозиция и последующая смена кадра осуществляется периодически. Также применяется в мультипликации.
Time laps – это уск

Удивительные пейзажи Земли

Этот пост посвящен творчеству вышеназванного норвежца. Я, была в восторге от его клипов, особенно последний -- Arctic Motion.

Режиссер: Tor Even Mathisen
В ролях: Природа - мать наша, червячки, букашки, северное сияние и... чарующая музыка.

Страна: Норвегия

tem (a)

Photo & edit: Tor Even Mathisen

Just a little timelapse I've made for The American Dollar Band. :)

Check out my Aurora Borealis-timelapse from 2010:

Download aurora screensavers here:

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Arctic Motion was first introduced on Echelon a year ago with the epic uplifting release "Touch Of An Angel". Although the style is still melodic trance the sound of the artist's newest tune "Terra Nova" is remarkably tougher. The galloping bass line hits hard from the first beats and gives little way until a kind of classic trance pluck starts unraveling the theme. Bass modulation follows the break build-up, cycling a mind-hooking melody.


1. Terra Nova (Original Mix)

Северное сияние было снято при помощи интервальной съемки в Норвегии(2010 год).

Пища для ума

Информация о фильме
Название: Клипы - релакс
Год выхода: 2010 - 2012
Жанр: Любительское видео
Режиссер: Tor Even Mathisen


Photo edit: Tor Even Mathisen

Just a little timelapse I've made for The American Dollar Band. :)

Download aurora screensavers here:

Made with:
Canon EOS 5D mark II
Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L II
Dynamic Perception Stage Zero timelapse dolly

"As We Float" by 'The American Dollar'

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tem (a)
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'As We Float' by The American Dollar from the album 'Awake In The City'

Download a free compilation of 9 of their best tracks here:

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Arctic Motion

arctic motion


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GB present their new track "Touch Of An Angel" under the moniker Arctic Motion. This is also their debut single on Echelon White. The track is driving, fast, and exciting - with interesting details and blazing trance sounds. The strong bass-percussion foundation gives a solid backbone for the later harmonic developments. The main melody is catchy and its development rich while the whole work maintains an energetic, uplifting dance vi

RELEASE DATE : 14/04/2014

For release number 146 on Redux Recordings, The Enlightment are back with their certainly biggest tune up to date!

The massive original of First Impression is backed up by a monster remix from Arctic Motion.

Star Trance is here. Never gone, always forward, so I dedicate this video to my sisters, brothers, friends and followers on YT... google+ & FB, always in my heart, love to all... ♥ :)

This track and picture used are the property of their respective owners. No copyright infringement is intended, non-commercial uses, for entertainment only !!!



Available on Beatport: 11 July 2016
Available on other stores: 25 July 2016

Already played:
Manuel Le Saux - Extrema 456
Darren Porter - Cause & Effect 016
Ahmed Romel - Orchestrance 188
Elite Electronic - Full Charge Sessions 044

More Info:

Release Date:
11.07.2016 (Beatport Exclusive)

Label: Magic Trance Records
Catalognr.: MTR053

1. Dreamland (Original Mix) [6:57]

1. Andrey Potyomkin - Astrogation (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix) [Incepto Deep]
2.... →

Release Name:
Inov8 Sampler, Vol. 8

Release Date:
20.06.2016 (Beatport Exclusive)

Label: Inov8 Recordings
Catalognr.: INOV114

Label: Maracaido Records Release date: 07/03/16 →

Release date: 2012-12-24
Record label: Silent Shore White
Format: WAV/MP3
Winter is here and with it our beloved Winter Sampler edition this time including three superb singles on one EP served by MaDi, Fred Hays and GB pres Arctic Motion.

All three made in great progressive way, all three clubby as it should be but still full of great melodies to support the Christmas atmosphere.

Pick the favorite of your own and enjoy the playing or listening.

We believe you will enjoy this release.


Тайм-лапс видео арктики.

All stores: 02.05.16
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All stores: 02.05.16
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Listen The Full Episode Here
We Are In Trance New Episode Every Wednesday 22:00 Hrs (UTC/GMT) In

Full Tracklist
00. We Are In Trance - Intro
01. Krewella - Live For The Night (W&W Remix)
02. Erick Strong - Backstage (Hydrogenio Remix)
03. Ghoeyash - Mamacita Sansuel (Jeremy Rowlett Remix)
04. Ellie Lawson - A Hundred Ways (Earstern Sound Remix)
05. Sergey Shabanov - Clear Secret
06. Tonny Nesse - Newton
07. BaRRy - Emotions (TrancEye Remix)

Label | INOV8
Exclusive Beatport Release | 20th June
General Release Date | 4th July

Поддежка от Paul Van Dyk! ;) →

TrancEye is back on Redux with a mighty 2014 edition of his classic tune "Good Morning Sunshine".
On the package you can find a beefed up original by TrancEye himself, besides three big remixes by Arctic Motion, Myde and Lakes.
All in all another top notch release that you should not miss!

Video Encoded by Label Worx -

If you like it you can download it on:
and in other stores

First Azima's release on Noytafeel! Azima - talented trance duo of DJs and producers from Russia, consisting of Maxim Rubin (The Masquerade) and Denis Sidorov (Thomas N. Aspried).
Release include Original Mix, Essonita Remix and GB pres Arctic Motion Remix.

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Lego 30310 ARCTIC SCOUT Alternative Stop Motion Build. Лего 30310 Арктический Скаут Альтернативная сборка


For release number 119 on Redux Recordings, Rene Ablaze joined forces with his colleagues from Arctic Motion.

The result of this is a monstrous uplifting tune, called "Secret Desire".

No need for remixes here - you couldn't do better.

Shot with the HTC One's slow-motion video feature. Taken at the finale of the Cardiff show of Arctic Monkey's AM tour. Incredible show.<br/><br/>

Arctic Monkeys - Teddy Picker, russian animation
Director: Daniel Bagnovskiy
Director of Photography: Eugeniy Loginov

This is my debut music video. Originally intended to be a project of St. Petersburg State University of film and TV.

I hope you like it!!!!

RELEASE DATE : 10/02/2014

Redux 138 is the latest sub-label of the Redux Recordings Label Group, bringing you the best banging uplifting tunes.

The first release comes from Arctic Motion with "I'm With You".

Redux138 favorites Arctic Motion are back with Aurora!

Video Encoded by Label Worx -

Музыка: Arctic Motion - Angel Eyes (Original Mix)

Trance, Музыка, Трек, Транс, Клип, Видео, Нарезка, Транс музыка

video musical representado con una secuencia de dibujos. Stop motion

RELEASE DATE : 05/05/2014

In January this year Redux138 has had it's initial release by the five guys from Arctic Motion.

"I'm With You" was a perfect start for the new label as it gained massive support from leading DJs and did very well in the store's top 100.

Now they are back on 138 with their new tune, called "Sky Hunter"!