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Страна: США
Жанр: Metalcore, Post-hardcore, Electronica
Состав: Andrew Wetzel (Dr.), Andrew Whiting (Gu.), John Holgado (Ba./в группе с 2007 г.), Caleb Shomo (Vo./c 2009 г./Programming, Synthesizers, Keyboards/c 2007 г.)
Бывшие участники: Johnny Franck (Gu./Clean Vo./c 2007–2010 гг.), Nick Barham (Vo./c 2008–2009 гг.), Austin Carlile (Vo./ушел в 2008 г.), Ricky Lortz (Gu./Clean Vo./ушел в 2007 г.), Nick White (Ba./ушел в 2007 г.)

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Me Covering Attack Attack's song 'The Motivation'.
No, dont ask for tabs, as I dont have any. If people were clever enough, they could just watch me play and learn from that...
New Guitar! Schecter Demon 7 FR. FUCKING BEASTY GUITAR.
Tuning : Drop G
Amp: Line 6 Spider III 75 watt

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Attack Attack! performing their song "The Motivation" live at Irving Plaza, NYC. The LAST stop in the "This World Is Ours" tour.

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Artist: Attack Attack
Song: The Motivation
Album: This Means War

Performed by:
Scott Cardimen (Screams)
Evan Lowen (Cleans)

Members of:
A Storm At Sea

Главный паблик об Attack Attack! В контакте!

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The cleans were very low for me to sing, so I had to use a light autotune to stabilize my pitch. Ugh. This took a few takes...but I had to learn it fast! :)

JC Meynet driving the
AQ Motorsports / Harman Motive
Modified Class Subaru STI
Видео предоставлено группой " ХОЧУ Subaru "

2nd Place AWD and Overall Modified

2009 Redline Time Attack
September 27th, 2009
Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch

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Еа, я нашла его...вновь...


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Drum cover by: Noppakun Trirojporn (Yean) :: Sisaket, Thailand
Drum Gear
Roland V-Drums TD9-KX series with cymbal and tom Bass drum add-on
Pearl eliminator2 double bass drum pad
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