Aviators - The Fear of Flight

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A new song! :D Sadly it's not as good as I was hoping, mostly because of the fact I'm still battling a cold and my vocal range has been sliced in half, but I need to get started on other things, so I finished it up. It's a song about Fluttershy overcoming her fears and flying with the Pegasi in "Hurricane Fluttershy".

Artwork by ABluS

Yet another Aviators PMV making this my third. When I heard this song I had to make this because I loved it so much. This time around I decided to do a bit more editing by adding video effects rather than just transitions. It may be a bit overdone in some spots but meh, whatever. I loved how some clips synched with the song. I got a bit lazy when searching for clips for the parts without lyrics, so some parts could be a bit better. Either way, I am satisfied with how this turned out and I think its actually not half bad! Hope you enjoy it anyway.

Aviators - http://www.youtube.com/user/SoundOfTheAviators
Original song - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pj38ojZhhhY

Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/04u5r0605et1h9s/Aviators_-_The_Fear_of_Flight_%28UnderKeel_Remix%29.mp3

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/CappppperGeneral
BMA Deleted Music Collection: http://bronymusicarchive.tumblr.com/post/111424776817/brony-music-archive-deleted-music-collection

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This was a fun one to do, even tho the chorus made me want to tear my eyes out XD The synths in the chorus for some reason I could not figure out so I left those out. This still turned out amazing in the end tho! I am actually really happy with this. I added a lot of my own style into this cover as well as I am sure you will figure out by listening to this. Anyways, this is an amazing song, and I had a lot of fun doing this : 3 If you have any request, don't be afraid to ask, I read the little comments I do

MLP (PMV) Aviators- The fear of flight