Avid MC5 + Adobe Media Encoder CS5 + Technicolor LUT

So as a devout Avid MC5 user I wanted to find a way to get Adobe Premiere's extra color/latitude when editing DSLR media. For the past several months I've been having my DIT transcode media on set to DNxHD 175x using Adobe Media Encoder CS5. It wasn't until I got a hold of Technicolor's Cinestyle that I started trying to see the difference. What you see here is some footage recorded with a Canon 7D using Technicolor's CineStyle. One copy of the clip was transcoded to DNxHD 175x using Adobe Media Encoder CS5 and the other was brought in via AMA and then transcoded to 1:1MXF prior to export. Since Media Composer has no LUT support I had to manually recreate the S-curve file provided by Technicolor. I copied the Master Curves over to both the Adobe encoded file and the Avid encoded file. No further color correction was done. As you can see the Adobe encoded file has some extra latitude where as the shadow detail in the Avid file seems crushed. Take a look at the detail in the jeans and how th