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Автор: by -[洋子ゼーマン]-ゼマン ミハル

by Monique Nielsen

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Zapraszamy na test wzmacniacza basowego Orange BASS TERROR w połączeniu z innowacyjną kolumną SP210.,pomaranczowa_rewolucja_test_orange_bass_terror_500+sp_210

Fingers and pick version.

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This Terror Bass 1000 watt head is a single channel hybrid amp... Let that soak in for a minute... ONE THOUSAND WATTS! The power amp is class D, and the valve preamp features two 12AX7's. The controls are volume, treble, mid, bass and gain. There's an active/ passive switch, so you can let the amp know what kind of bass it's dealing with as it dials right into your pickups. The effects loop makes using pedals a breeze and with 4 or 8 Ohm options, this little amp can thoroughly hand

by Валера Пухаев

Subwoofer test, made by ADrenal1n
Created with Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Xtreme Music Edition!
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Lit Lords & Terror Bass - Hard Sound

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- Glen & Adrian - We Missied The Train (Giuseppe Visciano Remix)
- The MNML Attack - A Nightmare on Elm Street (Original Mix)
- Comah - That Makes It All Okay (Original Mix)
- Luigi Peretti - Aggressive (Original Mix)
- Sadder - Our Friend Felipe (Selep QEPD Remix)
- Comah - Zombie Attack 2015 (Comah Rework)
- Bugz - Dienstmann (Starting Brain rmx)
- DMTR020 - Florian Msk - 492 (Dienstmann Remix)
- Droplex & Strong R. - Addicted (Original Mix)
- Corner - Supernova (

- R3ckzet - Infinito (Original Mix)
- Minimal Monkey -dota 2
- Rafael Faria - Count of life (Original Mix)
- Broxart - Hindu (Original Mix)
- DJ Mandraks - Natural Sun (Original Mix)
- Märtini Brös - Love The Machine ( Bro & Toons Bootleg )
- Rafael Faria - Count of life (Original Mix)
- DoubKore, Fabio Miotto - Ganja Day (Original Mix)
- DoubKore - Side Class (Melodic Version)
- Salvatore Polizzi - Pussy Satisfaction (Original Mix)
- DoubKore A

Tracking the bass for one of the songs in the upcoming IOS game, Alien Hero. I have chicken pillows nailed to my wall.
Below is my website. Please inspect if you require music or sound effects for your video entertainment applications:

для моего басиста

tracks :
Outblast - Masters Symphony (R3F!K5 by Evil Activities)
Komprex vs ?? - drums ?? ;S
Komprex vs DJ D Tox - Theory of Evolution
E-noid - Rage
Dione - Beat is Pumpin
mad dog - here comes the madness
Qualkommando - Kopfkrank
Onion - Shaved pussy's and export
Onion - hoofdpijn

Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

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It was one of my best Halloweens, after i finished playing i recorded this 20min video of Maztek finishing his set, and Audio taking over the stage.

Bassotronics. Download link

November, 2008, The Trainyard (Bauzug 3YG) Stuttgart

Bass: M2 Guitars "SV Signature"
Amp: Orange Terror Bass 1000 + Orange OBC410

Terror Bass 1000 Website:

Recorded at "Accademia Musicale Il Pentagramma" (Baiano - AV)
VideoStyling by Antonello Carbone

Предпрослушка новой жести! #DrummandBassTerror #MixeDprod #MDprod #MD #BigDi #Тула #туларулит #Жесть #Doctor

This is my interpretation of the new song Somatoform Vortex by Sleep Terror.
Actually I record the video first and then the bass guitar along the original track using Acid Music Studio through Amplitube`s Ampeg SVX software. I record the audio track in two takes (without any editing) an then sync it with the video (yes, the michrophone of my camera sucks). By ear.


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Интервью с Terror Danjah и микс LK в новом выпуске Capital Bass на радио Follow Me

Eso, nuevo cover! Temazo de Children of Bodom, ésta vez en teclado y bajo :) Disfruten!

Here it is, new cover! Great Children Of Bodom's song, this time on keyboard and bass :) Enjoy!

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збс упрлс

Цена 25 900 рублей
Купить можно здесь: My best attempt at a bass sound that is quite hard to recreate EDIT : There is no tutorial for this sound instead there is a download for it.

- Luigi Peretti - Pal Norte (Droplex Remix)
- Zir Rool, MinimalFlex - Minions (Comah Remix)
- Reiser Seven & Hobe - Addicted to night (original mix) [Flat Belly white]
- Reiser Seven & Hobe Mexican Respect (original mix)
- Reiser Seven - Ignimal (Original Mix) [Massive Duck Records]
- R3ckzet & Comah - Farpa (Original Mix)
- R3ckzet - Lick It (Original Mix)
- MadMal & Comah - Evolving (Original Terror Mix)
- Kolombo - My Own Business (Jon Mesquita Hard Bootleg)
- Jo

Mark Walker demos the Orange Terror Bass 500 through (2) OBC115 bass cabs live with a drummer.

Mark Walker has played with legends such as Yolanda Adams, Gerald Albright, and Will Downing. His first solo album "Forever Yours" is available here:

Terror Bass:

Bass Cabs:

Mark Walker demos the Orange Terror Bass 500 through (2) OBC115 bass cabs live with a drummer.

Mark Walker has played with legends such as Yolanda Adams, Gerald Albright, and Will Downing. His first solo album "Forever Yours" is available here:

Terror Bass:

Bass Cabs:

edit by: Amid Spurlos

12 октября - Запорожский Рок Клуб - 22:00

BASS TERROR - nu rave / trash electro / mutant bass / glitch hop

Ссылка на встречу -

bpm 1 - 100000000000000000 :S
Bass !!!

Dmx . Download link

God damn hard ! Done by ear .


A WORD OF CAUTION: Check your bass, this track quite possibly, most likely will blow your speakers!!! I know the bass is a little distorted but it sure packs a punch!

The song is Lil' Jon Bia Bia

Really awesome song with jazz and blues influences
My tune BEADGC
Done By Ear!

The Terror Bass is a tiny 500w class D bass amplifier by Orange. I thought I'd try my best at a decent video demo for others in the same situation, minus the usual Youtube showing off. It's a demo of the tones on offer in this amp, not me or my playing.

I tried to be as thorough as possible in going through all the tone controls and the sound is recorded with 'proper' mics into a decent DAW, so hopefully this will prove useful to anyone interested in this amp who can't get to a shop to try one!

- Zkay Maniac - Hard Drugs (Original Mix)
- Pleasurekraft - Tarantula (Rokka Animal Remix)
- Jee Tech - Infected Soundtrack (Original Mix)
- Chemical Brothers - The Salmon Dance (Junior Vieira, BoloGnini, Bootleg)
- Kolombo - My Own Business (Jon Mesquita Hard Bootleg)
- Victor Ruiz - Take a Nap (Jon Mesquita Bootleg)
- Comah & MadMal - Dope (Original Mix)
- Walker Silva, Jon Mesquita - Spartacus (Original Mix)
- Comah - Apocalypse (Original Mix)
- Zir Rool, MinimalFlex - Minions (Comah Remix)

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Kid ink - Blowin Swishes , Like,Fav, Enjoy

Bass amp shoot out between the Orange Terror Bass 500 and the Orange ad200b mk3.

Forthcoming TBA.

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my 2nd lamb of god cover \\ m // they are fucking amazing , a couple of mistakes in the tempo . enjoy !! TWITTER: