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BLOUSE - Into Black

Blouse! Blouse! Blouse! Portland's Blouse puts us back in a place where Ring Pops made us smile and L.A. Gear brought us light.
We drenched 'Into Black' with the images of Léos Carax's les amants du Pont-Neuf (1991). Popping Fireworks, Strobing Night Clubs, and a One-Eyed Binoche.
Blouse just got signed to one of our absolute favorite labels: Captured Tracks! Check out their website for more updates too.
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Blouse - Into Black

Directed by Simon Gaillot © 2012.
Actresses : Lou Roediger and Carole Moutier.
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«Des trésors dont le temps dispose, hélas ! hâtons-nous de jouir :
Un souffle a fait naître la rose, mais un souffle peut la flétrir.
Le temps s'écoule, et sur ses traces nos beau

Blouse - Into Black

Blouse performs "Into Black" live in the KEXP studio. Recorded January 12, 2012.