BMW 1 M Coupe

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New Bmw 1-Series M Coupe UK Promo

Official BMW press launch video of the 1 Series M Coupe

2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe commercial / 335 hp/332 lb-ft torque / 0-60 mph in 4.7 seconds

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самый злой малышок из сталицы баварии

BMW 1-series M Coupe. Маркетологи делают примерно то же самое, что делаем мы во время начала первой ночи близости - все медленно, чувственно, но очень тянет побыстрей все снять))

BMW E82 1 Series M Coupe MPowered Performance drift

БМВ 1ой серии М-ка, рядная шестерка с двойным наддувом, 335 л.с., 4,5 сек до сотки, столько мощности на вес 1400 кг - обалдеть!!!

В новом ролике «Helipad»/«Вертолетная площадка» водитель-каскадер, работавший над фильмами «Форсаж» и «Идентификация Борна», за рулем ярко-оранжевого BMW «наворачивает круги» на самой высокой вертолетной площадке в мире, расположенной на крыше небоскреба.

Дрифт на крыше высотки


Music: Brian Tyler - They Can't Feel Anything

The BMW 1 Series M Coupe, or 1M as it's becoming known, takes the 135i engine and combines it with the M3's chassis to create one of the best M cars ever. Read our full report and road test in the August 2011 issue of eurotuner magazine, or see it at
This UK launch video features some great camera wok and a nice drifting sequence as well, and is completely different to the US launch video you can also see at or here at
We will also have


Как и было обещано пару недель назад , компания BMW предоставила возможность двенадцати счастливым поклонникам марки поучаствовать в тест-драйве нового BMW 1 серии M Coupe.

These guys are doing wonders of marketing... Just imagine how many talks it will lead to. They are nothing short of market Geniuses.

Waiting for December. BMW интригует фанатов: тизер 1-Series M Coupe

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Forza Motorsport 4 vs Top Gear - BMW 1 Series M Coupe


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BMW 1 Series M Coupe drifting through Walls

BMW Canada has put together a video featuring the BMW 1-Series M Coupe playing 'Hole in the Wall' on a deserted desert runway. Worth watching. Read more:

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UCSO9FBAym_oZUJxGOQHJuoA • Dinan S3 R BMW 1 Series M Coupe E82 '2014

#BMW #E82 — #1Series ///M Coupe — VOSSEN Wheels


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1 M coupe v 135i

1:10 scale licensed BMW Z4 M Coupe. It has fully functional HID head light (moon white) and tail lights. 2 channel pistol grip transmitter with forward, reverse, left and right control. Spring action independent front suspension, and reinforced spring action rear suspension to handle extreme speeds and for precise turnings at such high speeds.

Box battery pack comes with a 7.2v 700mAH Ni-cd... with that it has a decent speed of around 11kms. However, when I drive it with same configuration Ni-mH...

UCSO9FBAym_oZUJxGOQHJuoA • ASPEC BMW 1 Series M Coupe E82 2014

Fourth BMW 1-Series M Coupe Wrecked in South Africa
Exclusive pictures

2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe

Just 4 fun - ENJOY!!!

1 M Coupe
Pro Produkcja

Every car in the 2011 Motor Trend Best Drivers Car competition was lapped around Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca by hot shoe Randy Pobst. Our next competitor, the BMW 1 Series M Coupe.

Read more from Randy Pobst, and stay tuned for more videos leading up to the Sept. 12 launch of Best Driver's Car by clicking below:

Also find Motor Trend on:

"BMW Z4 GT3"

Si Tratta di una BMW Z4 M Coupe '08 modificata secondo le specifiche della BMW Z4 GT3 da corsa.
I dati non sono perfetti per la difficolta di reperimento informazioni in rete.
Potenza Max 428 Cv.
Coppia Max: 406 Nm
Peso: 1240 kg

BMW Z4 M coupe Supersprint Muffler, x pipe, section 1 (secondary cat delete).

New BMW 1 Series M Coupe - Interior, Design, Style, Beauty Driving shots in HD. On track with BMW M3 Sport Evo.

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Последние заезды на автомобилях первого класса! Это финал, друзья! Протестируем в нём BMW 1 Series M Coupe, и постараемся выиграть! Трудно, конечно, но постараемся!


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2016 BMW M2, BMW 1 Series M Coupe and BMW 2002 turbo on Racetrack
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Automobile Magazine BMW 1-series M Coupe review featuring an M3-driving poser, many destroyed tires, and a very nerdy BMW engineer. Oh, and a teensy rant about M3s equipped with dual-clutch transmissions.

BMW Concept und 1 Series M Coupe

For full review, visit:

orget the Chevy Volt; the BMW 1 Series M Coupe is easily the most highly anticipated car of the past 12 months. With details previously announced, BMW today drew back the covers on its turbocharged baby M3 at the Detroit Auto Show for our first look at the car in its curvy sheetmetal.

нормально едет, е30 не первый раз не замечаю

A short clip of a BMW 1 Series M Coupe drifting on track

смотрим и рассказываем друзьям!

Full review:

evo's Chris Harris drives a development BMW 1-series M coupe in Germany.

Видео представлено российским сообществом Need for Speed.

© [club21206281|Need for Speed]. All rights reserved.

Может ли автомобиль быть слишком хорошим? Слишком быстрым? Некоторые люди считают, что да, цитируя BMW серии М в качестве примера. Эти модели производят такую большую мощь и власть, которые заставляют на невероятно высоких скоростях действительно ценить их. Новый автомобиль 1 Series "М" Купе всё же немного другой.

Авто и транспорт
bmw series coupe power копейка заряженная мотор 335 лошадей салон кожа мка duin.

Top Gear - Season 17, Episode 1 - June 26th, 2011, Jeremy tests the new BMW 1 M coupe

Привет ребята! Представляю новое видео на БМВ 1 серии! Приятного просмотра!

 The Power and Style 

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RealLife or VideoGame | Nurburgring - Nordschleife | BMW 1-Series M-Coupe Stanceworks Edition

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In the build-up to deciding on our 2011 Performance Car of the Year, we've brought the Audi RS3 and BMW 1 M Coupe together to see how they compare on track...

Full story here:

Premium badged compact car with some real muscle, then this pairing is where you need to be looking. Find out how the Audi RS3 and BMW 1 M Coupe compare as our senior road tester and professional racing driver Owen Mildenhall puts

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BMW 1 Series M Coupe - Full throttle
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Это получалась совсем другая игра, где каждый читер наворачивал свою тачку и затем в лане читеры устраивали гонки между собой. Жаль что всё это ушло в прошлое. Теперь все в танках и самолётах.

We put BMW's baby M Car into battle with the most potent mid-engined Porsche on sale. It's 1-series M Coupe v Cayman R, with Chris Harris

Top Gear reviews BMW 1 Series M Coupe

In this video I give a full in depth tour of the all new 2011 BMW 1 series M Coupe, a hyper performance limited production variant of the 1 series. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this car while showing details, over viewing of features, and noting unique styling cues to the vehicle itself. I also show the engine and the details of it, start it up and see how it sounds under acceleration. A thorough tour/review of this car designed to give others a greater overall appreciation of the vehicle.

Thanks again to Hendrick BMW for allowing me to film this vehicle! for more information on this one as well as others visit

Steve Sutcliffe explains the highs and lows of life with the BMW 1M Coupe, and does lots of drifts.
Read the full review at

Full review:

Auto Express gets behind the wheel of BMW's latest M Power car, the 1 Series M Coupe. Powered by a 335bhp 3.0-litre turbocharged six-cylinder engine - a tweaked version of the unit from the 135i, it is capable of 0-62mph in 4.9 seconds, while top speed is electronically limited to 155mph.

Could this be the best M car since the original E30 M3? The new 1-Series M Coupé is about as back-to-basics as BMW's performance models get these days -- it's a simple formula of a powerful engine, a manual gearbox and rear-wheel drive.

Factor in compact dimensions and you should have a spiritual successor to one of the most-loved M cars in history. But is it any good on UK roads? Auto Express took the wheel to find out.

Gameplay do jogo Auto Club Revolution no circuito de Spa-Francorchamps na Bélgica.
Jogando sem Controle de Tração, Brake assistant e sem Controle de Estabilidade.

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This time something pretty different than the usual exotics and BMWs you see on my channel. The BMW Z3 M Coupé you see here has been tuned by Hartge, one of the most dedicated BMW tuners out there! But it gets even better. This Hartge Z3 M Coupe 5.0 V8 is the one and only on the world!

The only one every built

4 скорости при движении вперед, 3 скорости при движении назад.

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Modyfikacje jakie przeszło moje bmw od czasu zakupu do dziś!!!!

BMW 1 Series M Coupe Drift

You've read about the 2012 BMW 1-Series M Coupe in the latest Winding Road Issue 75, now you can watch and listen to it make haste around one of our local test loops.