BMW M5 vs Nissan GT-R

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Here are some crazy pulls we did on the highway from the other night. Listen to that lambo scream!!!

The R34 Skyline is stock, and the E39 M5 has an exhaust cut out valve. The M5 and Gallardo both have aftermarket exhausts.

Sorry about the flaw at 0:33 (GT-R), but it does not effect the comparison latter on in any way.
Launch control, 0-315km/h
Nordschleife lap times:
-BMW M5 F10=7m:55sec
-Nissan GT-R=7m:19,10sec by Toshio Suzuki

На предыдущем видео стоковый GT-R почти всегда проигрывает тюненым M5 и M6, зато здесь берет красивейший реванш ... все там же на Киевском ... Кррррасота!

Nissan GT-R Stage 1 Cobb (+510 hp) vs BMW M5 Evotech + выхлоп без катов (+565 hp)

Заезд с 50-70 км.\час и до 300 км.\час

#BMW_M5_F10 #Nissan_GTR_R35

больше видео тут

Вступай к нам , у нас самая лучшая группа про автомобили -

GT-R: 2013, stock, 550hp 670nm.
M5: 2013, stock.

GT-R: 2013, stock, 550hp 670nm.
M5: 2013, stock, I think ~600 hp.

Интересное видео.

Не удалять!!!

NISSAN GT-R HKS 570 vs BMW M6 tuning vs BMW M5 Evotech vs BMW M5 stok part 1

Street Racing with a Nissan GT-R R35, a BMW M5 and a Mercedes CL65 AMG

Aviation Plane Aircraft Landing DC-10 Highway tuned fast and the Furious 4 Official trailer new real r34 r33 r32 king gtr r-tuned Ferrari F430, SSC Aero, BMW M6 Hamann, Gemballa Mirage GT, Mercedes SLR, Dodge Viper Srt-10, Ferrari F430 Novitec, Carrera Gt Techart, Mosler MT900, Ferrari 575 & Aston Martin Vanquish S, Gemballa Mirage GT, Mv Agusta F4, Brabus Widestar, TVR Sagaris, Gumpert Apollo, Porsche 356 SpeedSter, Ferrari 550

Watch this really quick 670HP Porsche 997 Turbo S 9ff RSR equipped with Capristo Exhaust System in action on the dragstrip racing against a tuned Nissan R35 GT-R, BMW M5 V10 Dinan, MercedesBenz CLS63 AMG, Audi R8 V10 Capristo and many more!

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Gran Turismo 5 - BMW M5 E60 vs Nissan GT-R Concept '01 on Nordschleife (Night)


заезд с ходу - примерно с 50 км.\ч.
стартовал позже всех!!! :-)

HD : Nissan GT-R vs BMW M5 Sedan Evosport headers, Dinan mufler and RPI Scoops

с русским переводом

Nissan GT-R 2012 (550HP)
Audi RS6 MTM 2011 (730HP)
BMW M5 2012 (560HP)
Audi R8 V12 Plus 2012 (550HP)


Кузнецкая жара 2012
Аэропорт г Новокузнецка

What an absolutely rocket is this 840HP tuned BMW M5 F10 with straight pipes exhaust!! Although the exhaust sounds doesn't come close to the good o...

Chris Harris reviews the new 2012 BMW M5 and Nissan GT-R, in the rain. Do these two cars belong together? Probably not - but it's perfect for YouTube search results, and thats why we're doing it. Watch as Chris reviews the two cars on the street and on the track.

Read Chris's PistonHeads article here:

2013 Nissan GT-R 540hp stock (camera)
BMW M5 F10 560hp stock

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Воробьёвы горы. Заезд с ходу на сигнал. Заезд №1.<br/><br/>

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In this video you can see a 700HP BMW M5 F10 in action on the drag strip, racing against a Corvette C7, Nissan GT-R R35 and a 650HP Donkey Tec Volkswagen Golf 2!

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Автоклуб: Joy is BMW

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