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BMW e21_Drift

BMW E34 Turbo, BMW E21 Turbo Donuts, Drift

BMW E34 Turbo, BMW E21 Turbo Donuts, Drift

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Reverse Entry by STW's BMW E21.

bmw e21 meeting
low drift and hit the ground strongly destroyed the engine

bmw e21 m10 turbo streetcar at kemora racetrack, first time at track with the car. No powersteering no driving skills. :)


BMW e21 2500cc in Greece.Tazes Thanasis drifting.My BMW...

here you can see this beautiful 323 burning rubber

Drifting on a slalom course (auto-x) with BMW E21.

Car: BMW E21 with Mitsibishi evolution engine.

camera: raad dodokh

madaba jordan drift

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Turbometal motorblog proudly presents a short story with unique slow motion footage of an E21. What happens when you have a foolish driver and the 1981 BMW 3 Series decides to get up and go all on its own:)
We determined to shoot extraordinary stories with classic cars. This is our mission and passion. Support this project.

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A Turbometal srácok filmje. BMW e21 1981.
Mi van ha próbakö

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Only small parts are stock on this car. The car has 2JZ engine with compresor making 700 hp and 800 Nm
Event: King of Touge Karpacz 2014
Camera: Panasonic HDC SD 90
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W dalekiej Jordanii też upalają BMW :)

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drifting in da rainnn PLZ COMMENT AND RATE