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А вот и новое творение Placebo!!!

Альбом - Battle For The Sun (2009)

Наврузова Александра Игоревна, 27 лет, г. Набережные Челны, Placebo - Battle for the sun (Drum Cover)
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- барабанщицы
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Placebo Battle For The Sun Live at Main Square Festival Arras France on July 4 2009

04 July 2009 - Main Square Festival, Arras, France

Музыкальный видео клип Placebo - Battle For The Sun

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PS слова в песне "Dream brother (брат мечты)" и "black and heavy weight (темнокожий тяжеловес)" - это сленговые названия запрещенных к употреблению веществ

This is a request from my dear, dear, dear, dear, dear friend Grace called "Battle for the Sun" by Placebo. The sound quality seems to come out pretty craptastic in the beginning due to my camera picking up high frequencies horribly, but it starts to balance out nicely once the first verse comes around.

After this video I'll be unable to put another up for a week or so as I'm going on vacation out of state so no access to drums or a camera, but I'll see what I can do about that (if anything).

× Theme : Villain VS Hero.

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This is my cover of Placebo's new song 'Battle For The Sun' of their brand new album 'Battle For The Sun'.

I saw them perform this @ Sheffield in a warm up to their larger dates and the 'Battle For The Sun' tour is going to rock!

Link for the tab :

[Battle for the Sun]
Артисты - Вячеслав Спирин и Станислав Котельников.
Режиссер - Тарас Поздняков.
Дизайн костюмов - Валерия Ковальская.

Школа растяжки № 1 в Москве ЖМИ!

Placebo Battle For The Sun Live at Main Square Festival Arras France on July 4 2009

Caution: shaking as hell. SORRY. But the sound is good.
Please, watch in HD.

I will battle for the sun
And I won’t stop until I’m done
You are getting in the way
And I have nothing left to say

I will brush off all the dirt
And I will pretend it didn’t hurt
You are a black and heavy weight
And I will not participate

Dream brother, my killer, my lover
Dream brother, my killer, my lover

I will battle for the sun
‘Cause I have stared down the barrel of a gun
No falling
You are a cheap and nasty fake
And I am the bones you couldn’t break

Placebo-Battle for the sun(live at Reading festival Berkshire,2009)

2012.04.26. Liverpool Olympia, Liverpool, England (3/20)

Live On La Fete De Musique, "Taratata"

"Battle For The Sun" - song from Placebo's concert in Brixton Academy, London, on 28 September 2010, the final show of the Battle for the Sun Tour.


Battle For The Sun [Lyrics]

I, I, I, will battle for the sun, sun, sun.
And I, I, I wont stop until I'm done, done, done.
You, you, you are getting in the way, way, way.
And I, I, I have nothing left to say, say, say.

I, I, I, I, I will brush off all the dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt,

Placebo - Battle For The Sun (cut) (Live @ СК 'Олимпийский', Москва - 18092012)

Directed: Marc Frauendorf
Music: Placebo - battle for the sun -

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Olympisky arena

by Ян Сергеич(с)

Placebo' perform on Olimpiski Stadium's stage
Battle For the Sun Tour
part 1 -
part 2 -
part 3 -
part 4 -
part 5 -
part 6 -

My second cover for the cover contest. I really love this song, and hope you'll like it.
«КОНКУРС на юбилей проекта show M.O.N.I.C.A.(, совместно с музыкальным магазином Динатон ( »<br/><br/><br/><br/>

Больше видео здесь -

уже не было сил петь... хотелось просто орать=))))

PLACEBO "Battle For The Sun" live at Roundhouse London (UK) 14/07/2009
iTunes Festival 2009 - filmed by LUCA VIOLA LV7

Placebo - Battle for the sun Drum Cover.

DrumCover per il conterst "XDRUMMER 2013" del sito

Grazie Condor.

Всем тем, кто был 20.09.10 в Arena Moscow посвящается.

о да! мистер Молко подошел к нашей стороне фанки!))

03 June 2009 - Gloria Theatre, Cologne, Germany


Зажигает парень

В конкурсе участия не принимает.

Placebo Battle For The Sun Live at Movistar Arena, Santiago, Chile on April 8, 2010 HD

Давно хотел его записать и вот, наконец-то руки дошли

Жаль, что нет возможности записать лучше)

в начале просто жесть, зато к концу всё прекрасно видно)

20.03.16, Red Club, Moscow

Editing video Ivan Rakov

Raw Art presents:
[Battle for the Sun]
Performed by Vyacheslav Spirin & Stanislav Kotelnikov.
Directed by Taras Pozdnyakov.
Costume designed by Valery Kovalska.

на мой взгляд, best cover ever.

скачать аудио:

Placebo auf der Mainstage am Sziget-Festival 2009

Placebo Battle For The Sun Live at Lowlands Festival Biddinghuizen Netherlands on August 22 2010

Warning spoilers for all of GOT, Sex, Language, and incest.

I've been working on this vid off and on for a month or so? I've felt like it was one of my stongest but felt kinda stuck for a while.
....Then the annoncment for SYTYCV came last night and it sparked a mad rush of inseration. This will be part of my pack for SYTYCV and I'm so so so so happy with it. The only frustrating thing is I had to cut it down. XD It was going to be 3:30! But then I reilized Jamie has like no clips at the end, where I need

Placebo tribute video, with a live version of "Kings of Medicine" from "Battle for the Sun". Please enjoy, rate and comment.

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Battle for the Sun это шутер от первого лица, где вам предстоит сражаться против инопланетян за Землю!

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Saint Petersburg.«Юбилейный»

Пока группа готовилась, Вася нагло издевался над Пласибоманками)))

Placebo -- Kitty Litter(partially) Battle for the sun 22.09.2012 live in Minsk, Belarus
мы placebo -- всем спасибо!

VF Artist Dom White of The Family Ruin performs "Battle For The Sun" in this compilation from several different live shows!


#vf5A - American Classic® 5A




Snapchat: vicssticks

Placebo - Making Of Battle For The Sun (Part 2 / 4 - interviews)

Video - Thor
Music - Placebo Battle for the Sun


song from PLACEBO "battle for the sun" album

Placebo Battle For The Sun Live Concert at Reading Festival England on August 28 2009


Character: Gilbert 'Prussia' Beilschmidt
Anime: Axis Powers Hetalia/World Series
Artist: Placebo
Song: Battle For The Sun
Placebo koncert a Szigeten 2012, 2. szám.
Placebo concert at Sziget Festival 2012., track nr. 2.

READ! I had to delete this, couse Vegas hadn't saved the whole project and still doesn't want to;/ It cut teh moment at the end when Tony is able to write his name... I give up;/ I made this vid for two reasons, first I wanted to mix two of my fav things Placebo and Tony, this song is great for him, isn't it? I was on the Placebo concert on thursday (!!!!!!!!) and I was very inspired, but I had to cut song couse I lost my muse when I was doing this...
and the second It's for you Marta (martag16) my lov

Placebo cover party в городе Днепропетровск в клуб " Papa Protiff" при участии группы FONTALIZA

Another great cover of Battle For The Sun. i haven't heard of Placebo's song until i looked up this (Diederik's version) after hearing it on Fashion Television. As a result i think the cover versions are about 100% better than the original. I slipped these into my playlist on my iPod and now i'm all over the city with a wonderful sense of elation, i am completely moved by these scores and i can't say thank you enough for showing it to me.

quote: "Cover version of Placebo's "Battle for the sun" in a new arrangement I made together with Ivo Witteveen for Viktor Rolf's Autumn Winter 2011 show in Paris. This is not the final mix as played during the show..."

Thanks go out to:

Placebo Battle For The Sun Live at Arena VFG, Guadalajara, Mexico on September 29, 2009

Drum solo by Steve Forrest from Placebo.

Placebo - Making Of Battle For The Sun (Part 3 / 4 - interviews)

20 September 2010 - Club Arena Moscow, Moscow, Russia

@ Sports Palace

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I will battle for the sun
‘Cause I have stared down the barrel of a gun
No fun you are a cheap and nasty fake
And I am the bones you couldn’t break

Dream brother, my killer, my lover

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Placebo-Battle For The Sun (Live @ Area 4 2010)


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Нижний Новгород, MILO Concert Hall

Song: Placebo — Battle for the Sun
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Clips from: «Captain America: The First Avenger», «Captain America: The Winter Soldier», «Captain America: Civil War»

Headphones + HD = Happiness 💫

Placebo Battle For The Sun Live at Rock am Ring, Nürburg, Germany on June 5, 2009

Новые каверы каждую неделю!
Подписывайтесь! )

Это че, действительно ESP???

Placebo - Battle for the sun

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Русское название группы, "Первый раз после снятия гипса"

20 august 2010 - area4 festival, germany

05 June 2009 - Rock Am Ring, Nurburg, Germany

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