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Чтоб вы понимали, что такое Китай. Прекрасный город Пекин вам расскажет и покажет.

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Еще больше крутых видео у нас в паблике —- >


Еще больше крутых видео у нас в паблике —- >


A model of a Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) debuted at the 19th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo, which concluded on Sunday. The TEB is a purely homegrown invention of China, with its passenger compartment sitting above other vehicles on the road below, allowing cars to pass underneath. The TEB is designed to increase the utilization of road space.
"With a carrying capacity of 1,200 people at a time, the TEB has the same functions as the subway while its cost of construction is less than one fifth o

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(Viewer discretion advised: some may find this footage disturbing)
One woman was killed and another injured after a pair of tigers pounced on them at Beijing's Badaling Wildlife Park on Saturday afternoon.

The tigers attacked one of the women when she left her vehicle and walked a few meters away from the car. The surveillance video footage shows the woman being dragged by the tiger, which prompted the second woman to rush for help.However, she didn't su

I made this earlier today - a bank of AQI400+ smog arriving in Beijing within the space of 20 minutes. It's already gone viral on the Chinese inter...

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BangTan | Bulletproof Boy Scouts | BTS | 방탄소년단

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Beijing Tour #4

Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Zack Snyder

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➩ Фансаб-группа | Bangtan Movement

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Bangtan|Bulletproof Boy Scouts|BTS|방탄소년단

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Study kungfu in China: Zhang style Taichi follows traditional principles, mixing slow yin and fast yang moves. This style requires fitness, controlled breathing, and manipulation of the dantian. Similar to Chen Style, Zhang style emphasizes precision and the unity of external movement with internal qi manipulation.

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Alex Up & NO!ZER - ID (played by Alex Up) (China, Beijing, M2 Club)

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Премьера трейлера видео о молодом поколении бурят, живущих в Пекине. Команда #UULZAR отправилась прямиком в китайскую столицу, чтобы воочию увидеть, как и чем живёт бурятская молодёжь в Поднебесной.


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The Dunk Contest at the Bejing Masters had to move indoors due to the bad weather conditions, but the contestants still put on a big show. Watch the highlights with Jordan Southerland, La Pu and Arek "ArO" Przybylski and find out who won the 2.000$ price money.

Watch FRITZ KALKBRENNER's set at our Audi City Beijing show here ☛

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My trip to Beijing through new awesome Canon wide-angle lens 10-18mm! Also my first time working in Adobe Premiere Pro, which is hell of a switch from iMovie... Anyway, hope you'll enjoy it!

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I do not own anything from the video except recording, editing and sharing it. All rights reserved to the rightful owner.
(cr: 黄金忙内迷得俄神魂颠倒)

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We recap the top five best plays from the Beijing leg of the 2016 FIBA 3x3 World Tour, featuring Dusan Domovic Bulut (Novi Sad Al Wahda), Inderbir Gill (Hamamatsu), Jordan Demercy (Wukesong), and Ater Majok (Beijing). Let us know your favourite play in the comments section!

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Год выпуска: 1994
Страна: Гонконг
Жанр: комедия
Режиссер: Стивен Чоу, Ли Лик-Чи / Stephen Chow, Lik-Chi Lee

Герой Стивена Чоу - бывший суперагент, ныне работающий мясником в небольшой деревеньке. Но дела зовут, и контора вызывает его обратно в свои ряды в связи с похищением раритетного черепа какого-то ископаемого. Он приезжает на место, но выясняется, что он - только подставное лицо, и продажный начальник поручил его связной (Анита Юэнь) убить его по прибытии. Но тут, естессно, любовь-морковь, так что начальнику-подлецу придется обломаться...

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Хочу поделиться с вами впечатлениями о поездке в Пекин. В первый день я отправилась в пекинский сафари -парк. Парк отлично подходит для туристов, которые хотят приблизиться к животным максимально близко.
Второй день - парк аттракционов Happy Valley. Тут Вы найдете 120 аттракционов, расположенных в 6 тематических частях парка.
Последующие дни я проводила обучающие мастер классы для танцоров, а вечером - shopping.

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3000m Steeplechase

1. Ezekiel KEMBOI 8:14.19
2. Abraham KIBIWOTT 8:14.58
3. John Kibet KOECH 8:18.53
4. Nicholas Kiptonui BETT 8:19.91
5. Hailemariyam AMARE 8:21.10
6. Hicham SIGUENI 8:24.44

IAAF World Challenge Beijing 2016

Многие треки только отрывками.

Beginner Fill
Intro - Shoot Down
Wild Frontier
Invaders Must Die
Everybody In The Place
The Day Is My Enemy
No Good
Take Me To The Hospital
Get Your Fight On
Out Of Space

Check out the highlights from the Heat vs Clippers game in Beijing, China through the lens of our phantom camera

A model of a Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) debuted at the ongoing 19th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo.

TEB is a purely homegrown invention of China. Its passenger compartment rises far above other vehicles on the road, allowing cars to pass underneath, which will largely increase the utilization of road space.

"With a carrying capacity of 1,200 people at a time, the TEB has the same functions as the subway while its cost of construction is less than one fifth that of the subway. Its construction

This is our new SHOW CONCEPT:


We have been in Beijing, China and performed this Set.
It is actually a Sneak Peek of upcoming SHOWS.
We can't wait to perform the NEW SETS !!!



Apashe - No Twerk (ft. Panther x Odalisk)

Big THANKS and appreciation to:
for hosting and programming the VISUAL POIS and for POIS Swinging Less

The refurbishment of Beijing's Sanyuan Bridge, or Sanyuanqiao started at 11p.m. on Nov. 13, 2015. The whole reconstruction process completed within 43 hours.
Over 1300 tons of new surfacing for the bridge have been transported to the construction site to replace the old surface.
Sanyuan Bridge is a major overpass on the northeastern stretch of the 3rd Ring Road of Beijing. The Airport Expressway, Jingshun Road (China National Highway 101) and the 3rd Ring Road are interlinked by the vital overpass. (Video

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Check out some of the best action from day 1 at the Beijing Masters!


The dance where I fall but I danced till the end.
But I know a good phrase :" do not be afraid to fall,be afraid not to fly "

-200 от миллиарда

Miami Heat Los Angeles Clippers NBA Highlights in Beijing

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Pep's Manchester City had a double training session on Saturday in Beijing as pre-season ramps up!

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«Addicted to Beijing» - новая работа команды #UULZAR о молодом поколении бурят, живущих в Пекине. Как жизнь в Поднебесной меняет их, и чем именно привлекает Китай бурятскую молодёжь? Мы совершили путешествие прямиком в китайскую столицу, чтобы самим увидеть, как и чем живут молодые пекинские буряты.


director & producer - Maksim Dashinimaev
director of photography - Aldar Dambaev
edit - Maksim Dashinimaev
color correction - Aldar Dambaev
assistant - Aldar Vanchikov
UULZAR prod.

→ And go to for the best of underground musi...

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"Barbie" Ekaterina Vandaryeva will make her MMA debut on Kunlun Fight MMA 7 in Beijing


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Filmed at LeSports Center in Beijing, China on January 18, 2017.

© 2017 Blackened Recordings

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Marcus Kleveland dominated Air+Style in Beijing on 19th November 2016.

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Тебе к нам
★ Игры
☆ батлы
★ Новости из мира К-поп
☆ И многое многое другое)
Заходи, читай, смотри

Москва - Пекин
Музыка: В. Мурадели Слова: М. Вершинин

Русский с китайцем братья навек,
Крепнет единство народов и рас.
Плечи расправил простой человек,
С песней шагает простой человек,
Сталин и Мао слушают нас.

Москва - Пекин,
Москва - Пекин,
Идут, идут вперёд народы
За светлый труд, за прочный мир
Под знаменем свободы.

Слышен на Волге голос Янцзы,
Видят китайцы сиянье Кремля.
Мы не боимся военной грозы,
Воля народов сильнее грозы,
Нашу победу славит Земля.


В мире прочнее не было уз,
В наших колоннах ликующий Май.
Это шагает Советский Союз,
Это могучий Советский Союз,
Рядом шагает новый Китай!


Traveling to #china
#димагроссман #путешествие #китай #орелирешка #вк #mband #лепс #лорак #билан #гагарина #лазарев #нюша #монатик

Men's 200m Heat 2 IAAF World Championship Beijing 2015

A man with a sword stabbed two people outside Uniqlo in Sanlitun in Beijing on the morning of August 13, 2015. For more info:

Hulk Amazing Goal | Shanghai SIPG vs Beijing Guoan 2-2 | China 10.09.2016.

China - Super League September 9
Chongqing Lifan 2 - 1 Yanbian
Shanghai SIPG FC 2 - 2 Beijing Guoan
September 10
Liaoning Hongyun 2 - 0 Hangzhou Greentown
live 'Hebei CFFC 0 - 1 Guangzhou Evergrande

England - Premier League September 10
live Manchester United 1 - 2 Manchester City
AFC Bournemouth ? - ? West Bromwich Albion
Arsenal vs Southampton
16:00Burnley ? - ? Hull City
Middlesbrough ? - ? Crystal Palace
Stoke City ? - ? Totte

"Yangyang", a humanoid robot with a variety of realistic expressions wowed visitors at the Beijing's Global Mobile Internet Conference on Thursday (April 30).

The robot is modeled on one of the researchers who helped develop the technology, and can blink, smile, shake hands, and even hug her human doppelganger.

The robots are made of a special type of silica gel, replicating the feeling of human skin to the touch. Yangyang is the fourth robot produced by Shanghai Shenqing Industry and she is modeled after

Jinling championship [ 鬼步舞 ].

QQ: 1538243513
快手: 175959309

This video interview had been done by British Airways at the end of October and released on weibo on 30th, December. Like Andrew said in the video,...

Check out the very best action from the Beijing masters, featuring ankle breakers, dunks and incredible game winners from the likes of Blaz 'Birdman' Cresnar (Ljubljana), Wang Zhanyu (Zheng Zhou), Tomoya Ochiai (Tokyo), Chris Reaves (Wukesong), Sammy Monroe II (Doha), Dominic James (Doha) and Shaojie Wang (Wukesong). Which one was your favourite play of the event?