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It's a day that comes to everyone. The day you commit to becoming more, to achieve more, and to be the person you want to be. The moment when the path to a better version of yourself becomes clear. It's about the courage, commitment and dedication to challenge yourself in everything you do, and to not accept your limits.

It is with this same commitment, dedication and responsibility that we constantly evolve at the leading edge of scientific research. The development of superior quality supplementation, th
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My new video about motivation . I hope you will enjoy it,
" Never give up " is the main idea of the video .

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Confidential Music - Archangel

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BEST CRAZY MOTIVATION workout FITNESS sport Gym video Ever 2015!!!


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I used clips from a lot of commercials and videos on YouTube and mashed them up to create this. Hope you guys like it :)

Audio used - [False King by Two Steps From Hell]

Download this song in iTunes:

Irene Boggs is the creator of "AffirmaJams" which is music to inspire you to live your best life.

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Here are some of the athletes and teams featured in this video:

Michael Jordan
Jerry Rice
Tiger Woods
Lebron James
wayne gretzky
serena williams

каждому свой спорт. выбор за тобой!

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Best Motivation Video - Never Give Up!

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В мире существует множество различных видов боевых искусств : дзюдо,тэквондо,джиу-джитсу,карате,бокс,ММА,К-1,капуэйро и т.д.Для каждого человека найдется свой вид.Боевые искусства укрепляют дух и тело,учат преодолевать боль. Мы всегда #там,где боль.

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Inspirational Video !

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All we need sometimes is a bit of a push, a sentence or a quote, that song that pumps us up. That motivational video that gets us out of the couch and going to the gym, for that run of the week, the 5K swim, that football training you always find excuses to go... and then, once you start you feel so happy about it and proud of yourself cause guess what, you MADE IT. No one else.

These motivational videos get me going every time and I really hope they get you going too. After you get that workout done, you

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