Betraying The Martyrs - Tapestry Of Me

Symphonic Deathcore/Christian Metalcore

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Directed and edited by Gas Carpenter
Camera operators:
Baptiste Bertheuil
Gas Carpenter
Martin Dupraz
Elise Perisse
Laurène Puyssegur
Gaby Vigier
Filmed at Le Nouveau Casino, Paris, France
Garance Production

Off Their album "Breathe In Life"

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Very light of my life!
I cannot comprehend life without you
And now that no substance remains
Reminiscence of you departure ensures

i do not own this song all rights are reserved to the band Betraying the martyrs.

Конкурс Blastbeat Drum Contest Part2 совместно с Марком Мироновым на лучший drum cover любой из песен группы Betraying the Martyrs.

Betraying The Martyrs - Tapestry Of Me (Drum Cover)

Трифонов Антон Демьянович, 18 лет,г. Москва