Between The Buried And Me - Alaska

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Experimental / Math / Metalcore / Progressive

Progressive Deathcore — Between The Buried And Me

Between The Buried And Me - Alaska

Пересматривала много раз!

Girl playing guitar between buried and me - alaska

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The intro of Btbam's "Alaska," performed by me (Myles Yang) and my roommate (Gabe Salomon; bottom right).

I'm playing an 8-string Agile Interc

так лучше вроде, середина расслабленная...

Keyboard Cover:D

Game - Phase Shift!
Theme - Guitar Hero Warriors of ROCK!
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Artist: Between the Buried and Me
Song: Alaska
Album: Alaska
Year: 2005
Genre: Progressive MetalCore
Drum diff: 6
Pack: Rock Band NetWork (Charter RhythmAuthors)

From the The Silent Circus bonus DVD.
Live in Carrboro, NC. July 19th, 2005.

сорь за немног расстроиную гитару ))) со мной всегда так))

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