Between Two Points

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❤ Чезаре и Лукреция Борджиа ❤
Сериал "Борджиа/The Borgias"

Не каждому дано любить так, как любили друг друга эти брат и сестра, которым судьба подарила нежную, страстную, всепоглощающую любовь и, тем самым, обрекла на вечные муки совести, боль и разлуку.

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A tale about the weight of dependency.
Direction & Production: motiphe

Довольно долго не делала видео,набиралась мастерства и вот что вышло.
Никогда не изменяйте любимым!Вы делаете своей половинке больно,как и себе.

Никогда не изменяйте любимым!Вы делаете своей половинке больно,как и себе.
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номер два.

intro: Studio Sagittarius
part 1: mine (Edward Norton)
part 2: ℳysterious x darkness™(Hugh Dancy)
part 3: charizzaard (Leonardo DiCaprio)
part 4: shamelessxroyalty (Matthew Goode)
part 5: by pingvi (Benedict Cumberbatch)

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Inspired by Helen's amazing video:
If you haven't subbed her yet I don't even know what you're doing with your life.

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▻This video is dedicated to the lovely Natasha (Natalia Larina)! I'm so sorry hun for the long wait for this! I wanted to make it something special and I really hope you love the end result!!!◅

☮fandom: once upon a time/ reign
☮song: pm

Khm, anyway. The story.

Tate has fallen in love with his proffesor Charles and swears he'll hurt anyone who would do Charles harm. Tate is convinced one of those people is Erik so he confronts him in his room and Erik is forced to defend himself when Tate pulls a gun on him. Tate dies and Charles is left with a feeling of guilt at not being able to help Tate. But Tate comes back as a ghost, unable to leave the man he loves who feels his agony even more strongly.

Модель:Анна Михайлова
Видео: Wabi Bon-Bon(Кузенкова Анна)

AU. Sequel to my vid "Let It All Burn." I don't know if you necessarily have to watch that one first, but this one might be a bit confusing if you don't.

Summary: Distraught over Hermione's betrayal, Harry is determined to carry on with the Horcrux Hunt by himself, while Hermione dives deeper into the ranks of Voldemort and his deatheaters.
Eventually, a gang of snatchers, a gang of snatchers Hermione is a part of, catch up to Harry. Hermione is forced to capture him, and Harry is taken back t

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When I saw a few days ago that I had 300 subscribers I wanted to make a vid. I experimented a bit with the style and coloring, and learned a lot from making what was originally just going to be a thank you vid. Thanks so much for subscribing!

Show: The Borgias

I'M SO FREAKIN EXCITED! I was never Korra's BIGGEST fan....I mean all the characters lacked ATLA depth in my opinion, but I recently rewatched season 1 and I UNDERSTAND KORRA NOW! I get her. And thus, between Fire Lady Honora and Toph (FREAKIN TOPH!!!!!!) coming back, I am ridiculously excited. So happy.

This was just a quick, unpretty edit because I never have actually created a trailer-ish thing for Korra books 2-3 even though I tried....and tried...and hated them....BUT I made one! And It's all sped up

HD + Small Screen + Headphones = Perfect combination. ;)

I'm sorry for my long hitaus. I just lost my inspiration and now I hate all videos that I ever done.
This video I made a month ago but I'm not satisfied with it too. :((

Fandom: Sherlock
Song: title
Coloring: mine


I was bored, k. D:

I just love this song so much, so I thought; why not to edit with it? At the beginning I was trying to do new coloring and then... I made the whoole video. c: I don't know why, but I still think that there's something wrong with this video. ._.

- - -
Info |
— song:
— footage: i'm too lazy, just ask if you want to know something, okies?

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(Game: Multifandom.) (720p.)

Soundtrack: -

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I am and always will be a Bamon shipper (patiently waiting for Bamon). But right now I'm also loving the whole Bonenzo thing and I'd love to see how they play out. :)
Old Channel:
●Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
●Pairing: Enzo and Bonnie
●Coloring: xkittydream (modified)
●Song: https://www.y

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I am so sorry I still haven't dealt with the collab, but believe me there are reasons to that, and tomorrow everyone will get their parts :D

I noticed that there are no modern AU videos for Arwen and Aragorn, and that striked me as scandalous. So I decided to rectify that. The idea is that Arwen and Aragorn always find each other in every life.

Video: Melrin 1-3, Real Merlin and Arthur, Dis/connected
Audio: in the video
Plot: They can't be happy in Camelot, but in nowadays why not...
Comment: In Camelot: Merlin and Arthur suffer, 'cause they can't be together. Gwen comes to Merlin and tells that they're not happy together. Merlin's sorry, but he knows exactly why. Arthur marries Gwen, wanting Merlin to run into the doors to stop them, Merlin hang out with Gaweine to get Arthur out of his head. When Arthur catches them, Merlin hopes that he'll stay

i love the thought of damon and rebekah. i really can't let it go.
this is me trying to strangle the emotions a bit and calm down...
damon + rebekah... my dream ship hahaha

inspiration; CillisaR's Damon Elena; WithOut You video:

please check her out; she's awesome!!!

All of my blocked videos are now available on my

первое мое видео ^^


We've got forever
Slipping through our hands


Falling footsteps
Weighing heavy on me

Uhm... I don't know how this happened. One day, I woke up and I wanted Sterek and sexy greeks....mhh.

❝I'm something else❞

Woop, I've wanted to edit Wanda for a long time now and after watching Civil War I felt really inspired ... i just got the movie today and then this video was born ^~^ hope you like it :)
Song: in video
Coloring: spulgacite

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The Glitch Mob feat. Swan

Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Pairing: Eric/Raven
Music: The Glitch Point- Between two points
Finally, I finished my last preview vid... I know, it's pretty short but still ENJOY! My two favourite X-men villains in younger version...

Anyway... There're already so many Charles/Eric vids (btw my favourite pairing ::YUMMY:: ).
I suppose some Raven/Eric is pleasant change. Don't you think?

Thanks for watching ;-)


KaiSoo • 카디 • EXO • FROM EXOPLANET ♥

The Glitch Mob Feat. Swan - Between Two Points

Sorry, I haven't made a proper video in so long. It's really bad. I have loads of unfinished projects that I am finally getting round to. So here, have some Wolfstar. These two are perfect.I have a mild obsession with the Marauders Era and I'm really happy that my Jily video has surpassed 10,000 views!! ahuhfsdklgfd. Thank yoou!

song: Between Two Points - The Glitch Mob feat. Swan

►wacth in HD
►coloring: theGangstatutorials
►song: The Glitch Mob-Between Two Points

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A new Assassins Creed Unity Fan Made Video with Arno and Elise! I love this two together !! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Sasuke and Sakura| SasuSaku | Саске и Сакура

Подпишись :}

the fantasy theme on fanfic "A curve threshold"<br/><br/>
The Glitch Mob – Between Two Point


Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

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Title: Between Two Points
Song: Between Two Points
Artist: The Glitch Mob feat. Swan
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries (TVD)

Кач-во на 720,пожалуйста :з
Сериал: Pretty Little Liars (Милые обманщицы)
Музыка: The Glitch Mob -- Between Two Points
Программа: Sony Vegas pro 10
Видео by:

Clip special for Memory Films Comp V2.0
SOUND: The Glitch Mob feat. Swan - Between Two Points

DL -

~ ICQ: 554075401
~ Skype: HLVdesign
~ Steam: mynameisHLV

Vampire Academy & Bloodlines ™

Музыка: Glitch Mob - Between two points
Автор: BuffyProdz

The Glitch Mob - Between Two Points

"When there is a choice, what kind of world to live...
What would you choose? Between two points ... " (c)
Идея, сценарий, монтаж:
Свет, съемка:
Декорации, помощь:

Музыка: "The Glitch Mob -- Between Two Points"<br/><br/>

Версия YouTube в ОТЛИЧНОМ (HD) качестве! Тут:

When there is a choice, what kind of world to live...
What would you choose? Between two points .
Идея, сценарий, монтаж:
Свет, съемка:
Декорации, помощь:
Музыка: "The Glitch Mob – Between Two Points"

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Guys, honestly - think about it they would be like the hottest thing ever ...

I used a couple of overlays and textures but too be honest I don't know where from exactly i got them so.... feel free to tell me when I used one of yours ;))

маленькие рукоблудства

Music: The Glitch Mob - Between Two Points (feat. Swan)
Game: Assassin's Creed III

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The Glitch Mob ↓

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The Glitch Mob feat. Swan - Between Two Points

HD+SmallScreen. It's better for you, yay.
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Song: google it.
Couple: Wilbert.
Fandom: TVD/TW
Coloring: mine.

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Видео-обложка к моему фанфику в двух частях. Спасибо за просмотр, буду рада вашим отзывам и подпискам!

∾ ТВ-Шоу: Сверхъестественное
∾ Герои: Кроули / ОЖП (Николь)
∾ Фанфики: (Выбор, изменивший жизнь) / (Преданность важнее любви)

∾ Песня: The Glitch Mob - Between Two Points (feat. Swan)
∾ Программа: Sony Vegas Pro 12.0


Oh my gaeeee! I need February before I get even more obsessed! I freaking love this movie already and I haven't even seen it yet! Just...yes! I want dedicate this vid to all my FSOG baes! You know who you are! ;) Love you!

Hopefully I can vid more of them soon!

Twitter; @K3ZLYN

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►Please watch in 720p [HD]

HD = ♥♥

To be honest I just fancied like editing to a bit of dub step and Morgana is one of my favorites to do it to :) Therefore this video was made!

Let me know what you think; comment/rate etc.

Подарок дорогому человечку - Юсти, солнце, надеюсь, мне удалось)))

П.С. Илья, бомбить разрешается. Спешл фо ю. Ю ар велкам.


So yeah. Sexy people doing sexy things to a sexy song. haha :) Enjoy!



"I'm not going to leave you." "I can handle this." I think, we both lied.

fandom: marvel, avengers: age of ultron
characteres: pietro & wanda maximoff
song: the glitch mob - between two points

Бекстейдж со съемок нашего видео с Марией Ежовой.
Само видео тут:
Автор ролика:

The next pinpoint has been placed.. #AzubuKespa

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Song - The Glitch Mob - Between Two Points

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Появилось свободное время . . . Сделал не большую работу !!! Есть косяки . . . но не когда их переделывать ))) Смотрим,комментируем и лайкаем )))

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Song - The Glitch Mob -- Between Two Points

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not the perfect defan video but meh. i started this 6 hours ago.
there wasnt alot of delena scenes to vid, and i wanted to vid defan after this episode. so i hope you like it :). please can i have more feedback? just even one word? itd mean the world! anyways this episode was awesome but i didnt find it THAT awesome, idk why. but i cried so hard when damon wanted to die. :(

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GoodWin Dance School
The Glitch Mob - Between Two Points (feat. Swan)
Клуб "P!PL"

HD | 720p | PLEASE
I love them. Just love. Almost my main OTP :33
✖ Pairing: Anne Boleyn / Thomas Cromwell
✖ Footages: The Tudors
✖ Song: The Glitch Mob - Between two points
✖ Soft: Sony Vegas Pro 12

✖ VK:
✖ Twitter:
✖ Fanfiction:

whoo some parts
man i wish i had some upbeat mep parts but oh well

some updates;
so since (as all of you know) school started and mAN a-levels are stressfull,, so im sorry if i get more unactive and so on, but you feel me
about my ypiv.... i dONT know if im gonna finish it since my entire motivation for that vanished im sorry; im still gonna try to finish it!!

Спасибо за помощь всем кто помогал ^^
XD не судите строго,руки из жопы....
The Glitch Mob -- Between Two Points (feat. Swan)

"do i even exist?"
720p + small screen is better you guys
wow finally i upload something, and it's mr robot related *wiggle butt* this is super new to me with the whole glitchy thing that i wanna make to suit the theme like the show, i started this project a longg time ago but never been able to finish it and now here it is ;)
******alert: really ugly************

Video Directed/ Produced by Sarah Fisher of Blue Lotus Films

"Distance Between Two Points"- Written by Bill Evans Corey Evans (Fifth Child Music, BMI)
from the CD "In Good Company" by Bill Evans (Native and Fine Records 906-9)

Performed by:

Bill Evans, banjo
Darol Anger, Tashina Clarridge, Tristan Clarridge: fiddles
David Grier: guitar
Mike Marshall: mandolin
Todd Phillips: bass

Recording produced by Darol Anger with production ass

• ◕ ◕ •

The Glitch Mob - Between Two Points (feat. Swan)
Drink The Sea

Glass Air 2010

Группа "♦๑۩۩๑ Никита ║ Nikita ๑۩۩๑ ♦"

Это конечно не то видео, которое я обещала про Баскова и Повалий... это просто, скажем так, для разогревочки)))
В видео нет никакого смысла, просто красивые кадры в красивой обработке)))) надеюсь понравится)))

Ссылочка для скачиваня :

Watch Dark Matter Online Hd -
Buy the album Drink The Sea by The Glitch Mob -

“Episode Four”
The past comes back to haunt members of the crew during a stopover at a space station, during which Four makes a stunning discovery, while Two and Five learn that some games of chance come with surprising risks. Elsewhere, Six receives some unwanted attention at a local clinic; and One and Three's attempts to sell the weapons in their cargo hold lands them at a dangerou

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Using the Novation Launchpad + ableton live to do a live remix of "Between two Points (ft. swan) - The glitch mob".
Using clip automation and sample triggering.

You can download the mp3 of this remix @

Check out my other work @ http:/
**I do not own the rights to most samples here and I am not claiming to**

I love this song. *-*
Watch in HD, please. :3

Song: The Glitch Mob -- Between Two Points


I do not own the clips or songs i use in my videos.
All my videos are purely fan-made.
I own nothing, no copyright infringement intended.

demons are dangerous.
but love is deadly.

what am I doing with my life
Clockwork Angel.
Will and Tessa.

cast used: Ben Barnes as Will, Nina Dobrev as Tessa.
they're not really how I imagined the characters, but they were the closest I could get. you know, with the time period and clothing. :D

I NEED SONG SUGGESTIONS. I keep using the same songs over and over again. trololo


Song: Between Two Points - The Glitch Mob

Watch in HD!!! {720p}

Show: Arrow
Pairing: Oliver and Felicity (Olicity/Feliver)
Song: PM Me
Episode: 2x01 (City of Heroes)

Guys I know it sucks but i had to vid the first episode I mean talk about awesome! I am so glad Arrow is back I was having some serious withdrawals, the only thing that I liked about this video is that when i was saving it in sony vegas I saved it as "olicity between two girls"
hehe my head is constantly in the gutter lol

Sorry I haven't been commenti

The Glitch Mob – Between Two Points


I have no shame whatsoever! I love these two together and hopefully they'll get more screen-time, this time with a soul-ful Sammy! XD *giggles*

+ This is for my Spousefish, V (REMKAZ2Y5)! xD I hope you like it! *winks*
+ She suggested this beautiful song! *tackle huggles*<br/><br/>

✖ Автор: QueenCorpse
✖ Название: between two points
✖ Фандом: Disney/Non
✖ Пейринг: Амелия/Хельга
✖ Видеоряд: Атлантида, Планета Сокровищ
✖ Песня: Glitch Mob - Between Two Points
(с) wandering journal
#Disney, #femslash, #crossover, #QueenCorpse


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The Glitch Mob - Between Two Points (Modern Stalking Remix)
Free Download:

I just wanted to start out by saying I am so proud of this MEP and our members!! We decided to try out psychedelic editing!
It's a very unique style, so it was something new and challenging for our members! I believe everyone pulled off the style very well! :)

Елена как две капли воды похожа на первую любовь Стефана и Деймона – Кэтрин. Они на все готовы ради любимой: сорвать для нее звезду с неба или вырвать кому-либо сердце из груди, чтобы защитить ее.
В отличие от жестокой и коварной Кэтрин, которая влюбила в себя обоих братьев, а потом обратила их в вампиров против их воли, Елена – сущий ангел. Она разрывается между двумя братьями, не в силах выбрать одного из них, потому что Стефан, которого она встретила первым, все еще дорог ей, а страсть к Деймону медленно и верно сводит ее с ума.

For stupid black camomile -
Song: The Glitch Mob – Between Two Points (feat. Swan)

Fringe again. Not much to say about it
Spoilers for everything....


Model:Jaimie Alexander
Song:The Glitch Mob feat. Swan - Between Two Points


Well, I think that it's an amazing book (:


Fandom: DeliriumPandemonium.
Programs: Sony Vegas 8.0
Song: The Glitch Mob - Between Two Points - Feat. Swan.<br/><br/>

tfw u forget to disable resample for onE clip. ONE. ;______;
hello im not dead, yet, i finally uploaded smth after a month (i got a new laptop bc my other one rip, 2k10-2k15 u lived a good 5 years with me). I wanted to do smth with this song bc its so good!! ++ the anime (im late af to the hype but omg i cried at the end). I wasn't bothered to finish the last few seconds hA. I forgot how to flow om g

Inspiration: BlackxCrystalx
Program: Sony Vegas 12 (ty chloe for the new blue although its a trial without

Фандом: Multifandom (Мультифандом)
За названием песни обращаться к:

CS:GO fragmovie by "Spack!"
The Glitch Mob – Between Two Points (feat. Swan)
Это мое первое видео, на которое я потратил действительно много времени, не судите строго. - Все треки прикрепляются к записям:3*почти)*

The Glitch Mob Music Video (Unofficial)

I tried to capture every side of Mads Mikkelsen in this video, the devilish look, the precious tenderness, the elegant way he moves, but still he is much more complicated than that. He could be very wild very masculine in some moment, and all of a sudden becomes a child. I could talk about him all day...NO, I'm going to stop.

Clips from:
Monas Verden
The Hunt
Charlie Countryman
Move on
Chanel Coco & Igor Stravinsky
A Royal Affair
Adam's Apples
After the Wedding
Tom Merritt -



[Watch in 720HD]
Please read the description!

This video is for the lovely janny6ka in response of her wish! everything she makes is pure art, go all sub her now!

►fandom: sherlock bbc
►song: in the title
►coloring by Victoria666100
► program: sony vegas pro 11

No copyright infringement intended. All audio video clips/photos belong to their respective owners. I ow

Made only with LDBM video. Also the logo seems to hate me sometimes so ignore the flickering of the logo. It just wants the attention.




THG is one of my favorite books ever I ofc highly recommend it. ( If you haven't read it yet )
Oh also .. I KNOW that some of the scenes NEVER happened in the book, but it was really difficult to find some, which fit.
For the cast :
Katniss Everdeen - Kaya Scodelario
Peeta Mellark - Alex Pettyfer

Первый опыт в видеоредакторе.
ВНИМАНИЕ: Видео содержит спойлеры (~4:40 и далее)!!!

Песня: The Glitch Mob feat. Swan - Between Two Points

Dancer: Judith
Music: The Glitch Mob - Between Two Points

Видео добавлено блогом OzkDirt

Всё здесь: — место где Аниме обретает третью сторону медали. Подписываемся на паблик.

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Официальная группа сериала "Nikita(Никита)"