Blending Time

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Sensual Jazz – Time For Love, Jazz Blends

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Time Lapse Drive test video 02: motion blur + frame blending

Experimenting with different smoothing methods for time lapse footage

Original footage is 640x480 @ 30 fps, taken in March 2010

Location: California State Route 74, westbound coming down the San Jacinto mountains

Music: Triptico by Gotan Project

Take a peek at how we blended time in honor of the new show Tom recently appeared on called "Time Warp". It's on The Discovery Channel and they show amazing things in super slow motion, using new high-speed technology.
Look for Tom on "Time Warp",
on Wednesday, October 15th.
Check your local listings for time and station.

Photoshop. Time-lapse of my multiple exposure blending and tonality control video. I left out the raw preparation chapter, just made for better time-lapse. 3.5 hours in 1.5 minutes. Enjoy!

You can learn more about the full video here:

In this time lapse painting demonstration, I show you how to paint clouds in acrylic paint. I'm using an airbrush to mist water over the surface to keep my paint wet long enough to allow time for wet into wet blending. I'm using liquitex basics in this demo.

See the full video for the entire painting here

See my wet into wet blending tutorial here

Since my own medium length hair is very thin, in all of my long hair tutorials I'm using Glam Time clip-in hair extensions Many of you ask me how do I blend hair extensions with my own hair so well, and in this video I'll share with you my blending tips and answer other frequently asked questions about clip-in extensions usage and care
- How to attach clip-in extensions to thin and thick hair
- How to put in extensions depending on the hairstyle
- How to blend hair exte

As the seasons are changing for the better Blend introduces the upcoming summer in his new track "All this time I've wasted"
After his first NRG release "Aqua" again he delivers an infectious song that doesn't get out of your head. It's an energetic summer vibe song - fun and carefree. It will stir up emotions and give an instant good feeling .

It's a fun, summery, bursting and loving life track that will make you feel happy.
Isn't that the feeling we're all looking for :-)
Let's Party !!

song info at the end of the video.

I absolutely love this song and once I heard it, I knew I had to vid it. I was going to vid it to Nikita but I then realized I haven't converted most of the season 3 episodes so yeah, I'm lazy what can I say.
I actually really love how this turned out. It was A W FU L L Y painful to make because feeeeels but god, I really like it. I hope you do too :)

Aaaand that's it. Enjoy!

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podcast discovery channel ,time warp :Blender inside

Makeup, Model and Concept by Victoria Penrose. Film by A R Harvey. This is from an experimental time-lapse shot using a Canon 5D MkI and studio flash lighting. Although Victoria did her best to maintain a consistent head position, a certain amount of movement was unavoidable. I smoothed this out two ways: First, I tracked the catch-lights in the eyes and stabilized the image based on their movement. Secondly I time-stretched the sequence and blended the extra frames. The finished result is on the left;

Just a little teaser video.
I used Super Doodle Gel Pens.