Printology ""Этой анимации уже много лет. И до сих пор, я не могу свести глаз с нее. Лучшее, что я видел."
CLIENT: Internal
MUSIC: Delìrium Còrdia by Fantômas
LABEL: Ipecac Recordings

Blissful displays a segment of a never-ending fall through torment and obstacles of supposed demise within the mind of an evil being. Perhaps reflecting on a time where peace had more meaning can provide a moment of bliss for the ethereal figure.

With the blessing of Ipecac Records and Mike Patton, we created the s

Ildjarn was a raw black metal solo project from Norway that formed in 1992. Ildjarn recorded music until 1997 but did not officially end until 2005. The man behind Ildjarn was Vidar Vaaer, although some releases were collaborations with a musician known as Nidhogg.

Of all the released music, the only Ildjarn song to have its lyrics published was Eksistensens Jeger, from the self-titled Ildjarn-Nidhogg compilation.

The work was finally achieved in 2002, year of release of the two cds, Hard

This Video is dedicated to our beloved mother Durga, The Great protector of her Childs...............Jai Durga Maa......Jai Laxmi Maa........Jai Sarasvati Maa...........~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SUBSCRIBE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name Meaning
Durga The Inaccessible
Devi The Diety
Tribhuvaneshwari Goddess of The Three Worlds
Yashodagarba Sambhoota Emerging From Yashoda's Womb
Narayanavarapriya Fond of Narayana's Boons
Nandagopakulajata Daughter Of The Nandagopa Race
Mangalya Auspicious
Kulavardhini Developer Of The Race
Kamsavidravanakari Threatened Kamsa
Asurakshayamkari Reducer Of The Number Of Demons
Shilathata Vinikshibda At Birth,Slammed By Kamsa
Akashagamini Flew In The Sky
Vasudevabhagini Sister Of Vasudeva
Divamalya Vibhooshita Adorned With Beautiful Garlands
Divyambaradhara Beautifully Robed
Khadgaketaka Dharini Holder Of Sword And Shield
Shiva Auspicious
Papadharini Bearer Of Others' Sins
Varada Granter Of Boons