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We spend the next few sessions on the porch enjoying some springtime sunshine, Thousand Faces Coffee from Georgia, dogs, cats, and the ever-ubiquitous Riff. Brady kept it clean and simple on this sweet little sonic odyssey with the Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl, Caroline Guitar Co. Kilobyte, EHX Bass Microsynth, and the T.C. Electronics Ditto. Also, plenty of pit bull and calico in these episodes, which, really, is the most important part. Enjoy.

"Что Это?" - российский видеопроект, который раскрывает все грани сноубординга.

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Music to drown to. More of the pool sessions. Brady was feeling froggy and jumped on the same pedal chain Tyler used in episode twenty and plugged in a Fender Custom Shop Bass VI which he ran through the Digitech Whammy, Caroline Guitar Co. Wave Cannon, Mr. Black Deluxe Plus and Supermoon Chrome, a vintage Fender Reverb Tank, and then also sequenced a Critter & Guitari Bolsa Bass through a bass rig. We continued to enjoy the Yippie IA from Elemental Coffee Roasters in OKC.

In Part Five of the Coffee And Riffs Sage, we drink some Bent Tree Earthquaker Devices Blend coffee and make some noise with the Cusack Tap O' Whirl Tremolo, EHX Bass MicroSynth, Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander and Walrus Audio Mayflower. Strat and Fender Amp, no big deal. Not sure where the animals were during this session. May have still been asleep.

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Brady gives us a broody slow-jam to deliberately nod our heads to in this the Seventeenth voyage of Coffee & Riffs. Playing a Schecter Bass XI through a Dr. Scientist Cosmichorus, a Walrus Audio Voyager, a Dr. Scientist Frazz Dazzler, a(nother) Walrus Audio Voyager, Mr. Black DeluxePlus, ending the chain with a Strymon Timeline for looping.
This will wrap up the sessions at the Throne Room at Blueberry Hill Manor in Oklahoma City for a bit. Big thanks to Blueberry Hill for lending us such a fun and creativ

Filmed a few laps with Brady on one of the few days he made it up to Whistler this season.