Breathe Me | Sam Winchester

one of my ever-favourite characters <3

link to season 6+7 of spn: (6)!vcRUxShb!1NNdH6qXJ1nZmO7hCQfdTY2zQ5fWp8rZek0boJZ4UUw (7)!KcwE0YAZ!TrGnIxLROHwRpkzgbuSaryO4hfSjqUvoj3S9qr--BkM

this isn't really an edit, it's more just a bunch of clips of sam crying mashed together, but I find it very important because sam winchester is not just a pretty face. he is more than that, he is a giving, loving, genuine person that deserves so much happiness. but what is sad is I constantly see pain and suffering in his eyes and