CLIMBING TRAINING:from Cavezzo one finger one arm pull ups (!!!)

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..hello,I'm Tazio Il Biondo from Cavezzo and the force of gravity is my friend;I do exercises that are very close to my limit,but unfortunately I could not make the most out of each one of them because they were recorded in a short time,insufficient to recover to full strength,I still hope the video is quite inspiring! there are many categories Guinness World Records about pull ups using two arms,I don't know anything official about one arm but you can see a list of historical performances in John Gill's site (

muscles used:
latissimus dorsi,pectoralis major,deltoid muscles,teres major muscles,trapezius,pectoralis minor,levator scapulae muscles,rhomboid muscle,biceps brachii muscle,brachialis and brachioradialis,rectus abdominis,erector spinae,internal obliques/external obliques

-chin must be raised above the bar;
-every single pull up must be started from a hanging position,so this