Candlemass - Bewitched

тут где то Олин засветился

В эту священную ночь нужно послушать что-нибудь тематическое...

Classic Doom. Candlemass is: Messiah Marcolin, Lars Johansson, Mats "Mappe" Bjorkman, Leif Edling, Jan Lindh

В этом клипе снялся Дэд из Mayhem.

4:25!!!!! 4:25! кто знает группу Mayhem тот поймёт кто и что тама, может меня глючит но очень похож

Один из первых клипов Candlemass. Слабонервным не смотреть. Жесть начинается не сразу, дождитесь появления вокала.

шведская рок-группа, известная как одна из основоположников жанра дум-метал и одна из наиболее успешных команд, играющих музыку в этом стиле.
Альбом Nightfall, 1987.
клип 1988

Культовая песня и по-обосцачному культовый клип! Режиссёр этого трэшака, кстати, - Йонас Акерлунд, который сейчас снимает клипы, среди прочих, Мадонне... Вот с чего он начинал))))

Первый клип Юнаса Окерлунда, который снимает теперь такаи клипы, как «Smack My Bitch Up» The Prodigy, «Pussy» Rammstein, «Paparazzi» Lady Gaga и многие другие... а также снявший фильм "SPUN" ("высший пилотаж")

Просто угарный митольный клип!

Candlemass clip of Bewitched from the album Nightfall

The Official Music Video for the song "Bewitched" performed by the swedish doom metal band Candlemass, Its from their 2nd album "Nightfall" (1987). Candlemass created doom metal almost all on their own. Doom metal is a subgenre of metal heavily influenced by Black Sabbath. The song "Black Sabbath" is a perfect example of what influenced Candlemass. __ Band Members are Leif Edling:Bass Guitar, Lars Johansson:Lead Guitar, Jan Lindh:Drums, Messiah Marcolin:Vocals, Mats Björkman:Rhythm Guitar___I don't own thi

Banda/Band: Candlemass
Canción/Song: Bewitched
Disco/Album: Nightfall
Genero/Genre: Doom Metal
Año/Year: 1987
País/Country: Suecia

Original Version with Original Audio :)

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My cover of Candlemass' classic song "Bewitched". I chose to do this because my band, Divinorum, already does a cover of it, so I am extremely familiar with the song structure. It is quite simple, but so awesome.

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Can't you see, the devil in me
just take a look in my eyes
I will play for you, this wicked melody
it's magic will reach for your soul
It burns inside, no place to hide
this strange tune possesses your mind
It comes over you, and the nightmare is true
you'll enter the realm of the dark

You are bewitched...
Bewitched be delight, you'll reach the night
dancing and singing to my fiddle
So take my hand, and understand
that no-one will see you again

You are bewitched...
I am the master of the enchanted tune
I'll play for your joy, for your soul, for you doom
My fingers they dance upon the strings like fire
weaving a spell of my burning desire
Sing with me, meet your destiny
set yourself free to the magic
So come with me, my kingdom to see
believe me you're captured my friend
You are bewitched...

Slovenian all female doom metal group MIST playing their first gig ever. Check it out.

Tras treinta y dos años de existencia, debut de los históricos Maestros del Doom escandinavo, CANDLEMASS, en Buenos Aires!!
Inolvidable noche en The Roxy Live Bar, 19 de abril de 2016.
Organizaron: Origins & Noiseground.

Taken from the festival camera.

Performance by Candlemass - "Bewitched"
Live at the Party Stage on Saturday August 3rd,
Wacken Open Air 2013

Hi guys...I hope you enjoy this amazing cover in which I'm glad to have Mary's Vocals. Here is her Youtube Channel: . I'm sure you'll find very interesting covers =P

Vocals - Mary
Guitars - Me
Bass - Synthesizer
Drums - Synthetizer

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Two old classics finally back in the setlist : Bewitched and Dark Reflections, live with Candlemass from Dalsjöforsparken in Dalsjöfors, Sweden on August 18, 2012. Wonder how long it'll take before Candlemass will announce Mats Levén as permanent singer? This also features keyboard player Per Wiberg (ex Opeth).