Canon C300 Test

We put the new Canon EOS 6D up against the low light king... the results may surprise you

We put the new Canon EOS 6D up against the low light king... the results may surprise you.

Test made in Brighton with the new Canon EOS C300 no grading.

This is a test we did with Canon C300 Cinema Camera .We had this camera for a few days to play with it,so we shot some B.Rolls around Miami Beach!
We didn't had hi-end lenses,so we decided to test the camera with a few lower-end lenses.
So we ended up using a Tokina 11mm-16mm 2.8(which its a little soft at 11mm) and a Sigma 17-50mm 2.8(much sharper lens)

The Kids are hunting each other in the backyard. Who Wins this battle? This is the First episode of a 10 part series.

Canon C300
35mm Cinema EOS Lens
Edited in Sony Vegas Pro 11 using new Cinema EOS codec.
Music : AudioMachine

Low light test
Canon 7D, Sony F3, Canon C300

Canon 7D: Technicolor Cinestyle
Sony F3: AbelCine Range Profile, S-Log
Canon C300: C-Log

Music: Howard Shore - Command

We used the iPhone 4 screen as an additional small light. It was a completely dark room.

Please, don't judge the picture quality, it's absolutely compressed (H264). C300 and Sony F3 has a nice grain in the blacks. Can't upload the raw files, because I don't have the permission.

Canon EOS C300 とXF300 ・EOS7Dの3機種を持ち込み、山口県と島根県津和野の間を走るSL(C57+C56重連)を撮影編集しました。C300は、全編Canon Log で撮影をしています。前半の津和野でのシーンは、C300のみを使用。その後の走行シーンは、3ポジションから撮影をし編集しています。また、一部1年前にXF300・XF100・EOS 5D MarkⅡを持ち込ん

A real world test of how the C300 performs in regards to digital artifacts, specifically moire / aliasing. I took my Canon C300 around NY for a day and shot all of the usual suspects: brick walls, metal railing, striped shirts, high contrast scenes - basically anything with patterns that would be a challenge for the camera to resolve. I chose subjects that would have been a red flag if I were using a 5D or 7D. Watch for yourself to see how it held up! And see more of my work at I used

By Hakan Erat
Uncompressed 8 Bit 4.2.2 In- H264 Out
Used Neat Video For Graded Ones...

A day with the Canon EOS C300 - unboxing the camera at Widescreen Studios and shooting high ISO test footage in Tallinn under the supervision of DP CJ Kask.

Üks päev kaameraga - Canon EOS C300 -- Karbi avas ja esimesed proovid tegi DP CJ Kask, Tallinnas Widescreen stuudios. Kõrge ISO proovid tehti Pirital ja ühe Tallinna kõrghoone katusel.

Lenses used with the C300 in the test footage:
Canon EF 50mm F1.2 L USM
Canon EF 24-70mm F2.8 L USM

Shot with a Canon 5D MarkII, Canon 7D and

New firmware for the Canon C300 and C100 just came out that allows the camera to record up to ISO 80,000. We wanted to see how much noise was in the image at the new expanded ISO settings. We also wanted to see if lower ISO settings were improved with the new firmware.
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Had a few hours with the Canon C300. I used my Leica R lenses to make a few shots.

Yesterday I went to Vocas in Hilversum, Holland, to touch the Canon C300.
Brought a CF card and made a few shots with my Leica R lenses.

Testing out the dynamic range and coloring abilities of the Canon 300 and Canon 5D Mark III, both wore shot on flat picture profiles Color corrected on Magic Bullet and edited in Final Cut Pro X. This is a non profit color grade test done by ImpulseKitty Productions. for providing the 5D Mark III footage from his short film "Copelandia" which can be watched here at

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For the past three days, I took each a Canon 5D MK ii, 5D MK iii, and a C300 out to the same area in downtown Boston and shot some random footage around sunset (no real planning). I just wanted to see the differences. For the C300, I only shot way after sunset to test its low light capability. All footage from C300 is above ISO 8000!!! (8000-20,000!) The 5D MK ii was below 1600 ISO and the MK iii was used up to 3600 ISO. It goes without saying that I was very impressed with C300's performance. This was not

WTS production specialist and cameraman Patrick van Weeren puts a pre-production model of the new Canon EOS C300 Mark II camera through its paces on a live music shoot for Annie Rew Shaw's song, War Paint.

We recommend viewing this video at 2160p.

The Canon EOS C300 Mark II is available from early September 2015 and can be pre-ordered at