Castiel's First Kiss


Автор: ILoveThesePeople

by ILoveThesePeople

это супер)))))

Neah, primeiro beijo do Castiel no seriado Supernatural. Será que rola mais? *-*
Espero que gostem, e se gostarem, cliquem em "gostei" logo acima, flw ?


Katy Perry - E.T. ♫

Castiel tells everyone about his first kiss... and now they all want a piece of him.

Wow. Castiel kissing Meg should not have been that hot. But damn. It sooo was! This is for Tenesha. Because really, who else could this be for? XD Oh and Dean... take care of that boner. And somebody give that pizza man an award.

See Tenesha's (kellygirl2002) awesome video to this same song here because it inspired me:

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