Música do álbum Shogun da banda Trivium. Álbum gravado em 2008 pela Roadrunner Records.

Vídeo legendado em Português brasileiro.


Фестиваль Rock House II
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Отборочный тур, показательное выступление..

Фестиваль "Rock House III"

День каверов. Закрытие Зигмунд Фрейда.

Trailer video for Christoph de Babalon's "Scylla Charybdis". Vocals by Alexandra von Bolz'n and Hanayo. Artwork by Ian Liddle. Video by Markus Dinig. © 2008 Cross Fade Enter Tainment [CFET]

Happy New Year! This is one of my favourite Trivium songs and I'm finally able to play it with my new 7 string.
It's an Ibanez S7420 and it's awesome. The onesy is tiger print and it's awesome. Thanks for watching my videos! Hope you guys enjoy it. Lots more 7 string songs to come

Trivium playing Torn Between Scylla And Charybdis and Throes Of Perdition LIVE Trespass America tour. Phoenix AZ Comerica Theatre

Вильям Пай перевернул представление о фонтанах в буквальном смысле. Если ты думаешь, что фонтан обязательно должен брызгаться струями воды, то мы тебя разочаруем: в случае с Вильямом это большой прозрачный аквариум с огромной водяной воронкой.
Фонтан установлен около отеля Seaham Hall, что в Сандерленде, Англия.

Saltatio Mortis - Charybdis

MPS in Bückeburg Samstag 21.07.2012

Saltatio Mortis:
Saltatio Mortis auf Facebook:<br/><br/> Trivium performs in San Antonio Texas at the Freeman Coliseum on the Trespass America Festival on July 27, 2012!

Trivium - Torn Between Scylla and Charybdis (LIVE HD) - Trespass Tour 2012 @ Festival Pier, Philly 8/19/12

while listening,
be patient for the noise will make room for harmony~


The crown or cross inspires belief
A condesuous sun glows
On a cloud of night
The beckoning moves
My father spoke to me of rivers
Of which he never tired
Hand in hand with silver lace
They feel so cold
It feels so cold

Denis Pisrevsky. "Between Scylla and Charybdis" for harp solo.
Performed by Aidana Karasheva.

Денис Писаревский. ''Между Сциллой и Харибдой'' для арфы соло.
Исполняет Айдана Карашева (Казахстан).
Концертный зал Академического музыкального колледжа Московской государственной консерватории имени П.И. Чайковского.

Link to tab and description/tips of the Bridge & Solo Sections -

Hey guys, a lot of people have requested a cover of this so here ya go! I learnt it all by ear, and jotted some of it down so you can learn it too. Good luck! :)

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Covet perform "Charybdis" on Audiotree Live, March 30, 2016.

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Краб-плавунец японский распространен от Гонконга до зал. Петра Великого и Японских островов; встречен у Гавайских островов. Обитает на глубинах от 2 до 25 м на илистом, илисто-песчаном грунтах и среди зарослей водорослей. Вот этот краб заполз в ловушку для креветок в заливе Петра Великого..

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В середине Августа, самый бешеный и сумасшедший микстейп современности.

Ждите, псы!

This is a great song off of Trivium's new Shogun album. This video also includes correct lyrics for the song.


Within struggle, amidst horror
Inside conflict, visceral war
Make a stand here, vanquish all fear
Don't hesitate, eradicate

Ноты и табулатуры доступны: Sheet music available on:

Ноты и табулатуры доступны: Sheet music available on:

Recorded live in one take using PositiveGrid JamUp Pro into GarageBand.

Charybdis, 1952 design by Charles McCutchen.
Model built in march 2013 by me, Camera by Lutz Näkel.

New Single from Anchored By Avarice, from their upcoming second EP, 'Axilion'.

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Erste Versuche an dem neuen Stück der Manufactum III
Da haben sich ein paar Fehlerteufel eingeschlichen. :D

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Ностальгия 2016

Закрытие Зигмунд Фрейда и День каверов.

Видео от kirai gigs [концертные видео]

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Charybdis: by far the largest of my vortex pieces to date, at Seaham Hall Hotel.
Charybdis operates to a preset programme of about 15 minutes, which takes it through different states.

Фестиваль "Rock House III"
29.03.2015 г.

За видос отдельное спасибо Алексу Бутакову:

Do what thou wilt

All content used was from replays in Valve's Dota 2
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2. Soul Eater-Papermoon
3. Come Clean- DJ Manian (NightCore)
4. Odysee- Scarf! (NightCore)
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"But for all the brilliant theorising in this episode, this is a performance piece. Stephen is acting out a role, playing a part, to a crowd that does not accept him as one of ther own."
Joyce's Ulysses read cover to cover from 25 locations around the world in one day.

Presented by John Singleton

Shot by Albert Hooi
Edited by Mark O'Toole @ Media Coop
Produced by Brian Herron for the James Joyce Centre
Music: Kevin MacLeod, Wounded. Used under the Creative Commons License.

Отборочный тур, показательное выступление..

Фестиваль "Rock House III"